I think weve been through this quite a few times over the last few weeks and, if youre, finding it hard to stomach some of the titles and the price action on ada and youre looking to bow out, especially when the price is down and other cryptos have Already pumped im afraid youre not going to make it now im, not telling you to stay in ada im, not telling you to sell it and go somewhere else im. Just saying, if you chase pumps, you are definitely not going to make it and if you feel emotional about titles with worse crypto performance in quarter four, then i think youre not going to make it either. So you guys that understand and the ones who are going to make it. Let me know hit that, like button balance out the dislikes from the guys who are finding a little fud in the titles lets crack on with cardano. Today, after youve hit the like button balance out, those ratios subscribe to the channel, if you havent already and of course stake your ada with the tia staking pool, you can find a link to it in the description down below, go ahead and click on this video. After this video ends, ill leave a link to it and, of course you can find the tia pool id for delegation lets look at ada at this point in time and im saying its the worst crypto in this quarter. So far in the majors, of course, because im looking at a monthly chart, we have another eight days 22 hours.

So call it nine days at this point in time before ada closes the month of november, which leaves us one more month being december and we have been down or at least closed in the red since september. So the last month we had green was august. We had september down october down november down so why i said at the beginning the video a lot of people love to sell out of crypto projects when theyre on the way down. I saw comments from people say im getting a little bit nervous. I am worried that nothings going on here and im just wanting to get into something else, thats all well and good. If you want to get into something else by all means, go and do that im not saying to stay with ada im, not a fanboy of ada. Although i do wear the t shirt here, its about making gains and having a different perspective on each section of your portfolio, one of your portfolios might be for trading. Another party portfolio might be for longer term investing and when youre longer term investing these things do have down periods. Weve been down for three straight months. We have now broken through the short term, 50 percent level, which is essentially similar to your moving average. So if you break down from your support zone, then youre probably going to come back and test the next zone, and this is at around 1.50 to 1.

60. Now, if we break down from that, our next 50 zone is at 1.26 hold the line im, not saying that were going to get there. I always see those sort of comments saying you said its going to go to this price. No no no hold on weve got to get to the support level first and test the next level around that dollar. Fifty a dollar sixty and its not too far from where we are at the moment at a dollar eighty. So it was about time. We did a cardano update and figure out where the price is when it comes to support levels. What could we expect next? When is it going to turn whats happening? The main thing that comes back to with the fundamentals – and this comes down to the management of it by charles hoskinson, so dont blame it on the charts, blame it on the project itself, but in the day its technology it takes time. The smart contracts are not working at this point in time. Theyre not theyre, not speaking, were waiting for the back end to come out so that projects can build on cardano. I think they release smart contracts way too early just to prove a point and unfortunately that is now affecting the price. So we ran up into the smart contracts and now a smart contract release, and now we are falling against that price range at the moment. So there is still there are still some support levels.

We have a dollar twenty six. We have a dollar fifty to a dollar sixty and currently sitting at that dollar. Eighty which comes in at the close of may so may close at a dollar. Seventy three so were starting to get into that congestion period after the one month of august, the big blow off, and then we came back september october november, not looking too bad at the moment. Ada btc, also on the way down the last two months november, is the third month now which is currently in the red, but maybe it holds out here. It has broken down the 50 level and like weve, looked at a few times before. The next supports are around 2 000 and two and a half thousand satoshis. So essentially, if we want to make it weve got to be looking for. These lower periods were going to be looking at projects which are coming down in price or looking to base out and get into them when no ones talking about it. When people hate it, you see it in the comments. People are hating on it. It is what it is right. I dont want to get emotional about it. I just want to buy some more when the price is down and looking like it is having a reversal. I dont need to get the exact low and i dont need to sell the exact top, but this is on my longer term strategy as well and currently looking at the price range it needed to have some correction.

It has been up against bitcoin its been up against ethereum, its been up against the us dollar since pretty heavily uh strongly sorry from december 2020 and, of course, its been up since mid 2019.. You can see the higher lows coming in and throw it onto log youve got a low in august 2019, high higher low higher high higher low and weve. Seen that all the way up into september. So eventually we have to put in a another higher low and thats going to be above ideally above the 500 satoshis, so provided our crypto holds out and starts to be range bound at least start to bounce, get higher lows on the way up, then its a Good investment longer term than holding something that is just completely bleeding out against bitcoin and ethereum, speaking of which well get on to ada eth but ill mention first up, because there are some people who are now looking to stake their ada in their superannuation funds check Out new brighton capital: this is for the aussies if you want to uh, buy cryptocurrency with your superannuation. Your retirement funds link in the description use posino for 150 bucks, a free credit uh when you go through the place process of completing your smsf application. So you can stake your ada in your superannuation funds, all right back over to ada eth and again. This has had a pretty good run this year, but is now coming back down to rest on the support levels of around the 40 or we can see.

Four thousand here point: zero, zero, zero. Four of an eighth that did have a awesome january. Awesome february came back down bounced again and its topped out in august, so at a lower high. So, provided we start to get this wedge pattern forming here and continue to hold above that point, zero, zero, zero, four, so three zeros and a four then it looks like this – is still a good investment compared to something like eighth now, of course, eth is strong At the moment, so maybe we do slip back into the zone of 0.00019 and 0.0004. In that case, maybe all that hard work was not worth it in the end of the day and we could have just bought up some eath. This is, of course, your opium free channel, so we want to look at our investments objectively and if this does bounce or drop back down into the zone, then of course we would say. Eath and cardano are similar sorts of investments. If it continues to bounce here, then its the same thing, you know, the idea here is that you want to see ada continue to make higher lows and start to outpace ethereum for gains. I think that will happen eventually, maybe when we hit that next point where they bring out the smart contracts and it actually works, and then we start to get some more hype into the market, and we see these uh these these lows get higher and the highs Get higher for ada eth adadots, also another good one to look at because weve seen dot really push up strongly here and, of course, cardano fall and were just starting to find some support at the highs that ada dot put in previously.

So this is just comparing the price of ada and dot and were seeing some support a little bit of a bounce back. We ideally want to start to see it get above the point: zero, five, three or five four and then again back to the fifty percent level. But at the moment were still putting in higher low, so ada dot still holding out all right here, but it just hasnt been. You know like a great holder since that august top ada verse dot same deal goes for solana. This ones, a little more depressing solana, has been a much better performer since january of this year, so this was the peak out for ada september 2020 into the peak, and then solana has just absolutely ripped away the gains. So this is why its important not to be a fan boy not to be a maxi, its important to have a balanced portfolio for some of the strong cryptocurrencies so that youre not getting caught out holding one thing, while everything else is taking off in the market. So at the moment a to btc is probably the strongest out of the the pairs ada eth. Looking like its coming back into the the buy zone, ada dot may be having a bit of a bounce here at a higher low, so thats still strong a to sol is still down. This is still a bearish trend here. Just before we recap, the ada usd pricing for buy zones and cell zones make sure you check out the patreon link down below.

There are limited places at the moment, so link is down. There learn more about trading and investing in cryptocurrencies and, of course, your long term full time. Investment strategy check that out and, of course follow me on instagram and twitter use the official links theyre in the description down below dont get caught out by these scammers dming. You about some sort of ridiculous scam. I only have one official link links are in the description, so the price. At the moment we are coming back down to test those levels, as we currently see around that dollar 80.. So if you want to make it start to look at projects which are flatlining theyre coming down, they still have good possibilities in the future and you can youre able to buy these things when there isnt the hype in the market. Remember that the amount of hype that came in through august and into september, there was a lot of hope as we dropped into that early part of september, that we could, you know, push back out to 354 bucks at that point and then the hope is quickly. Fading away, so in terms of a time frame, we are getting late into the downtrend, just like we do with uptrends uptrends last a particular amount of time. Downtrends also last a particular amount of time, and this has been one of the longest ones weve seen in this bull market. So we definitely want to see it hold up around that 150 to 160 level and then start to put in those higher lows.

So well keep following that up on the channel as well stake your ada with the tia staking pool in the meantime for passive income like share, subscribe and ill.