So i think this will be one of the or the least it has the potential of to become the first blockchain game with mass market potential and thats. Essentially, what you want to do: hey guys today, im joined by victor sauter, mark hes, known as the all father of uh, memer and memer quiz, which were gon na, be talking about today. Uh and you know, as a welcome to the channel here, welcome. I would like to say you know thank you to mimer quiz for uh, supporting the channel with this interview uh. This is a project were working with. We want to get to know a little bit more about you and your background and then whats going on with us, because its pretty cool, i think what you guys are doing, are really interesting. So, first and foremost, victor just kind of let the people know who you are, what your role is and um you know get into memere coin, a little bit or a meme or quiz. Yes, definitely thank you so much ben for having us on here. Uh. To start off, i would say that uh, im known in our community as the all father of the member world, and essentially what were doing is bringing blockchain games to life, were taking the most popular blockchain games that people are already playing, but adding that uh twist With blockchain powered technology and all the benefits that come along with it, such as nfts platon and all things, game, fi, and so my background is uh both from the crypto side, but also from the mainstream world, where ive been working at kelloggs, lg electronics.

But perhaps the most valuable experience i bring into this project is my time at electronic arts launching battlefield and fifa and whatnot so ive, seen firsthand how the centralized gaming giants take huge profits out of their players and give little back so thats, something that we hopefully Will change yeah theres, definitely a lot of uh problems we were talking about before we went on air here about some of the overlords. You know we have to deal with in in the world and things like that, uh, whether its google or facebook, also known as meta, you know, um, you know, theyre, really the gatekeepers to a lot of content, and you know thats changing because of of blockchain and One of the really cool applications of blockchain is everybody knows the first layer of blockchain is money transfer and you know what you guys are doing with mimer quiz is really cool because its trivia, but it solves a problem that another large trivia company had that made. It end up going bust. If you want to tell us a little bit about member quiz itself and then uh, you know kind of the relationship it has or how it kind of the idea came birthed out of maybe um. You know hq trivia yeah for sure. So uh were, of course, inspired by what hg trivia did uh roughly two and a half years ago. They were the first first ones to really introduce an audience to that live interactive quiz show instead of sitting back at home in your couch, watching jeopardy or who wants to be a millionaire.

They let players actually join the show, so at their peak they had 2.5 million americans joining in on the same quiz. At the same time, which is insane and the cool thing there was that instead of watching strangers, compete for the money and answering questions, the players were now part of the action. So that was a very thrilling content and people loved it, but essentially their biggest limitation was that the game show was centered around fiat money and who wants fiat money ben nobody, but thats, not the only issue. So what does blockchain solve or blockchain technology? It solves a lot of things, but essentially from our standpoint, it enables us to transfer value um or, in our case member tokens, to our players all across the world so were actually bringing that live. Quiz show that everyone loves to the entire world and were going to be the first mover to market in google play and app store with the mimer quiz, where people from all over the world can join in uh several times each day, covering all the major time Zones with fun, exciting quiz games that are live broadcasted here from stockholm, sweden and were gon na, have some really cool gameplay and some a lot of excitement and huge winnings in mimer token. So thats going to be really fun to bring to players all over the world yeah, i think its good. I love trivia. I dont know if youve been following the drama with the with the jeopardy hosts since uh alex trebek rest in peace, uh passed away been a lot of drama going on with that.

So you know the quiz shows are kind of in the air. Ive always been pretty good at jeopardy, so i always thought maybe id make it on there. One day when you take that stand, then im of course going to challenge you in the mirror quest game. One or the live shows perhaps well do a bit boy themed quiz, but the cool thing about what were doing is actually that, or at least from my end, the mission with the memo world of blockchain games is actually to bring that amazing blockchain technology into mobile Games and letting mass market people like people that are outside of the crypto space enjoy the benefits that come along with game fee platon and nfts. So the situation right now in the market when it comes to mobile gaming and that not a lot of people actually understand how big this is. We actually have 2.5 billion people on this planet that plays mobile games every year, and this their situation for them is that they pay a monthly cost for playing games or they play a freemium version where they are stuck with these annoying ads. That pop up every time, those are the worst i wont, play those games. I will not play those premiums id rather pay for the app yeah but thats, essentially because thats their only revenue model the publishers of the traditional games, but with the blockchain game games that we are launching its centered around a different business model.

So we can actually publish games that are 100 free to play, and then we have uh. We will never have any ads in our games and we can actually bring this content to the entire world with play. To earn so were essentially saying that you dont have to pay. You dont have to watch any ads and well pay you to play our fun quiz games, its almost too good to be true, but its gon na be coming out very soon. I always wonder like who are those people that spend so much money on those like in app purchases on games? Im just kidding its me. I spend like two hundred dollars a month on angry birds, dream blast. Okay, i never have to not pass a level okay, its a cheat code, but i pay for it um. But in all seriousness, though, i think it is pretty cool now you guys have plans for other games down the road uh it just real. Quick, like uh talk about the uh, the memer token and and by memer. Well, have the information in the description and youll see it in in um? You know in the thumbnail and stuff like that, but uh its m. I m, i r is how its spelled. If people are trying to look up the memer quiz or memer token, but can you just tell us a little bit about about the token and kind of how it is integrated into it? Is it available on exchanges like you know, if you want to buy it now, can they buy it now whats the situation there yeah.

So the cool thing about the mimer token is that its the utility token that will rule the it will be the only token that we will ever release and its the token ruling all of the mimer world of blockchain games that are coming out. So, essentially, why you need the mimer token is thats the form of reward that people get from play to iron, but its also used in memory quiz in our play to win mode. So there you need to have mimer tokens where you can enter into you can use it as a stake in one versus one. So when i crush you ben in one versus one before that, we could settle a stake where we enter into a fun quiz game. With a hundred memor tokens each and now were competing for 200 memer tokens, and then that is used in in that case, as a utility token then, but then in our bigger live shows were going to have free live shows where we from the memer team. Add a guaranteed prize pool and then were going to have, played to win, live, shows with bigger prize pools and then the prize pools for the play to win live shows are essentially all the entry fees that people have paid with. Memer tokens go into a safe escrow that keeps the prize pool and then that will uh be the thing. The price pool that people will compete for so essentially like if we even uh have a mediocre success with the memer quiz and end up with having the same amount of users as sweden, a small country of 10 million have for the same kind of fiat quiz Show then we would have essentially a hundred thousand people joining in the same quiz show oh wow.

So so, then, if people were to not just play free and compete for two or three dollars, which is the case in the fiat world, we could essentially have people paying one dollar or five dollars or ten dollars worth of memer token as an entry fee, and That would essentially mean that uh. If we had a an entry fee of ten dollars worth of memer tokens, then the prize pool is one million dollars. Oh wow were hoping that the mimer quiz show has the final answer to the question of who wants to be a millionaire yeah. Hopefully they wont have to phone a friend. You can always call me ben okay, awesome. This has been extremely informative, um im sure my audience. I know theres a lot of people in my audience who play games. I love quiz games uh. They might want to check it out if they want to find out more about meme or quiz. And meanwhile, where do they go yeah? So essentially, if you need to have mimer tokens in parts of the game, so i would recommend going to gate dot io, where we have memer usdt trading right now. We also have it on uniswap with the east trading pair and then, of course, ape swap, which has the um polygon uh trading pair with mimer usdc, so we actually use uh polygon as our layer, two solutions, all we use polygon for all our layer, two solutions, Too right its a must, these days yeah, the first iteration was actually meant to be built on ethereum uh a long time ago.

But uh polygon is the only solution for us right now, because our players will not pay any gas fees because we will cover that lightning, fast transactions and we can actually scale this game to millions of users. So with quiz and trivia, which will be the center piece of the mium quiz, we actually have the most popular most universal game mode of all time, because our entire society is built up on quizzing people and its something that everyone can relate to all across the World, so i think this will be one of the, or at least it has the potential of to become the first blockchain game with mass market potential and thats. Essentially, what you want to do have the mass markets find out the benefits to blockchain technology and take away all that crazy part that people have uh misconcepted the blockchain technology that its a scam, its a pyramid scheme, those people? What what do you use it for? So, i think if we are to onboard mass markets the mass market into our crypto space, then we need to find use case. We need to find strong utility and the gaming market has 2.5 billion players. So if the first half of this year was painted in the d5 colors im pretty sure that the upcoming launch of memer quiz will provide for some new colors in the game fee, um colors, so im very bullish on that yeah. I think its.

I think it all sounds really good to me. Uh. You guys heard check it out on gate dot. Io. Do you check out all the trading pairs there uh vigor? Thank you so much for joining us and for the audience. If you guys got a lot out of this interview, make sure to drop some comments down below. Let me know what kind of games you like. I want to know what game on your phone are you playing right now drop that down in the chat and once again thank you to uh, meme or quids uh for supporting the channel and sponsoring this interview thats.