If you guys, like the content, make sure you subscribe to the channel, give the video a thumbs up and also check out the telegram channel, which you can find a link to in the description below. Are these rallies? Why were not in the cryptoverse? I know a lot of people say theyre in it for the tech, but the rallies sure do help. If you go look at the the valuation of avalanche on a log scale, it looks pretty good uh. You switch it over to a linear scale and you can see how quickly avax is in fact moving up now. Whats interesting is, is that okay were at 138 today right, we first started talking about avalanche, i think on the channel at around 12 or so um, at least on the premium channel. I think maybe on the public channel was a little bit later than that. But look avax right now is at 138. If we go look at say the short term bubble risk on it. It is getting somewhat extended right, it is getting somewhat extended, but its getting to the same level of extension that it was at say, 60 right. It had it had a fairly nice move from 10 up to sixty dollars and then the extension from the 20 week came down some more or less because it went sideways, not because it had a catastrophic drop right so were currently more or less the same extension That we were earlier this year back in say, mid september a couple months ago, were at the same extension from the 20 week, as we were back then, but fortunately that didnt lead immediately to a massive pullback.

What would be a bit more concerning, i think, is if you see it, get extended, something like this uh. You know where it just continues to go up, parabolically in a relatively short period of time. Okay, so right now its its currently trading for 138 dollars. I think it should be said that avax is now in the top 10. Even when you include stable coins, it hasnt flat in fact relinquished the top 10 spot from from doge it also it also flipped shiva as well so now avax is in the top ten. You can see the market. Capitalization is now a very modest 30 billion dollars. Now, of course, talking about the usd valuation is important, but we also know that the usd valuation is highly dependent on what bitcoin does as long as bitcoin stays healthy above the 20 week. Moving average, then avax can continue to rally as until it gets too far gone to sustain it in the short term and then well have a pullback, but as long as bitcoin stays healthy. Of course, avax can continue to make a move. Bitcoin is now trying to close the week above the eight week moving average, so you should be watching out for that uh for the weekly close later today. Now avax bitcoin is an interesting one, because weve sort of seen it. You know we always talk about when you hold all coins, you want to make sure at the very least they oscillate against bitcoin and or ethereum, ideally youd like to see them go up, especially against bitcoin.

Okay – and it looks like i mean it more or less – looks like the avax bitcoin valuation has in fact been slowly increasing and for us to actually get back to the top of this uptrend channel. Avax would actually have to go up against bitcoin, approximately another 50 or so okay. Now, obviously, the valuation of bitcoin is not constant, but if it were a constant, a valuation increase of 50 for avax would actually put it at just over 200 dollars. Just to give you an idea of what would get you know back up to that that mark there now note this, we did have a wick that took us up much higher last time which actually took us about 46 or so so you know if it took 50 to get there and then say we were able to extend, i mean you could certainly see it going above 200 if that, if that sort of pattern were to continue to play out now, i think its also important to talk about ethereums evaluation, the the valuation Of avax against ethereum remember: they need to oscillate at the very least. Otherwise. You have to wonder why you hold them. For us, avax is an oscillator at the very least now were about to find out if its actually going to trend higher or if its going to come up, maybe and then just get rejected and come back down. What we do know is that when we hold alt coins, we want to make sure, at the very least they oscillate against ethereum avax, at the very least, is oscillating against ethereum.

Now the question is whats going to happen up here. Are we going to break it to the upside, or are we going to get rejected so thats? What im watching for note that, just because we get rejected doesnt mean that a of x usd has to drop? It could just mean that ethereum is going on a nice rally of its own and therefore, if ethereums outpacing avalanches gains, then of course the avax ether valuation would go down. But i do think this is an important thing to look at. Look at the valuations against bitcoin and ethereum in addition to usd, and it should paint its completely different picture because, again in a bull market, most cryptocurrencies are going to go up against the us dollar right its not hard to do that, you want to see it. Go up against bitcoin and or ethereum its going up against bitcoin its at least an oscillator against ethereum. So at least we have that going for us, and i wanted to remind you that if you do want to earn rewards on your avax, you should stake it. Uh uh, within with the into the cryptoverse staking pool, and you can find information on how to do that in the description below or in the pinned comment, you can stake it up. You know, for you can stake it for for many many months. You could also stake it for as little as two weeks. I believe so.

It depends on how long you want to lock it up and and what you know, what risk youre willing to take. But remember if you want to earn rewards go stake your avax with into the crypto virus. There will be a link in the description below on how to do that. If youre unaware of how to do so, we also do the premium list. You can find a link to that black friday sale in the description below as well.