Be doing a one thousand dollar giveaway if youre new to the channel, then you found the best place to find super low cap. All coin gems. Make sure you tell everybody. You know your friends, your family, your neighbors people that you work with, and people that you meet on the street to check it out, get everybody involved in cryptocurrencies, a 1 000 giveaway at 5 000. Subscribers lets get this going today. Ive got an awesome video for you. Ive got some super low cap gems, as well as what im bullish on ive got a couple real long shots for you, so stay tuned right till the end of the video and dont fast forward through. Please bitcoin is not at 80 000.. I was totally wrong, but at least i tried all right now we did have the taproot activation, so we are going to see something happening right now. In the short term, we need to find 60 000 somewhere, because bitcoins got to dig deep here. All right bears and the bulls have been fighting 60 000 daily, close and above were looking great all right. Its gon na happen so just be patient. Cryptocurrency is all about the impatient paying the patient, so just be patient. Buy low, sell, high, very easy. The first coin i want to take a look at today is called dog, and this reminds me of a small v chain. Its got a thousand x in its pocket if its going to hit v chains, market cap at 9 billion, where its currently at doc.

You can pick this thing up ill show you, where you can pick it up and well get right into it. You can pick it on binance gate, dot io. You can pick this thing up on cue coin, who buy global all right, im gon na get into a lot of stuff quickly. Lets just take a look at the news. The news on this coin is sick. All right, theyve got nine things coming up between now and the end of the year and its exchange based staking ledger wallet, support mobile wallet version 2, integrating fiat on ramp, app store wallet, release, api, upgrade sdk api credentials, a wallet backup as well as a wallet Security audit all right now. What are they doc? Like i said its very similar to what v chain is all right. I love crypto currencies that have great use case like what vechain has for global adoption and cryptocurrencies things that are built on the blockchain, helping everybody be able to solve what they need to be solved. So doc builds credential solutions, a complete solution to build, manage to present credentials. All right now, like v chain v chain, is doing stuff like supply chain. They also do workforce stuff health care um. If you look at workforce, basically like salesforce like crms, when theyre trying to work with their clients and putting together information and keeping track of all of it supply chain like v chain, these guys closely track raw materials and goods and ensure compliance across suppliers and manufacturers.

All right so theyre in healthcare, workforce supply chain and finance. Now you guys could take a look at this, like i said, is it something that you like? Is it nothing? This thing right now is around: where is this at here, its very low? If you look at the max chart, you can see right now were down 62 from all time highs. All right. So again, not financial advice could be. Something could be nothing, but i do like to bring you guys, low cap gems that i feel have super huge, huge potential all right now. The next coin i picked up here is who buy token, who buy is doing a lot of great stuff theyre. An exchange token theyre part of the heco ecosystem and uh. If you guys want to take a look at this um theyve got a lot of news coming up. You can join their twitter, their telegram. Now i live in canada, so i cant even use this exchange, but i did buy it. I set myself up on the heco mainnet on my metamask. I picked this thing right up on cue coin. Who buy right now is low all right. This thing is a 1.6 billion dollar market cap. When i see whats happening with avalanche with solana with all of these new ecosystems, i like to get involved. You pick this thing up on cutecoin. You send that right over to your metamask on your h, a c o mainnet, and you can pick this up again like i said, if youre not able to buy it.

If you live in the states, probably you can, but you can pick this thing up right on cue coin and uh. I just sent it right from q coin right to my metamask address in the he co mainnet all right now. What are they theyre doing? Some new stuff, okay, take a look at their twitter and uh theyre, just adding more and more things i love buy. Swap i love this as an option. There is potential with this, like i said, and also theyve just announced prime list so who buy global all right so its similar to who buy prime. But prime list is a new token listing platform on who buy and expands our channels for listing high quality tokens with primeless participants. They stand a chance to buy new tokens at a low price and trade. The newly listed tokens once the prime list activity ends. This is all new stuff. This is great for the ecosystem. Now. The other thing that i did pick up is mackie swap now. Mackie swap is a super low cap. Gem i feel now as a buy swap, could be something just like it. I talked about buy swap a long time ago. Um again, you know i took a look at their twitter, they are posting stuff here, theyre super low um. I picked this thing up again on cue coin and uh. You can go right in there and you can farm your mackie, i think its around 170 107 apy, but this coin is down a lot like a lot like 90.

All right now. This thing is super low, its a long shot. I didnt buy a lot of it, but uh if i could stake it at 107 apy. If this thing is going to grow, uh mackie swap is like a pancake swap or a buy swap on the heko ecosystem. So you can pick this thing up. On cue coin and again, youre gon na send it over to your metamask wallet and mackie. Swap, okay, you can launch the app and ill show you guys in their pools and you can buy and sell right here, but youre going to need the ht token, which is the who buy token for gas fees on mackie, swap all right trying to go through This quickly and uh that way we can get through video 107 apy, so thats pretty good. Now theyve got other farms. Here you could take a look at so you can, then you know, add liquidity and you can get pretty good apys right. So again, not financial advice just take a look at it, but this is what im doing so. You dont have to do this stuff again. You can use it as a template for what you guys do. All right now lets look at the 100x gems right now. You can see here the top performers, frontier ive, had a lot of frontier fans. Um frontiers been starting to move. Um looks at beyond finance graph link, cold stack, ethernet buy, swap this thing.

It comes down under under a dollar and its right back there again right. So it could be something again if youre not subscribed, i will leave a link in the description below so please follow it. I will also leave my buy, swap uh referral link as well. If you guys want to use it, that would do me a super, solid and uh. I have one more for you and again. This is what im doing its, not something that you guys need to do, but im gon na bring it to you and this one is called satoshi crypto. Now they did have their pre sale. I did get in on the pre, sale and uh, but if you go and take a look here, theyre going to be releasing the token uh right away in one day and two hours, youll be able to buy and sell all right. Theyve got a lot of stuff going on, um seems to be pretty good, could be. Something could be nothing. I heard about this on bitboy cryptos channel um. I found it i bought into it. I put two bnb in on it, not a lot of money, but um could be something its already up since launch, but it will be released and youll be able to buy and sell.