With that said, welcome back to elio trades channel im your host crown again today with some good old ta, and we got a fun one today, as we look at the top four charts that have actually been suggested through the comments on these videos. So i want to encourage you to again: let us know what you want to look at in these uh in these videos and well. They might even end up on one of these videos if they uh if they are relevant and of course i should also let you know that i have my own channel. We do a daily bitcoin analysis and the link is in the description below, if you so desire to hang out over there in the dark and dirty cave anyways with that in mind, lets waste no time here. I do want to preface first, however, before i get into it um that whenever were talking about trade setups, we can always talk about. You know great moon boy, ish targets, and i mean realistically in the next couple weeks here: pranking like too many new moonboy targets to be fair but, more importantly, no trade setup is complete without something representing invalidation, meaning that if some sort of condition is hit, we Are no longer looking for the trade setup to be completed and, of course, theres actually well a validation condition as well. I think thats one that one is a little more self explanatory, so lets jump into it right now with one of the more interesting ones that weve been following up on for the past few weeks here and this ones really looking like it is coming to fruition.

So this is the ethereum bitcoin pairing. This one also have implications for the greater market as a whole, because any time that we have seen this one as generally bullish in an uptrend on the macro scale, weve essentially seen that the base parents and well the market by extension, is bullish versus the us Dollar pairing so again, right here were just looking at bitcoin or sorry, ethereum versus bitcoin in this case and weve been going through about a six month long consolidation in an ascending triangle, format, which is essentially a re accumulation, formation and again dont. Let these words confuse use or scare you, its just higher lows, as buyers are getting more aggressive and sellers are losing or waning within their power, as they are not able to push price action down as much with each and every uh test into the supply zone. Okay, so with that in mind the six month, long, consolidation right here is actually rather significant, because the longer that you do consolidate, typically speaking, that does imply the result and resolution will be greater, and this is not just coming at a high level right here, but Its also coming at a macro level from our last major breakdown in july of 2018., so completing this formation to the upside now were going to talk about validations above our weekly level of 7.75 million satoshis will very likely be get more continuation than our first tentacle Target which would be at about 9.

6 million satoshis now, with that in mind, i should also let you know on the weekly specifically right here. We do see that volatility is incredibly low, so as a mean reverting indicator, we do expect this to explode alongside that consolidation. So just another way of looking at this. The last time we saw something relatively comparable to this was actually in december of 2020, and you probably already know that thats back on over here and that essentially led into about a 200 rally, not bad, not bad. At all, you might say, on top of that, our momentum officers – if i can get my red, hey, wheres, my red arrow, hey whered, it go there, it is found it uh. We can see that the weekly also has hidden bullish divergence and the weekly rsi is maintaining its own higher low position right here, as it consolidates around the bullish control zone a generally good sign. So the probabilities are in favor, based off of technical formation, technical target, animal match monsters and volatility in in the direction of trend continuation. Now i should actually go down here to the daily time frame and talking about another condition by the way. Another drive of hidden bullish evidence over here, low volatility grinding up against the high side of your formation and a short term validation of continuation. In this case. To the target of 7.75 million, satoshis would be had on a daily closing high above actually pretty much exactly where were at right now.

Lets call it above 7.43 million satoshis intel, then oscillated between that level and our base at 6.9. Millistochis is still a bullish setup. Long term, but until we actually close above, i wouldnt say that it is validated. However, consulting between this region is going to be good for the boo laws. That brings up an invalidation condition for the short term and when were talking about short term, were talking about you know the next week or so, and that would be with any sort of a closure on new lows below 6.9 million toshis. If that does happen, its not game over for the bulls here, but i would be looking for a big move down somewhere around six and a half million satoshis below there. Yes, the greater macro picture does get invalidated, but until then i do like the setup for the long term time frames. We also even have a bullish engulfing going on right here too id go as far as to say any sort of a weekly closure today. Actually, as this video is being recorded on sunday above last weeks, high will complete that formation at 7.37 or so million satoshis would be looking at minimum for another retest of the 7.75 to 7., 7.9 million satoshi highs from this consolidation and then very likely long term. Continuation to that top side target right here and then realistically, because this is going to be a macro breakout, i would be looking for over the next following weeks for it to work its way up to the one spot, two, seven two and one spot, four one.

Four fibonacci extensions here, very, very powerful, stuff. Okay, we spent a little bit too much time on that one, but thats okay, i wan na make these ones a little bit shorter. Yes, there is more to it, obviously, but the setup is, as the setup is lets get to the next one over here. This one is zen. This one is zen versus the dollar and we have another one right here with our lovely rising bottoms. One two count them three and we got the same highs right here. You already know where im going with this one, nice and simple, of course, and this ones very close to completing its formation, which will be validated with any sort of a daily closure above 109 and invalided, with any sort of a closure below our current local low. At 82 and 75 cents, with that in mind, we can make a technical target off of the validation of the top side, resistance of which i very strongly believe were going to test into it right now or maybe over the next couple days here and in the Next week, following that or two weeks, i would be looking for a move back around your may highs somewhere around about a buck 45 or so, which we can mark off right here, nice and lovely, and that actually be pretty much around your prior. All time highs, which is generally a good sign on top of that, should be known that we do have multiple drives of hidden bullish evidence over here, so momentum monsters are also bullish daily or sorry.

Daily volatility is also trending up here as well. So i am looking for essentially volatility expansion along tried trend, continuation and for the long term now were talking. You know perhaps a few weeks down the road after the first initial validation condition is met, were gon na put this on a weekly, any sort of a weekly closure higher than that 150 lets call it 150 one target, then i would be looking for this one To go for a macro breakout, and we can talk about much more significant targets, long term. This would imply moves up towards 170, plus uh. Of course, its you know very far away, not relevant towards the this particular video. We really want to focus this on. In the next couple weeks to come here, so very close, there still want to see it validated, but the setup is rather nice all right. The next one is on a on some that ive never even remotely heard of before in my life before reading this reading, a comment on this one, but its a symbol win its a great name actually for anything really but uh its cymbal win. I dont know what the base pairing is to be honest with you all right. Let me actually see do i have it over here, its okay, the real name cryptos so weird is wink. Link sounds like a scam but charts charts, uh charts looking good over here for what its worth and, as we all know, scams pump the hardest.

Now. Look, i dont know if its an actual scam or not – probably not – i mean this – is actually fine right here and were very close to validating a nice daily breakout out of this almost six month. Long consolidation as well see a lot of uniformity around these ones and thatll be had with any sort of a daily cl closure above 95 uh. Yes, 95.50 thats, my dyslexia perks back up again and again. What do we have right here? One two three, four five count them higher lows: beautiful and as we approach the macro breakdown area, that is always an area of particular significance and we do have a nice w bottom right here and on top of that, hidden bullish evidence on the daily multiple drives. So we do have an upside bias. Volatility is already expanding, so i am looking for this one to at the very least test around our prior highs of this rally and on a pound validation of getting above it. A closing of that 95 50ish region would be looking for big moves up towards our one spot: 272 whoops one spot 272 right here, fibonacci extension at 12, 900 or so in line with our may and april breakdown regions now long term. Do i think that it stops there i mean now were talking. You know well and far down the road uh well lets see where this. Actually, that target is directly in line with the top side of that projected targeted region at 15.

500. Okay, interesting long term. However, i would be looking for a consolidation after that, and then perhaps the next month or two to follow very likely a move back around 19 50 right there invalidation on this, one is going to be had below our last daily spike low, which is 7300 in This case, okay, very easy one right there actually and probably should draw this one out as well. Something like this. Basically, you can see that you know these are re accumulation formations and theyre, actually a lot of them coming to fruition over the past half year here. So these are rather interesting and lets get to the last one. Now this one is probably the least ripe of all of the ones that we looked at today, but its probably one of the more well known ones as well, and that is theta theta versus the dollar over here and again, youll see a very similar chart formation And this is very common in markets right and what do we have? Well, we have the same thing going on low high or low, and could this be yet another higher low right here? I do believe so, and how do we essentially validate that as likely hidden bullish, divergence right here? Essentially, rsi momentum monitor comes further down upon our last low, but price actually makes a higher low, so bears are using more force, but getting less of the way. Aka bull is essentially gaining momentum, and this is really starting to shape up to be a re accumulation formation now, as you can see its not as close to its validation, condition at about eight and a half dollars on a daily closure.

However, what i actually like about this setup is that its very close to the invalidation condition, which would be below 570.. The reason why i like these sort of setups for my own personal trading, not that i really trade all coins to be honest with you. But the reason why i like these ones, because if i can enter in very close to where i would actually invalidate my trade, then theoretically my risk with that trade is low compared to a lot of the other ones, which are a lot more ripe. But i would have to kind of eat a potential major loss if they dont actually come to fruition, so thats kind of the the give and take there now. This is personal preference, so you obviously make the decision for yourself. This is never financial advice. Im, not a financial advisor, but its still of interest here anyways. So we got the uh hidden, bullish evidence right there daily bbwp. Our volatility indicator is starting to expand off the lows. This is good, but again not validated until we get above eight and a half dollars from there. I would be looking at a technical target, uh implied somewhere around about 12, which is of significant macro interest uh, as that is our last major breakdown area from our prior highs, and i imagine thats also going to be confluent with lets, see. Sorry, let me actually get this on a closing basis. There we go yes, the one spot, 618, fibonacci extension, so again upon validation of this, which short term whether im, bullish or bearish.

I do think that this one will trade up at minimum to about 740 to 7 yeah, seven uh, sorry, 730 to 750, or so, if we do get the continuation above above the 850 validation area, then yes, i would be looking for this targeted me bet over The next following weeks, and then after a bit of a consolidation between there and about 10, i would be looking for potentially a macro breakout confirmed with a weekly closure above 12 44.. If that happens, then we can talk about the more impressive targets way further back. I wont mention them right now, because they are very far away and not relevant towards this conversation, which really needs to be focused on the next couple weeks to make it tangible, and so that you know you can actually follow up on it. Okay, cool. So we are 13 minutes into this video, nice and short and sweet. I want to wish you well and again. I want to encourage you in the comment section to let us know. You know what you want to see in these videos uh, so that we can field some more well, some more potential charts that look good, as this was actually rather useful for this particular video. I think i did mention the by bit. Uh link at the beginning of this video i dont know if i actually be in the description or not to be honest with you, but if it is, i always feel compelled to say, hey look unless, if youre, already successful trading, uh, meaning that you are, you Know an experienced trader.

I hate that term to be honest with you, but meaning that you actually know what youre doing its not wise to start off leveraged trading. I would not. I would certainly not suggest it as it can be career ending. What i would suggest, if you want to learn trading, is to trade a paper account so that you do not risk any finances in the learning process. However, for the people out there who already have experience, they already know what theyre doing they have a good history of success. Then yeah i mean you can kind of take advantage of something like that and well, i guess its just free money. So you know fair enough kind of hard to turn down, i suppose as well as it probably does uh knock off your trading fees and all that good stuff, so fair enough im going to be signing off right there. I want to wish you well and ill see in the next one.