Today we have a video about rose or rose coin. This coin has been going up a lot and were going to talk about the next price targets for the price of this coin, as well as my rose price prediction. So if you saw my previous live streams, guys, if you dont know, i do live streams every day from 8, 30 to 10, 30 p.m. East time, a lot of people has been asking me to check this coin. Okay, um. I gave you these targets like a few days ago on rose guys, and we see that we came down to the 236 of the fibonacci and after that we had a pump of around 60 okay. I gave you this next three targets for rose to the upside. After breaking above 26 cents – and we see that we went up to the last target, okay and after that, we had a little bit of a pullback and now were still going up on this coin. Okay, so it is looking very good right now and if you got on my call, then congratulations guys guys for those of you that got on this call. Okay, this coin has been pumping a lot um. The volume right now is looking great guys. This volume is very, very, very good um. If i can give you a short term price prediction for rose. Okay, i will put the fibonacci from around this level in here to the swing height that we created in here at around 0.

47 cents. Okay, we see that rose right now is finding support. He found support at the 0.5 of the fibonacci, which is located at 0.3578, so this will probably will be a support target and this will be another one 0.3822, where we have the 618 of the fibonacci and we also found support and resistance in this area. Previously. Okay, so this will be your support target 0.3815 and after that 0.3571, if we drop below, then i will be expecting rows to maybe come down to around 0.32 43. Okay. That will be the last support target that we have um if we can break above this area that we have in here as resistance for this coin. Let me just put a rectangle, so we can see it better, so anything from 0.47. Of course, the topping here to around 0.4437 will be resistance for rows, a resistance area, and if we can break above it guys the first targets that that i give you that i will give you will be 0.5427. After that we have 0.58, 57 and 0.65 61. Will be your next target four rows to the upside okay, so this coin is looking very good right now guys it is looking very good the volume, as long as we can hold this volume and have some spikes like this, it will be good for rows. Okay um, if we check the outside lets, just check the outside, really quick to finish the video um, the rsi in the two hour chart.

It was overbought in here so of course, were having a little bit of a retracement um in the four hour chart. The same team we was overbought so were having a little bit of a retracement in the daily in the daily. We see that we still slightly overbought, but this is good guys because were coming down on the daily and right now by in probably in two hours. We will not be overbought anymore, and you see that we havent dropped a lot. Okay, we see huge red candle, i mean green candle and this red candle, which was supposed to be your drop because we was overbought its not even half of the of the of the size of the green candle. So this is something good guys: okay um as right. Now we see that as long as we stay above the 382 of the fibonacci right here guys so lets put it down here as long as we stay above 0.32 43 42, which was the previous stop that we had here on rows. Okay, before having a pullback and then maybe having a continuation to the upside after that, we found support in here, and then we had a continuation to the top of the range as long as were trading about 0.32 um 42, which is a big level. I will show you um, then these targets will be your next target for rows to the upside. If we drop below zero point um 32 42, then these targets will get invalidated.

Okay, so keep in mind that um, so the volume is looking great, as i said, and if we can keep this volume, it will be very bullish, so thats it guys. Thank you so much for watching the video. If you liked it, please subscribe, leave a like and put in the comments any coins that you guys want me to check and thats it.