Many factors are playing their part in bringing the market down, but just like the market survives any other crash, this is also going to pass away. These crashes are a sign of massive bull runs that are about to come in the next recent weeks. Xrp is also going to witness the bull run, and this has also been confirmed by the top crypto influencer bitboy crypto in todays video. You will know all about the predicted xrp bull run, what factors can contribute to this higher value of xrp and what are the chances of the blowout? But before we start our video welcome back everyone to crypto millionaire a channel where you get your daily dose of xrp. If you like, the content do give it a thumbs up and if you want to see more, then dont forget to subscribe to the channel and click the bell icon. So you can know every time we upload a new video now lets get to the subject. October. Has been great for xrp, the xrp usd technical chart shows an impressive recovery from the sudden fall of september. This new rally even managed to reach the previous swing: high resistance of one dollar, forty cents to one dollar, thirty, five cents, which in return provided strong resistance to the price resulting in another retractment phase. In this chart, however, xrp, along with the cryptocurrency market, has experienced massive losses over the past few days, but it is expected to recover and rally over the next coming days and weeks about the value of xrp.

The experts and investors around the globe are very positive and they are expecting a pre rally and the value is going to be doubled than the current value. Bitboy crypto, a famous crypto youtuber, with 1 million followers, is also of the same view in a recent video. The influencer has talked about the xrp rally happening in the coming weeks. He shared the chunk of the interview on his twitter and it says look out for that. Xrp pre rally weve seen some pumps before so dont be sleeping on xrp in response to a question. He said that a lot of xrp is moving, the price of xrp is starting to rise. He said i was told that the price of xrp can double to and fifty cents even before the sec lawsuit is settled officially. So there is a price point. Look for two dollars and fifty cents for both cardano and xrp in the next couple of weeks. He is not the only one making these predictions, a majority of the experts and influencers are predicting a leg up for xrp bitboy is saying 2.50 cents, but there are some other analysts that are predicting the value to cross previous all time high or might cross the Four dollar mark in the video the interviewer asked the influencer that do you feel like after the lawsuit 10 is still in play to this. He replied for sure no question about it. He further said that i dont care if bitcoin tops down in december, and this thing is not over until the first or second week of january.

I can still go that parabolic toward the end, especially if its at two dollars and fifty cents or more well have to see what happens. You see the price of xrp its starting to rise. I was told that the price of x rp can double to 2.50 cents even before the sec lawsuit is uh is settled officially so theres a price point, look look for uh 2.50 for both cardano and uh and xrp in the next couple of weeks, and what We are seeing is that, despite the lawsuit ripple and xrp are moving along the market, there is no as such deeper impact of the lawsuit on the cryptocurrency, so even if it is still going on, an xrp rally is possible and at that time the ongoing lawsuit Is not going to matter at all. The rise in the value of xrp after september was astonishing. The coin price displayed a rising channel pattern on the daily time frame chart during this entire waving movement of the xrp chart. The charts are also indicating a pre rally. According to the daily charts, the xrp price has obtained good support from the support trend line for the channel pattern in a favorable scenario. After bouncing from a support line, the coin price should rally to the overhead resistance, which is around 35 percent high. Currently, the cryptocurrency market is bearish, billions were wiped from the cryptocurrency market after bitcoin and other major coins cryptocurrencies like xrp, solona, doge and others also faced losses.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have always been targeted by the chinese authorities, and this became one of the main reasons for the market crash. The administration has never hidden its disdain for cryptocurrencies and it committed to eradicate them from the country. Chinas latest comments on bitcoin mining led to the broader crypto market, embarking on a bearish run, bitcoin lost more than 10 percent of its value and dropped below the sixty thousand dollar mark. For the first time in weeks, the other leading altcoins, including ether, binance coin cardano, solona, polkadot, xrp and dogecoin all lost more than seven percent of their values. The total cryptocurrency market cap also dropped to 2.6 trillion dollars after reaching the 3 trillion mark. Last week. This week, the dollar has gained ground against other fiat currencies, but it also appears to be gaining ground against cryptocurrency. This is partially due to rising interest rates, which may reduce inflation as a result of the downward trend. Xrp is trading sideways rather than taking the price drop head on. Despite the continuous volatility the digital tokens value has remained above the u.s one dollar, fifteen cents resistance mark. The price is now hovering around one dollar ten cents. Fortunately, new features and a potential win in the xrp versus scc case are expected to skyrocket the price. If we talk about the new feature, then ripple is already well known for its ease of use. However, in order to streamline its service, even more ripple is launching the ripple liquidity hub in 2022.

The new feature is already available in preview mode, with the new advancement on track. Crypto users will be able to get their hands on a variety of global venues, starting from market makers to exchanges. Otc desks and decentralized models in 2022 ripple will make the application available to everyone. This will include financial institutions, banks, fintech companies and corporations in order to assist them in supporting the oncoming crypto asset revolution based on popularity and usage. The ripple price will skyrocket once this feature is fully implemented. Despite what the experts say, the win in the lawsuit that ripple is involved in with the u.s securities and exchange commission is really going to affect the value of xrp. If xrp wins this court battle, it will be a massive victory for the whole cryptocurrency ecosystem. Besides, it will be the first ever case that the government agency was defeated by a decentralized medium. Fortunately, the case took a positive turn recently, when the judge handling the case asked the prosecution to add documents and email chains to the case that ripple claims were sent by sec to a third party. The value of xrp. Despite the fluctuations, right now is going to see a rise and the use case, partnerships and new features and a win in the lawsuit are going to act as the fuel to the rocket ripple has involved itself in more than 400 partnerships around the globe. Many investors consider xrp to be the best cryptocurrency.

However, at the time when bitcoin and ethereum are maintaining a low profile in the market, alternative digital tokens, such as xrp, are expected to gain widespread usage. The platforms announced a new service that is aimed at finance companies, which will give them the ability to offer cryptocurrency trading to their customers is anticipated to further trigger xrp price. Despite the market situation, xrp is going to manage the value because the market is positive for xrp. The mass adoption of xrp through different platforms is also a key toward the higher value of xrp according to the fx street. Currently, the xrp price is hovering just above the lower boundary line of the symmetrical triangle. A bounce off this level will propel ripple to the immediate resistance barrier at one dollar and twelve cents. Clearing this level will put xrp in front of one dollar and twenty six cents, a twenty percent ascent from one dollar and three cents according to the coin market cap. At the time of writing, the xrp price today is 1.10 usd with a 24 hour trading volume of 3.9 billion dollars. Usda xrp is up 6.90 percent in the last 24 hours. The current coin market cap ranking is number seven with a live market. Cap of 51.7 billion dollars usd, it has a circulating supply of 47 billion xrp coins and a max supply of 100 billion xrp coins, so guys this is it for todays video. I hope it could be a big help to you.