Welcome back to another one place for all your investing needs in todays, video were going to be looking at the top three altcoins to buy right now, as you guys can see, the market has been recovering here over this weekend. In the past 24 hours, the market is currently up about .38 percent. We have our top gainer here in the past 24 hours, which is going to be gala. Gala is up about 29, but theres also a lot more uh. You know top gainers here that are going on in the past 24 hours and we actually covered them in yesterdays video. So guys, if you, you know, if youre not subscribed to the channel, make sure you subscribe to the channel to you know not miss out on content like this, because some of these coins are booming. So here highest volume is going to be bitcoin at 59 000 dollars per coin right now, 26.2 billion in volume ethereum is at 14 billion, 4.3, 000 right now per coin theyre, both up about half a percent or so and as you guys can see, the all Coins are either down a percent or so or up a percent or so, but we have some big winners here, avalanche, which is a coin we talked about in yesterdays. Video avalanche is taking off right here, as you guys can see. It is currently up about what 16, or so just in the past 24 hours uh.

You know in yesterdays video. This was trading at 110 115. So if you guys missed that on games like this, you know this is the reason why you want to continue to watch this channel because uh, you know, we have some great call outs like that avalanche and also the second coin that we talked about on the Channel yesterday was crow, and what did crow do? Crow did the same thing right here up about 15 or so just in here in the past 24 hours training at a 16 billion market cap. Look at this move here yesterday was trading at around 50 cents, or so now were at over 65 cents guys. So this is why uh go ahead and smash that, like button for me guys if you want to support the channel lets, say for 100 likes on this channel right here on this video subscribe to the channel turn on the bell notifications to get notified every time. I make a new video and, as always, leave a comment below letting me know which cryptocurrencies are you buying right now now lets get into it. First of all lets take a look at the crypto bubbles just to see our top performers here in the past week or so, and one of them is going to be gala, which is the coin we just talked about here. Gala is up 300 and 376 percent. Here in the past week we have cocos here, which is up about 367 percent, and then we have a few other ones like here: power ledger, which is up 135.

We have myth so mithra over here is up 119 and some other. You know. Obviously, you know big gainers here that are making a huge move, including uh here decentraland, which is trading at around um 3.76 up about 14 or so, and then obviously avalanches on there as well at 44. Here in the past week, so were seeing a lot more green again compared to the red, and a lot of these green ones are super super green compared to some of these red ones, so lets get into these altcoins guys. The first altcoin on this list is going to be uni swap so uni here in the past, 24 hours is trading flat. Pretty much uh trading at 21 in the past week were down about 12 or so in the past month were down 20 from highs up. Here of about 27 in the past year, 461 percent – so this coin last november was trading at four dollars. We hit highs here. Obviously, in february and march, we continue to push on higher and higher throughout april here, with highs of about 45 dollars per coin, and then obviously, the market pulled back down as the market pulled back down. We went to lows of about right under 15, which was a huge move. You know downwards, then we started to consolidate, come back up made about 100 gain between july here in september, so in about a month or so, and then obviously now were consolidating once again around this in the 20s were hopefully going to stay in the 20s.

We bounced off at the support level uh here when we we saw another market. You know pullback last week we bounced off of that support, hopefully well continue on higher break through the 25 area and continue to push on higher towards those. You know 30s in the future. Once again, current market cap on the uni swap is gon na be 13.6 billion. Volume is flat at 183.7 million typical hold time is going to be 28 days and is ranked the number 14 coin on the list. 55, buy and 45 sell activity on uni swap so uni swap is an ethereum token that powers uni swap an automated liquidity provider. Thats designed to make it easy to exchange ethereum tokens. There is no order book or central facilitator on uni swap. Instead, tokens are exchanged through a liquidity pools that are defined by smart contracts. Now, if you want to get into more of how it works, you can take a look down here and look at these bullet points and read for yourself, but something to keep in mind real quick is the dexes have a range of risks, so youll do your Own research, obviously, and permanent losses can result from pairing a more volatile cryptocurrency with the less volatile one in a liquidity pool bugs and smart contracts can be exploited and anyone can create a token. So watch out for rug pools as well obviously were seeing a lot of these. You know influencers and different things like that that are doing rug, pools so thats, obviously something you definitely want to be watching out for in the future as well, but uni swap is definitely one that were looking forward to with over 100 upside uh to get back Up so definitely add this one to your radar guys, uni swap.

Then we have our second old coin: elrond egld. So this one right here performing very well here in the past 24 hours from lowes down here of about 350 or so now were trading at almost 400 per coin. It is up about 14 in the past 24 hours in the past week were up over 23 from lows of 288 or so in the past month were up over uh, 600 and or 66 percent 66 here in the past month, not 600 guys 66 percent making A nice move in the past year over 5 102, which is insane that means if you would invested one thousand dollars into elrond here last november. It will be worth over fifty thousand dollars right now, which is insane. Obviously we hit a peak here in february with most coins actually did the same thing pulled that down hit a new high once again here in april, which is the next peak that we saw in the crypto space, then we pulled that down with the market. All the way to lose about 60 for that 60 dollar range. Obviously we would, we could have made it over a 5x or so even a little bit more, possibly about a 6x opportunity here from june until now so 600 opportunity from the low to the high that were training at right now, insane here, movement on elrond and Still uh, you know not bad of a market cap here. At 7.

9 billion market cap volume is at 672.8 million, which is about 21 higher than usual. As this coin continues to push on higher and higher. You know. 8 billion market cap is not that bad still. It could, you know, make a 2x 3x opportunity in the future, as well as it continues to move on higher and higher. So elrond is definitely another coin that were going to be watching on the radar to see how its going to perform into the end of 2021 in the beginning of 2022, guys so hell run number two and then number three. We have chain link also known as link one of the more popular coins that weve talked about on this channel. This one in the past 24 hours is down about two percent trading at around 28 per coin. In the past week. This one is down 17, with highs of over 34 in the past month, were up about a percent, a half from the highs about 38 right there, which is about uh lets just say about a 50 upside here opportunity just to get back to that area. In the past year were only up 80, which is very low compared to some of these other altcoins, so definitely underperforming. In my opinion, it was worth about 14 last year in november, hit highs here in april or may time period out of round lets just say right here, 53 or so from 53 dollars. We pull back down all the way to lows of 13 and obviously from that 13 area to 33, made over 100 150 profit.

Now we saw a slight pull back here and then another you know run on up, pull back and were hoping for another uh higher high, so the highs get higher and the lows get lower, which is a beautiful thing. Obviously, now, with that market pull back, we saw last week. Hopefully we get an extended. You know breakthrough right here and keep on pushing on higher and higher 13.1 billion market cap. Currently, volume at 738.3 million uh typical hold time is going to be 66 days and obviously 60 by activity and 40 cell activity. It is ranked the number 15 coin now chain link is an ethereum token that powers the chain decentralized oracle network. This network allows smart contracts on ethereum to securely connect to external data sources, apis and payment systems. How does all that work with chain link? Well, it was designed to incentivize a global network of computers to provide accurate data to chain links oracles. Now there are many oracles operating today, including ones that provide price data across a wide range of assets, weather data and location data. Now link is the token used to pay for services on the network and to incentivize nodes to perform verifiably honest work and provide accurate data. Something to keep in mind, though, with a chain link is in order to become a node and start providing data to chain links. Oracles holders must stake linked tokens into a smart contract to act as an incentive against misbehaving or sub submitting false data to the network.

So obviously staking and different things opportunities in the in a crypto space is something that people do for passive income on the side if they believe in a coin, for the long term and thats, definitely something you can take an opportunity to do. As long as you do your research and understand the risks and rewards uh with facing, you know when youre doing that type of activity so chain link, another coin were gon na, be watching guys right there. So lets take a look at the rest of the market. Solana, here trading flat literally at the same price – it was you know, 24 hours ago, dogecoin the meme here uh down about a percent and a half while shiba inu is down about six percent down here. So you know theyre making a little bit of a pullback as well dogecoin in the low 20s. Once again, sheba has lost about half of its. You know uh worth i guess from the highs that it was trading at meanwhile, like we said uh crow is making a huge move here and avalanche. Another huge, huge player so definitely keep an eye on both of those as weve discussed those in yesterdays video. So if you missed yesterdays video make sure you go check that video out and um see what we talked about and the catalyst that were talking about with those two coins now bitcoin here in the past 24 hours trading flat. But we did see a move.

You know here from 57 000, all the way to highs of about 59, almost 60 000, with a slight pullback here going into sunday at 59 000. Now, in the past week, we are down about eight percent. Obviously, in the past month, 10 down with highs of 69 000, so were only about 10 000 away from the all time high area in the past year. This one is up about 215 1.1 trillion market cap here 34 crypto market is, you know, taken up by bitcoin 26.2 billion in volume, volume is down about 25 or so uh trading activity is 68 by and 32 percent cell activity ethereum same moves, so it pulled Back down to 4 200 hit highs of 4 400 and now were at 44, 4300 or so in the past week were down six and a half percent past month were actually four percent higher, so ethereum has been performing a little bit better compared to bitcoin its Only about 450 away from the all time, high area in the past year, this one is up about 683 or so 514 billion market cap here on ethereum, which is 16, the crypto market, space 66 by activity, 34 cell activity and obviously uh 73 74 day typical, Hold time here on bitcoin and ethereum as more people are holding these compared to some of these other coins, guys so guys. What do you think is going to happen in the crypto market space? Are we going to be seeing more green here going into the 2021? I certainly think so, and i would not be surprised to see you know ethereum back to close to five thousand dollars and bitcoin continue to push on higher to 70, 000 or so so guys go ahead and smash that, like button for me for more content like This guys lets say for 100 likes subscribe to the channel turn on that bell, notifications to get notified every time i make a new video and, as always guys i am not a financial advisor.

This is not financial advice. This is all for entertainment purposes. Only so before investing speak to your financial advisor and do your own due diligence.