We keep you up to date over there as well. If you guys havent, checked out our recent giveaway make sure to come check out, our giveaway were giving away 300 in bitcoin when you just come over here. You have to retweet this tweet and like it right over on our twitter, its our pin comment, section bitcoinbros26, so check out the giveaway. If you want to win some free bitcoin and in todays video, we will be talking about the crypto.com coin, which is just going absolutely parabolic right now, above 70 cents up 27 in the 29 in the past 24 hours. This coin is absolutely going parabolic. If it keeps going at this rate, we will be in the top 10 very very soon, and we are basically almost at my all time. High prediction, uh from ive, been saying all this year, so ive been saying 60 cents to a dollar this whole year and were kind of at that right now guys, so we could potentially even out shoot what my price prediction has been all year for this crypto.com Coin, so congratulations to everybody that has been able to get into this crypto weve been telling you guys about this all year round and in todays video ill be going over some news, but ill also be going over. Why crypto.com could potentially be the number one cryptocurrency exchange in the future ill be going over that as well in todays video, and i mean i can give you guys, updated price prediction, but we have basically hit my price prediction that ive been talking about all year Round so well talk about that a little bit at the end of the video, so stay tuned, currently ranked number 13.

, like i said i think, were going to be in the top 10 very soon if we continue to move this way. The mark cap is around 17.8 billion dollars, the violent past 24 hours around one billion and the circle and supply of crows 25.26 billion crow tokens. As of late. We just have been going parabolic hitting new all time high after no time ive known somehow. We are definitely definitely in price discovery mode, so very, very exciting for everybody thats been waiting for this i mean weve been waiting very patiently. Dollar costs averaging in for the past couple of years, for curl now were finally seeing those gains and those results guys. So, congratulations if youve been buying the crow token i want to just show you guys. The community has really been growing over 1.2 million followers over the two on twitter right now, and then they have over 108 000 members on reddit. So the community is really growing and then we can see some recent marketing place. This is one we talked about in some of our past curl videos. They have the big deal with the lakers arena, its now going to be called the crypto.com arena. This is huge. The lakers are one of the most iconic nba teams and you have lebron james there, so theyre very, very iconic, guys a lot of star power there, and this is huge for crypto.com. I mean this is big. This is a big marketing play.

Probably the biggest marketing play weve ever seen in cryptocurrency. In my opinion, you can see this is ufc shes coming out with her crypto.com exchange shirt its like everywhere. You look guys, i mean you just see krypto.com even over on snapchat. They have the krypto.com filters. So if you guys have snapchat, go use that filter and see what its all about you can put krypto.com on your face. If you want to then ashton, martin crypto.com advertising and marketing, this is huge guys. We havent seen anything like this in cryptocurrency ever before. This crypto game is really changing. With the nfts. With these marketing plays about crypto.com bitcoin becoming more mainstream, we have bitcoin as legal tender in countries guys. I mean weve been in crypto for about five or six years now in five or six years when were in the bull run. We didnt see anything like this, so this crypto game is really really changing right now, at a fast rate and crypto.com is helping with the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency. This is really big, and then we can see here over in turkey. They have the crypto.com ad, its literally everywhere you look. This is just making the case for why crypto.com can become the number one crypto exchange in the entire world. I mean no other exchange is doing marketing right now, like crypto.com is doing, and then we can go over here and check out the top cryptocurrency uh spot exchanges.

We can see that they have crypto.com down here at number, seven over on coin market cap and just like a couple days ago, we made our last video. It was at like number, 13 or 14, so this is actually climbing the ranks over on coin market cap, and then this is the top cryptocurrency exchanges uh on coingecko by uh trustscore spot, and they have crypto.com at number four. So this is a cryptocurrency exchange. Thats not going to be going anywhere anytime soon. This marketing is really just putting it in the forefront and i think a lot of people are going to be checking out crypto.com buying their first cryptocurrency, because of all this marketing guys, i mean its literally everywhere. You look its on tv, nba, ufc, f1 racing. It is literally everywhere guys and its really really crazy. We did not expect the marketing to be as big as it is, but i mean its its its been huge so far, guys so its great for any crow holders out there, and this is from marseille, hes, the ceo of crypto.com. I hope i pronounced his name right, but he basically said that they have an ambition of becoming a top 20 brand in the next three to five years, alongside names like nike or apple, with popular sports, serving as one gateway to mass adoption and hes doing it. Right here in front of your faces, guys finance is the number one cryptocurrency exchange.

Coinbase is a big cryptocurrency exchange, but theyre not doing marketing like crypto.com is doing, and then the name, its literally crypto guys. Their name is crypto. Crypto.Com is great for not just crypto.com but cryptocurrency in general, so i love what theyre doing with all this big marketing across the whole entire world. The matt damon advertisement is huge. I love it. I know theyre throwing millions and millions of dollars into the marketing, but its working its paying off as crow holders. You have seen the price of curl has been going parabolic and with that i think that crypto.com could become the number one exchange guys, but lets go ahead and get into my price prediction: for the crow token we can see in the past, they were up 31 And if i didnt mention crow somehow found its way to be able to get listed on coinbases competitor, it is the erc20 version of crow, but its still huge that they were able to get listed on coinbase. We never expected that to happen in the past week. Were about outstanding 80 in the past month were up 267 and in the past year, were up 864 percent. So what i want to start off by saying is, if youre new to cryptocurrency, if youre, looking to invest in the crow token, do not fumble in do not just take all your money and throw it at krypto.com. Right now were at all time, high prices. You want to get into these cryptocurrencies before they have these big moons like this, you want to find cryptos like crow that have a lot of utility a lot of use case, but you want to get into them when theyre down here, when theyre very, very boring Up here you want a dollar cost averaging, if you believe into the project on the way up, but we potentially could have a pullback.

We normally see pullbacks when these coins go up. You know 100 200 in a week or in a month. So, keep that in mind do not fumble into this cryptocurrency. We could go higher, but we could also see a pullback guys just want to put that out there and my short term price position, guys i dont know were really in price discovery. We could go up to a dollar two dollars, im, not sure how high we go. My price prediction at the all time, high for crow has been 60 cents to a dollar, so were kind of in that range right now. I think we do hit a dollar. This year, definitely so im actually going to have to amend my price prediction from earlier in the year. I do think we can get higher than a dollar now. I think that crow, actually peaks somewhere around 1.50 cents and thats being very conservative thats only about a 2x from right now. So that is my updated price prediction. You know just moving my initial price rejection back because were, i think, were definitely going to hit a dollar guys and uh yeah. I think its a great time to dollar cost saturday, i know – were at all time, high prices, so do your own research on crow, make your own investments dont just go and fumble in and buy something because we told you guys too. We definitely want you to make your own decisions and stuff, but this is not the time to be going all in on this crow token guys.

Its up crazy in the past month were up 267 percent thats. Not when you want to go all in on a crypto, but that is all i have for todays video guys.