That can do it all for less than twenty thousand dollars. Is the spiritus lineup just a hopped up competitor to the polaris slingshot, or will it revolutionize the electric hypercar industry and upturn brands like tesla well lets find out Music if you havent heard of daemock before dont worry, neither do i apparently theyre a toronto based light. Electric vehicle manufacturer specializing in mobility, scooters and eco friendly electric bicycles. Since 2002, they sold over a hundred thousand vehicles ranging from an enclosed atv to a recumbent bike with an electric motor, but the spiritus is their first reach into the supercar industry. Historys greatest innovations starts as impossibly big ideas and with every year we challenge what was possible with our goal. To bring cleaner, greener vehicles to our world now were taking on our greatest challenge. Yet our avenir line fully developed in canada, its the first enclosed series with record breaking battery life, solar, trickle, charging and autopilot, along with all the d mac features that have set the standard for micro mobility. The future is electric Music. The first thing that really caught my eye on the spiritus is its exterior. While the front looks like well any other stereotypical exotic car concept, the rear design is far more exciting. Democ decided to give their super car only three wheels to help it fit in with the rest of their mobility lineup, as well as to keep material costs and curb weight low, and maybe to avoid some safety regulations too.

But the open ended back of the car allows for a lot of creativity with the styling in ways that arent usually seen on four wheel. Supercars, the rear mounted electric motor and suspension are exposed with a single swing arm extending to hold the wheel in place rather than a pair of exhaust tips. The all electric spare tooth is highlighted by circular tail lights, hidden underneath a large chrome extension piece that serves to improve the aerodynamics in place of the rear windows. The trike instead has a solar panel array to help provide a little power back to the car. On sunny drives plus theres a pair of reversed hinged butterfly doors to really seal the exotic deal, and the design is only just the beginning. Daemok has packed a ton of wild new features around this car that are just crazy to think about. For example, this will be the worlds first, electric car, with cryptocurrency mining capabilities. Apparently a mining nebula system was installed on the car and successfully used the spiritus built in hardware to churn 11 dollars of crypto profit per day. Hi im aldo bayaki president of damac im proud to announce the daymak nebula system, the worlds first cryptocurrency suite for electric vehicles. It is ready for testing weve taken this gas vehicle converted to an electric vehicle and added the nebula miner onto it, were going to test the car in the real world against the elements most cars are driven one hour a day, while the other 23 hours, the Car is sitting and depreciating and losing your money with the nebula system were going to show you that can make you money while its parked.

Let me show you how it works. Good morning, aldo 10 and 55 cents have been deposited into your account. Have a nice day and then just if you want to mine after your part, all you do is press play and the system will start up a few seconds and we shall see the mining starting. So today we already mined 10.55 cents and soon well see the ash rate moving along and the profits will start rising. Nebula technology is going to be featured on our upcoming dmax spiritus car. Their website gives more detailed stats on the hash rate and power usage, as well as a bunch of other things that i frankly dont understand, but a car thats not only affordable and fast, but can also make money while parked sounds pretty wild to me. The trikes performance estimates are even more ludicrous than the exterior and the crypto mining capabilities. There will be two different trims offered each bringing its own level of insanity. The entry level spirituals deluxe is capped at an 85 mile per hour top speed and can do 0. 60 in a meager 6.9 seconds nice: this is the 20 000 model, so its a lot more tame. With a 36 kilowatt hour, drive train and 180 mile range, its still fairly quick. It looks cool and it has a lot of the same. Crypto mining solar panel functionality of the upper model, but its not going to be beating any tesla roadsters from the light.

The spare 2s ultimate has a lot more going for it. A lower curb weight and an 80 kilowatt hour system means it can accelerate from 0 to 60 in a brain bending 1.8 seconds faster than the upcoming tesla roadster, the 130 mile per hour, top speed and 300 miles of all electric emission free range are pretty. Nice benefits as well, but be warned. The ultimate edition is also on another level of pricing, starting at 149 000 usd its a pretty clever lineup. If you ask me, the spare twos ultimate is a halo model that gets peoples attention, while the spiritus deluxe is the more practical and affordable seller that most customers will probably end up getting either way. The capabilities of this car seem pretty unbelievable. The ultimate edition is going to come standard with all wheel drive, but all wheels for this vehicle is still only three that leaves just 305 millimeters of traction in the back to handle 200 ish horsepower and an ungodly amount of instant electric torque. I guess the spare tooth is much closer to a motorcycle in that aspect, but im still very curious to see how well perform in a real world environment. There are a ton of innovative new technologies and insanely bold claims made about the spirituals that honestly just sound too good to be realistic, but who knows, maybe democ can prove me wrong and build something more lightning fast than weve ever seen before. Music.

Currently, the spiritus is only a prototype. Just a few have been built for testing purposes and deliveries. Arent expected to begin until september 2023. daemok has been taking pre order deposits since march 2021, and its reported over a billion dollars in commitments have been secured. That should be plenty to help the canadian brand finish development of their tesla slang, crypto mining, super trike, Music, Music. What do you think of the democ electric super trike? Will it perform as insanely? Well as they claim, and would you buy one? Let me know in the comment section below and hit the subscribe button.