com pro exploding on the cryptocurrency market, already trending on the top 13 buy market cap, it was coming from the 40s 50s and boom now im, not 13. everybodys. Looking at, of course, the question oscar should i buy now for those who already have should i sale now i have some opinions and you guys will get them by the end of this video. We see this ufc. We know that they have it as a sponsor, and we just saw of course earlier this week – bam arena. So big big, big news. What what could we do ill tell you everything that i think and, of course, what the price will head into for later on. I do have an answer for that and the analysis, so if you guys sit back, relax enjoy the show like subscribe, turn on those notification bells and lets go ahead and get started. Everybody when it comes to the price analysis, as always guys were very excited. This is amazing. What can intel for the future is that, of course, this is a 30 billion max supply, cryptocurrency, so already in the billions for max supply. That means that it can reach a dollar yes, but it will take some time depending on the hype. If the hub is great, if the buyers are beating the sellers, of course, it will head into the one dollar very quickly like were seeing right now and its still growing at 68 cents as youre seeing right here.

So can we see a dollar in the upcoming week? Im sure the buyers will be crazy for that well see what happens in my personal opinion. This is the analysis non bias please. So the error site is already super overbought. The bollinger bands is way over the ballinger bands, any kind of bull right now, any kind of whale that is watching this. It kind of feels like another shiba. You know type of rally um one way of seeing this is like. Yes, it can continue. Glo growing and if you buy right now, you can make 2x in one or two years. My answer to that will be yes, but in the short term, very short term, 2021 month of november, even which a lot of people want to know my opinion is, it will come back very nicely because thats what they all do, no matter who you are because Sellers can come take a look at the volume right now, only one day on november 16 that sellers won in this case over the net over the last couple of five days, buyers have won here in the bar in the market for and at this time My financial retracement from around im gon na go ahead and get a price level from around 40 something cents it exploded. You know in the last couple of days and boom today completely from the 53 cents, all the way to 70 cents. So this its uh, not normal for any type of cryptocurrency and when it does typically its followed by a pullback thats.

What i think, what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments down below, but can it continue growing just doing the math? I easily see passing one dollar in the upcoming future before 2021. That could happen with the right when the right market and the right volume absolutely were gon na. Take a look at the holders and its already passing one hundred thousand one hundred and something thousand so this can really get far understanding. What is, which is an exchange that competes with other exchanges, but this one they seem to have even more penetration of market share, but everything that theyre doing from my eyes right now. So at this time, bollinger bands, extremely nice and up up and aeroside is way overbought and im pretty sure. If i continue adding my macd, which i really love to see that absolutely look at this everything seems super great for whom, for sellers to come in and cash out, this school happen sooner or later. So just know that for reference now, what are the prices that ill predict for later on as a price prediction by the end of the next one or two years? If i buy right now, less than a dollar im gon na easily two to three five x, my portfolio here on no questions asked. This is a cryptocurrency just by looking at the numbers at 30 billion understand, cardinal has 45 max supply algorithm 10.

. So if cordano and algorithm have algorithm has less but cardano has more and are way above two dollars, sometimes even three dollars reaching. Can this switch three dollars absolutely so. Crypto can easily reach three dollars: four dollars with the nice market, so i dont see any problem for to reach into those levels, but in the process youre gon na have some pullbacks and those are the times where i in this case, since i dont, have Any i want to come in and dominate the market. Will it go back under um 10 cents, or so i dont think so so there you guys have it. This is pretty awesome once again at this time. Look at this 13th place and im going to go ahead and refresh this to even get the latest analysis here. It is still 70 cents wow, so its just 70 cents turn beautiful thing. Will it pass? You know right now. The answer to that is, i i believe so in the long term, it will pass you right now, no problem, no questions asked because is the from what i know is one of the american companies that well is going to be penetrating here. The top 10. Very nice labs we know, vinas is one that is huge, but it already passed, unite, swap on on position 17.. So is coming as another exchange that is going to be dominating the top 10. beautiful thing im going to be buying it for show, but i just needed to pull back a little bit, but also i can dca and buy lets say: 100.

200. 200. Right now, im just hold it and when it pulls back, buy even more. This is a good one. To be honest with you guys, this is a good one at this time, if i compare had same big uh binance market cap of 99 billion dollars. Right now, has 17 billion dollar listing market cap. The price of uh crow will be about four dollars, shallow fall or four dollars, which that is a long shot for sure its not going to happen anytime soon. I i know that, for fact, but in the long term definitely can reach these prices, understanding that binance can even go much much much higher, so man, that is amazing. That is really good, incredible stuff and wow i mean this is something that definitely shows us. How exchanges um really have something to say when they create their own tokens? Uh? If i were you, i will buy tokens erc20 tokens from these exchanges that are well centralized exchanges, probably not decentralizing my opinion. I dont want too much volatility but centralized. I think its something more reliable, more secure and even has that branding that whatever happens to that company at least you can sue them and its going to be awesome. So, taking a look at that at this time, holders 134 000 pretty good We love it. So its still increasing – and i expect this number to go even above 150, 200 000 holders, tokencrypt.

com beautiful things and i mean once again the best place to buy, sell and pay with crypto. I know theres many other places, so is one of the top ones at this time. Definitely getting the market share that it requires crypto arena, so goodbye staples center welcome arena ive been there before and well now, with this new arena, i want to go back and see how the place is going to be run out and guys news news News look at this on six hours ago: ethereum supercharger is live, so you can stake. You grow and earn ethereum with one click usd one million allocation. No gas fees withdraw withdrawal anytime soon anytime. You want that is pretty powerful, because ive im staking in other exchanges, and i have to wait sometimes days or weeks, to get my money back, but if they dont, let you wait any time or like they dont. Let you wait at all. That is amazing. That is another value proposition i really like so here it is. This is a good time for To be honest with you, i like this that they are trying to implement new technology and get into creators like me, because if you didnt know they reach out to me, and it seems that soon ill be announcing, of course, that theyre officially a partner and a Sponsor of my channel, so man, youre, doing things right, kudos to them and kudos to us as investors who are investing in my case, as i just showed you on the fibonacci and the technical analysis.

This is going to go far away, far away from the price that it is right now well pass one dollar, i think so theres i mean all the indicators say that tokenomics say that, but understand this is a long term. I love it when you see it down, because it will come back down im telling you right now,, it will come back down. Maybe 10 20 easily from this run thats what im going to be buying, because, even if it drops 20 to 30 percent, its gon na be the same company, the same values, the same mission, the same sponsor the same ufc and everything its just that sellers come In and thats what happens in crypto welcome to crypto baby. Thank you so much for watching guys. So what are you going to do with crypto.