The question now is: how high can we actually reach here in the very short term, and why do we have a short term target of around 1.17 use dollars? So in this video guys we are once again back with a price prediction and technical analysis, take your symbol, crow or cro. If you guys enjoy these crow price prediction videos, its always super super awesome and helpful when you show that by dropping a like and really quick before we get started here, i just have to give a disclaimer. This video is for entertainment and educational purposes. Only. Nothing in this video is financial advice, but all right guys now lets get started right away here and right now, as were speaking crow or, is doing some very important. Things were looking at the daily timeframe and we can see here if we zoom in here on the daily, we can see that we are breaking all time highs. You can see that our previous all time high here was at around 0.63, were right. Now, trading up around 0.65, so that is super awesome to see here. We can actually add a horizontal line here on the on the old all time high. So if we take a look at the most recent candles, we can see that todays daily candle. We are right now, as were speaking trading up around 13 for the day, and this is especially significant because the rest of the crypto market, most of the crypto market, is red.

We can, for example, see you know, bitcoin is red, ethereum is red and so on, and so on. So very strong performance here for today, uh by the way, guys, if you want to you, can let me know down in the comments. First of all, are you holding a crow coin and you can also, let me know for how long you have been holding please if you want to. Let me know down in the comments below, but now since were seeing such a strong move today. Lets start by taking a look at the upside scenario. So what are some target levels im paying attention to here in the very very short term, and to do that? Lets actually first switch here to the four hour, because we are very close here to a potential resistance level. You can see starting pretty much here november. Third, in my opinion, uh coin have been trading in a sort of upsloping channel. You can see that were printing consecutive higher lows, but also consecutive higher highs. This channel important to note here is that this one is not very significant. We dont have too many clear touches, but you can see that we had one resistance here. At november five, we had sort of two times resistance here november 18, so i would not – or i will actually look out for a potential third touching. You can see that we are getting very, very close to the upper line right now, as were speaking so definitely pay attention to that.

With that said, lets switch back here to the daily time frame. If we manage to push above here, then we have some target levels to pay attention to and to get to these target levels. What im actually doing here is that i use the fibonacci tool so were going to use the fibonacci tool from the swing high. We printed november 5 down to the swing low and then we will get some fibonacci extensions that give us target levels here for, so the first resistance level which were trying to break right right now. It is this zone in between around 0.61 to 0.63 around there and, as you can see here, the lower line of this zone comes from the 1.618 fib extension from the swing height to swing low. We just recently showed – and you can see that the upper line here the upper line comes from the all time high that crow printed here november 18.. So definitely a first thing to look out for is to break this one and right now, as were speaking, we are seeing uh very far above this one. So a strong candle close above this resistance zone is a very nice first step for a crow. In my opinion, but if we can do that and if we also can break the trench channel, we talked about just recently, then the next target level, in my opinion, is our 2.618 fibonacci extension, and this one would give us a target of around 0.

80 use dollars. That said, if we even managed to break this one, we can continue this process. Our 3.618 fibonacci extension from the same swing height swing low, would take us all the way up to around 0.98. So if you want to, you can actually look at this as a zone here 0.98 to 1 use dollar, because the one use dollar level is such a nice and clean numbers. So a lot of trade traders usually pay attention to. You know more clean numbers, for example one dollar five dollar ten dollar, so i would definitely look out for the one dollar flat level as well, but if we can even push above one dollar here, we can actually continue this process. Once more, we have the 4.618, which gives us the target of around 1.17. So here we have some target levels for chrome, but one thing that we cant ignore in this video and then you can never ignore when you talk about crypto, because it can go so fast up, but it can also go so fast down. So we need to pay attention to our potential support levels and it is hard to find support levels here for crow. But if we close above this zone we just recently talked about, then i would look out for this zone flipping to become support. So a conference poll in trading is that we flip previous resistance right to become support, so this is the first thing im paying attention to.

You can also look out for another support level here. If we switch back to the four hour you can see, the lower line of this trend channel have been acting as support multiple times one time, two three four times so if we start to fall here, definitely look out for a potential another touch at that level. I would not be surprised if we see buyers coming in right there, but all right guys thats pretty much it for this video. If you feel like you got any kind of help or value, then please consider dropping a like and if you guys are interested in more dont hesitate to subscribe and hit that notification bell.