It has all the fundamentals to make it give axiomfinity a run for its potions, but its not a game filled with cute and horny animals. You see because animals they have horns its a space mining game similar to eve online, but with deck driven mechanics like axi, so whats going to make starship the next big thing, while joining the pluto alliance has certainly helped and now the play to earn blockchain game Wars have begun lets, get it welcome to bitboy crypto home of the bit squad, the largest and greatest crypto community in all the interwebs. My name is ben everyday. On this channel. I show you how to make money in crypto. If you like, money in crypto, make sure to hit that subscribe button, if you want to go deeper in crypto, make sure to go to bitlab in this video, we look at the next amazing phase of the hottest play to earn blockchain game starship its no Secret, the play to earn games are disrupting the multi billion dollar gaming industry and the real change hasnt even started yet its going to be a sea change of developers, studios and, most importantly, power players. Players are now in control of their own destiny, with the ability to earn real world funds in game its everything the metaverse should be instead of non fungible and worthless, v, bucks, robux or simoleons. You know what that is. Players are earning in game currency that runs on the blockchain and then turning those gains into real life cash.

The first game to show the disruptive nature of blockchain was axiomfinity its caught. Everyone off guard, especially the centralized game studios, but actually has a fatal flaw. Its built on ethereum, if you want to jump into axi today, you can end up having to pay over 500 bucks just for an axi, and then you have to contend with the ethereum gas fees game over man game over man, its game over. Thankfully, the team at onikami games and elite portrait studios had the ford thought to build their game on a low gas network that is just as secure as ethereum and that decision has made the p2e gamers by the thousands ready to suit up for starship. So what is starship its a strategy based browser role, playing game using nft technology on the proven wax blockchain network players will initiate missions across the galaxy to explore and conquer planets with their fleet of starships. But any good starship needs a space station which will act as a social hub to connect the other players, get news and be given special quests. My favorite kind theres a lot to discover in starship and its not limited to starships nfts of varying rarities will be available. Your starship will be fully customizable with up to 11 different module slots making for thousands of combinations. Custom starship can then mine the in game resource kyanite gas turn that into in game currency, but the resources are limited and the stakes are high, so mining can be competitive.

But when you factor in that there is a hidden treasure chest, thats worth an incredible 50. 000 worth of bitcoin and somewhere on the planet, you know that the starship universe is going to get hot and heavy, so you must kid out your starship asap with the best modules. Well, how do you do that? Well, you start off by holding ten dollars worth of the starship token. That gives you access to the game. Then you buy the card packs. Those give you modules, the modules are randomized and the drops can vary from common to uncommon, to rare to epic legendary mythic, but the best part is the game, is in phase one, so congrats youre early to the party and get some of the hottest modules right Now you can buy the limited edition, pluto alliance card packs on their website for only eighty dollars. It includes 12 cards plus a pluto alliance sticker for your starship. Pull rates for these packs are generous and the kicker is once the sale is over in less than three weeks. The remainder of the decks are burned forever, so every pack you buy is going to be instantly more valuable and you can have the chance to win a super rare pluto alliance, black whole king sticker for your starship click. The link in the description down below to purchase your starship tokens and your pluto alliance packs now, but starship is only in phase one and the road map for the game is in excellent shape.

The next three phases are going to be more dense with content than a dying star. There will be faster than light travel, large community gatherings, more modules, bigger fleets and war, but its important to know that starship isnt, just in it for the kyanite. The developers have built in some strong tokenomics to keep the community strong kyanite gas is burned for fuel. In the game, when leaving a space station, this is how station owners get paid via a small fee, but the rest of the kyanite gas tokens are literally burnt. Therefore, reducing the supply, its also a three percent fee when leaving a gas station that gets returned to the community on top of all that, the story of starship will continue to evolve and be turned into graphic novels after phase four, the team hasnt stopped there either. The biggest news or starship besides the pluto alliance partnership, of course, is the starship is going multi chain and not just on any other chain on facebooks dm chain. This will give facebook users access to their first blockchain game will on board millions into the play to earn ecosystem thats a huge deal and the effect on kyanite gas prices should be staggering. Starship is a total package when it comes to play to earn unique and compelling gameplay nfts staking exclusives like pluto alliance, strong community commitments and future growth on meta dont drift off into the solar system and get left behind. Buy your pluto alliance packs today.