Finally, look: what happens? They go parabolic and the bubbles start to drop a little bit of shoulder: mobilization techniques, Music, Music, its very hard for me to djing, with what i dont have twitter. All i do all day is tweet Music Applause afraid is that the colombian flu again? The reason why im logged out of my twitter is because of you plus dude, it looks like thats amazing, bro, thats, amazing, mccready, Music. Oh, why is your camera in my face like this bro, its intrusive? Is it filming? Oh, its cool Music, yeah, yeah, hey jimmy! Do an eyebrow, routine bro oh, come on jimmy, do it dude come to me im still practicing the worlds, not ready the one that works on batteries, and she says the guy says yeah. Of course, ive got it. She goes all. I know i switch it off. Laughter: Applause, Applause, all righty, kids, stalking, us masterclass in the game four hours of something every single day i will produce a portfolio lets. Do it on our degree, ive changed my life im old friends and 45 cents says i came from the uk to find you guys. I cant believe i just found you shes going to come to office. Come on dude just happen to walk into hawaii, which i never ever go to kauai ever, but there was no chatting so no one else was making coffee Music Applause. Music. Im meditating in amazon have a look im chilling: bitcoin go up, make lots of money, buy lamborghini, loving life brother, just chilling whats up whats up whats up whats your name, hello, im, kalyn im going to be running the banter tick tock! Oh, we have question day today, Music.

What your typical day looks like what my typical day looks like yeah. Can you see the camera not at all? I definitely cant see the camera its not like its this big, its, not a tripod, never have an old man as a cameraman Music Music, and then we can have our own training competition Music. In my account, ready to trade against the sheldino tentino Music. We broke all time highs that day, bro Music, but you know the action is actually not in bitcoin. There is so much going on in the old coin market like id hate to be a maximist right now, imagine being a bitcoin maximalist right now. Remember the salties! The salties are back, the salties are back yo, yo, yo, venta, fam, happy friday to everyone where i was on the beach and then all of a sudden. I just get tons of messages. Bird coin, breaking all the time all coins going mad yeah. We are just walking around chatting to you, we play games, we do show so we can play the golf one. We just got ta buy lunch Music, but a homestead can do handsome. I dont think that day and Music we need something about it. Im happy sheldina is unhappy if youre, not in a master class, lets make sheldon happy tomorrow. No, we should try making him happy today today. Today is the time maybe kids arent happy bro. We dont want that, but you get to know you always want to have meetings.

Are you recording ive got a feeling that these questions are going to be really hard? Okay, okay, okay, lets see what else got so if youre, that kind of person and if bitcoin doesnt, give you a heart and then you just may be a degenerate named look what happens when you come sniper when you watch masterclass, do your thing every day? Look what happened? What did you say? A lot of money, ive been calling matic for the last two months. Have you seen the coin touch with me? Let me know that youre good get ready, Music im good. How is everyone ive just walked back into the office after being away in lisbon? Super excited this week were going to break some records. We are the fastest growing show. Last week we were the bus growing up, show logic. This week were going to break all the records. Cant wait one week: Music, specifics Music, yes, yo yo, yo, yo, yo, Music, ready for miami ready for the next party. Oh yeah yeah. We need to give us the love, yo, yo whats up whats up. Are you good, youre, good, yes, Music, Music yesterday, so im just trying to get it to a point where actually that works, okay, so guys bitcoin, bitcoin bitcoin? I love how these support lines are great.