So if you like this sort of content – and you want to support the channel mash that, like button subscribe, if you havent, subscribed already tapping that bell selecting all the notifications, so you never miss a video right with that said done and out of the way lets Get down to the desktop and have a look at what these five projects are. Okay, so well start with um coin market cap review in uh previous week, so the first one was measurable data token. Now i really liked this one um, i say liked it. I really like it, and i think this project overall is you know long term is going to do really really well um, but it did really well 62 up for the week um when i called this one out is a 0.04634, so you know its up 21. Today done fantastic for the week, so uh anybody that got into this one really liked this. After doing their research would have made some fantastic profits. Moving on, we had harmony one. So this is at 29 cent now, but it was at 27 7 when i uh called this one out so again, profit to be made. I think its about five and a half six percent um, so not too shabby um, okay, moving on v chain, so v chain, um didnt do too well this week, um its actually down uh. I said 14 for the week and when i called this one out, it was at 15 cent 81 and at the time it looked like it was going to do really really well, and with that said, you could have cashed out for some profit up here right.

So you know it went up to like 17 and a half cents, so um not in profit today, obviously with the pullback, but you know when it was being called out like 15 cents, 60 uh, um, 15. 81. Sorry um. You know this went all the way up to over 17, so you know again some profit to be made in v chain. I dont see this one as a real loser, although its 14 down uh for the week right um, it will do really well next week. Im sure um and then weve got verge, so this one is at 0.02796 um, which is up three percent for the day um, but it is down around eight to nine percent from the previous week. It was a 0.031 cent last week, um so real, shame, but again, just like this one. You could have made some profit um. You know, literally, it was on the rise up on the day, so you could have cashed out for a little bit of profit um, but obviously with the pullback. It has pulled the whole market down and then weve got uni trade um. So this is at 0.1 um, which is again down uh about 15 percent. It was at 0.1731 and this ones the biggest loser, and and to be honest, you, you couldnt, have really made a profit on this one which is um really unfortunate. Uh. I say that you could have made a tiny profit, but you know for me this ones, probably the most disappointing.

For the week the others you could have made some decent profits throughout the week um. But you know for full transparency. We like to to sort of go through how we did this wasnt the best week um, but you know, lets hope and uh and expect this week to to get back on track. So what are the projects that were going to call out for for this week? So lets sort of dig into those, so here we are weve got um the quantum resistant ledger. So this looks like a really interesting one. Qrl um, really like the the project, expect it to do really. Well, obviously, this isnt a video to go through each project. Go do your research on this one, its currently at thirty one and a half cents up ten, almost uh ten, well its ten and a half percent, almost eleven percent um to today um, but i do think that this ones gon na do really really well. This week now um, if we have a look at the artificial intelligence, weve got this at a2 um. We can see that the um ami had ratio is a2 and the fear and greed index um people are greedy, not fearful its a1. The moving average is a2 uh, the sharp ratio is a2, the profitability is a1, so it doesnt get any better than that and the peak end value demand is b2, so that is whats pulling it down from being an a1 so a2.

Just for clarity. For an overall rating is the highest rating that weve ever seen. If i do, i o give out – and so this ones, looking like really good for for the week so do let me know what your thoughts and opinions are on this particular project really interested to know. Moving on weve got poli swarm, so i think this ones going to do really well. This is one that i called out um previously less than a cent and um it has done. You know really well since then again, i expect this one to to be another. One that performs this week lots of work going on uh for a main net launch um so really exciting times. For this particular project do read up and um sort of get an understanding of whats going on with this project, because i think its going to do really really well, and here we are so its actually down 3.89 at the time of recording um 0.0111. And you know we were originally calling this up. It was a few months ago now, probably down here somewhere about half a cent um but yeah its gone on to do some really good things, and we expect that to continue um. If i dot io have it down as an a3, so again a really solid um. You know number uh for rating here, and this is all done by artificial intelligence and machine learning and we move on um, so its ami had ratio is a2.

Sharp ratio is um, you, which is unrateable. Youve, got the fear and greed index at a1, the moving average at a2 profitability again. Is you its unrateable at the moment and your peak end value demand is b2, but this is one that i expect to do really. Well, hopefully, well get the team on the show um, you know in in the coming weeks and um. You know its just a case of organizing that, but again you know with everything going on for this. One expect it to do really really well im going to call out v chain again so again, im not going to go into what v chain is. As a protocol weve got an interview with the team um on tuesday at 10 a.m. Uk, so do check that out lots of really great questions from ourselves that were answered. You know really well and its sort of around the the questions. You guys ask us an awful lot. You know, like the fud around china banning crypto all that sort of stuff right, so um do join us for that um. So lets have a look here right so were at 0.1354. We know big stuffs coming from for v chain again and when we call this out, you could have made some decent profit um. It has pulled right back. We do expect this one to move to the upside right. So um. You know some potential profit to be made. The reason why im leaving it in for this week was, you know it all looked like it was going to tee off last week, timings the hardest thing.

I think it may be this week, um the artificial intelligence. Has it as a b1, we do think this is going to improve um. The fear and greed index is at b3, so that is pulling it down. Your sharp ratio at d again, thats pulling it down and youve got your profitability. A1. Your peaking value demand b2. So again, you know reasonably uh good for well perfect for for profitability and uh, the peak and uh value demand is pulling it down. Your moving, average is a2 and your amiahat ratio is a2, so overall b1 uh expect this to to do. You know sort of flipping and you get a high rating shortly, um, but overall fantastic project and expecting big things. Uh moving on weve got multivac, so multivac are going to be launching their smart contracts on the 29th of november, as well as many other things. Im really excited about this project. I think once weve got smart contracts thats, you know its its its a game, changer right and im expecting some price discovery along the way um to get in the smart contract, so um one to definitely have in here um. Its currently at 0.0198, its up, seven percent, but i think this is just you know, still really really low in comparison to what it should be valued at um, massively undervalued. In my opinion and um, you know its a b2. I expect this to continue to go to the upside uh fear and greed index is b2, so that is pulling it down.

Amy had ratio c2 again pulling it down, profitability very profitable at a1. The moving average is a2, so pretty good, and then your shot ratio c2. That is pulling it down, but i do expect this one to do really really well, okay, moving on to the fifth and final one for the week and that will be silica new website going live late november, so weve got announcements coming so that should be good And obviously um you know for for anybody, thats interested in silica, i suggest going down to the website fantastic staking rewards as well, which you know anyone that knows me knows: im a big fan of passive income and but do check out everything that zilliqa have got Going on, i think this is an amazing project. Thats going to do really well currently at 0.09349 up three and a half percent, or almost three and a half percent at the time of recording, expect this to do really well again, its a b2 um yam. You have ratios a2. Your sharp ratio is a d thats pulling it down same with the moving average um. Your fear and greed is b2, so again, thats pulling it down, but its really profitable at a1 expect these uh scores to really improve in the coming days and uh weeks right so for me, fantastic projects that weve called out for this week. But you know what i always say. Let me know what projects youre interested in and think are going to do really well this week that i havent called out here today and um.