I just took a bunch of them miss baby, because its about to get hot in the kitchen now lets come in hot, the first banger on the list is she being new? Now she being there is currently four zeros and four five is down four percent on the day, its down 13 on the week, but its up over 55 in the last month. Now i want you to hit the subscribe button, so you could be up to date on all of the plays and not be late to the party or slow to the show hit the notification bell on turn on the all and we got you family now lets Go over to the call option. Somebody asked me in the comments yesterday and they said this: they were under the impression that you had to trade options with a lot of money like fifteen thousand dollars. Is this true, so that i say this is not the case and what i want you to do is learn how to trade options. So when we play the options like tesla that we ran up 900 percent, we ran a lucid call. We ran up over 100 apple car over 50 were running these call options or put options making money on the way down. You know how to do it and you can make money on the way up or the way down, even if youre, an absolute beginner so hit the discord link in the top of the comment, come and learn options with us join the options class and be up On the play as early as we are now check this out, whats going on with shibei new, we talked about this very briefly yesterday, but an article came out from the one, the only molly fool, and they were talking about seven valid reasons to sell shivering new Right now right, but lets go over reason, number two that they have and lets immediately debunk it right with new information that came out just recently so number two on their list of the seven reasons they said: theres, virtually no real world utility, meaning you cant use This anywhere right check this out.

We already know you can start to use it at amcs coming up very soon. You could go to amc and then basically, boom concessions, movie tickets. All of these things and you can buy. You can use shebay new its as simple as that we keep real keeper raw lets. Keep it going check this out, vegas, auto gallery they just posted 22 hours ago that we are now proudly accepting sheebly new for luxury and exotic vehicle purchases. Family. You could buy exotic cars with shibley new and we love to see it now check this out. In light of that, theres a rumor going around that you could buy a tesla with your shibley new, and this is sponsored by benzinga this. This rumor right here right, but lets check it out. How did this happen? It says down here when you go and actually read the article rather than just reading the fine print like many people do lets get into the details right. It says she fan a fan of shiba new announced that he would get a tesla and specifically the tesla model s right, plaid and hes, pointing out that the company that we were just talking about right, the vegas auto gallery. They now allow you to buy teslas because it seems like you, cant, buy it directly from tesla like on their website, but you can buy it indirectly from something like a vegas, auto gallery if they bought a tesla and then you buy the tesla from them.

For example, so it is not the case. Is this a rumor going around that you could go and directly buy it from tesla? So remember always. Do the facts like get to the research. You know what im saying so make sure that you are getting to the facts, get into the research and again do your own research, its so important, because youll be misled sometimes – and i want you to remember this, anything i say is not a suggestion to buy Hold or sell she being new. I trust you enough to get all of the information, see all the receipts and then make an informed decision, but lets keep it going check this out. They said and its from sheban former who is one of the official sources that gives out sheba information right and then they said this and they actually retweeted it. And it says shib has started a worldwide advertising campaign and then this is a little. Video were not going to play the video, but you can see that it says shiba new to the moon and it says hado right, but this is on the side of a truck and theyre, basically advertising it, and they said that she got this far without spending. Any money on ads so theyre, saying its incredible to now see them spending money on ads and just promoting she being new, but also see this. They said this one day ago, the official sativa new page, they said sheep – is now available on binance right, and this is from a day ago, almost two days ago, and they said you can now purchase your shebay new directly on binance and guess what with usd You can use the straight up dollars and then pay the fee or whatever it is and then just get sheet, but new, just like that, rather than having to switch from one coin to another.

So we love to see it. But now lets get to the next banger on the list and i want to know again if she shibuyu continues to come down like we said if it breaks into that 30 level. Family, like ‘ 37, understand im, going to tell you time and time again, because i like to keep it real and keep it raw with you and not just fill your ears up with things that you want to hear. I tell you what you need to hear. So if it falls to the 37 and it breaks under that support level, then what are you gon na do? Are you going to hold it? Are you going to let it go or youre going to buy more you be. The judge now lets, keep it going. Crypto.Com, which is cro – we talked about this yesterday, and i seen somebody in the comments and they were commenting on somebody elses comment who asked? Are they late on getting to crypto.com now crypto.com at the time was in the 50 cent range right and now its in the 81 cent range. So you have to be cautious on who you listening to when they tell you that youre late to this or youre late to that just because they might have got in when it was 10 cents, and then you get in when its 50. If it still go up to 80 youre still up on the play, so just be mindful of your sources and does the person who is nay saying do they have the best interest of you at heart? I want you to always consider that so now, currently its 81 cents at the time of this recording it may change by the time you see this because ive been running up its up 40 on the day, its up 109.

In the last week and again we talked about this in yesterdays video and those of you who are on the discord with me. Weve been picking this up for the last few days right so check this out and its up over 300 in the last month, family and again on a discord on the 19th. We were talking about how you got to keep your eye on this, and then we started loading up. So if you want to be up on a place like crypto, buys or anything like that, when we are hit the discord link come on over there, we got ta welcome you with open arms. Now lets check out some of the stats one of the most important ones. Is this the 20 billion dollar market cap family, which means its catching up to those its catching up to she be new because they are in, like the 30 and mid 20 range. In terms of billions of dollars of market cap, what is the market cap when you add all of the coins up together? You say: what are they all worth together and then youll see that 20 billion 20.7 billion is what its worth but notice this key factor? It says the volume is 1.7 billion family, and this is up over 295 in the last 24 hours, which means people are rushing in to buy this. How else do we know this family? Take a look. It says the trading activity, 80.

5 percent of all transactions that were done on coinbase, have been buys and only 19.5 percent of this has been sales, so everybody has been loading up on this and im not telling you to go and buy this, but i do want To give you the facts and give you the receipts, so you can make the most informed decision for yourself. I trust you enough to do that now. Lets check this out. The typical hold time is four days. What does it tell you? Most people who are getting in are just getting in family so and then its the 11th most popular cryptocurrency on this site. So i want you to also see this lets get to some of the key details on crypto.com, because you know were going to get to the receipts and get to all of the details. The current market cap again is about 20 billion check this out. The circulating supply how many coins are being traded right now, right that are in these debt, wallets its basically 25 billion. What is the maximum supply? According to coin market cap, it says that this has been audited and theyre, saying that its 30.2 billion coins and then check this out lets go over some of the facts because theres something called – and i havent heard many people talking about this with crypto.com, but a Secondary distribution and lets start from the top the total supply again 30 billion. They said that 70 billion of all of the coins, so there used to be like lets, call it 100 billion, but then in 2021 they burned 70 billion, and then they said this coin.

They made it so its non mineable theyre not going to be able to mine this. They all came, live at once, but then check this out. The total supply of crow will be allocated for five different purposes. 30 of it is the secondary distribution in launch incentives, and they said the release is happening in batches on a daily basis over five years, starting on november 14th 2018.. So this has been going on right, thats, that 30 and then 20, they said is capital reserve and they said that this is frozen until november, 7th 2022 right and then they said, is another 20, which is the network, long term incentives which is frozen until again November, 7th 2022. So if all of these coins lets say and ill do more research on this, but if all of these coins like, for example, 40 of them, are going to become unfrozen out of nowhere and november 7th, its not really out of nowhere. Because we could see it coming, then we might have another buying opportunity in the future. So i want you to be again prepared. Not surprised now check this out. They said 20 of it is ecosystem grants right and theyre frozen until the launch of crypto.com chain main net right. So we have to be on the lookout for that and then 10 community development, but thats it but check this out. When you go to the summary of the audit, youll see that at this current point with this coin running up like this, it says basically 100 of the people who are in this token and ill read what the title is.

It says holders making money at the current price. It says 100 family. So basically, this thing is pumping up. So, generally everybody there has to be some people who are exactly at the money because theyre buying it right now, where that zero percent is so, but basically you could think of it like 100 of basically, everybody who got in this ever are up even that person. In the comments who asked if it was late and then the person responded and said yes late, but you got to think about the market cap, you got to think what are the comparable coins to this coin and then could this coin be like that? Other coin, or even half of that coin, or even a fraction of that coin. And why am i saying this? Because i once compared this yesterday to binance how binance is in exchange – and they have a coin and their cryptocurrency is the third biggest cryptocurrency in all cryptocurrencies right. And then, when you look at sheba new shebliz12, when you look at crypto.com, crypto.com is 13 right under xi, big new family, but look at the market caps binance is basically 100 billion. Crypto.Com is basically 20 billion family, even if crypto.com does a quarter of what binance is doing a comparable coin. In a sense, then this thing, even if it does a quarter family, we could basically double what. If it does half of that family, we could basically double almost triple from here, so what if it becomes better than binance coin or even close family theres a lot of room to grow now this doesnt mean this is going to happen overnight.

This means the long term potential is there now lets get to the beast. The big dog, the banger amc, entertainment currently is 41 dollars a share and its up one percent on a day check this out. We talked about something yesterday in terms of robin hood, with the quote: unquote: manipulation, hypothetically, allegedly right nobodys, trying to get so allegedly so check this out robin hood. Basically, there was a dismissal of a lawsuit from a judge and we got an update on that lawsuit. Being dismissed right – and it says the judge dismisses a lawsuit, accusing robin hood and other brokerages of wrongfully preventing retail investors from buying fast, rising, quote unquote. Meme stocks triggering a sell off made, basically robinhood triggered a sell off when they took away the buy button and they only allowed you to close your position out right. But a judge straight up, dismissed it, and here goes an update on that situation. And you know im using my platform to bring light to it, so lets check it out and shout out to nazim on twitter for this one he says sit down robin hood case. This is the one were just talking about. The district judge cecilia, i cant pronounce the last name. I never heard it said out loud, but dismiss the case without prejudice. You know we keep a real keeper raw baby lets, get it. She dismissed the case without prejudice, said she straight up, dismissed it, and she gave retail investors until december 20th to possibly file an amended complaint to show more proof of evidence, so its not getting dismissed right and then they said this.

They said that shes married again, allegedly to the partner of one of the defendants law firms family so come on now. Theyre saying that theres, a conflict of interest there, but again, allegedly supposedly hypothetically nobodys, trying to get sued. But if you cant handle the heat of these hot stocks, then stay out of the kitchen and consider investing in the index. Funds hit that like button on your way out subscribe to the channel. If you have not done so already, so you can stay up to date on all of the hot stocks and not be late to the party and slow to the show. I see you on the discord and again i love yall.