This is your opium free, crypto channel across all of youtube and in todays video im going to look at specific examples that we have just seen in the last few months and how to plan this out to turn your one thousand into a hundred thousand dollars. The realistic approach and showing you the unrealistic approach with of examples, of course, so make sure you have smashed destroyed gently, touched the like button down below subscribe to the channel bell notification icon. So you can see more of this content pop up and, of course, the cryptos that ill be talking about today are cryptos that we follow on the channel, so were looking at when to get in when to get out those 10xs 20xs that we need to get To this 100x portfolio, so the first example is cro, and this is a recent one that we can easily show how this works out. If you want to be up to date with this stuff check out the patreon link in the description down below top of the list, there limited spots so make sure youre looking at that and go through and have a look to learn more about trading and investing Full time with plans like stuff that im about to show you in todays video so from the low march 2020, now im not talking about you had to be in two years ago, because i know many people werent buying crypto at that time, because if they were, We would have a lot higher prices in the last few months.

We were covering this in patreon and for premium members as well. They get to learn more about the charts and how to trade and were looking at breakout levels and, following these things through. I want to go through specific questions that you can ask yourself in in order to formulate a plan so that you can get to these 10 xs, because you hear about it all the time 10x, this 20x, that 50 100x, the other thing. But what does that mean mentally? You know thats the biggest part of all of this people dont believe it, but you just try and sell on one of these cryptos, currently im sitting up over 10x on cro right now. I need to pull the trigger. I need to sell this thing its at 73 cents. You could be watching this in three months time and cro has gone to five bucks or its crashed to 50 cents. I dont know all five cents right, but this is live. This is whats happening right now. This is something ive been accumulating for a long time, but more recently it was easy to get this thing at uh. These lows at around that eight cents, nine cents, ten cents, and so now its hit a high of 80.6. You can see it over there and as im feeling this its currently sitting at 73 cents today its getting very volatile its dropping up and down. It was at 68 punched up to 80 back down to 73.

. So this really will skew that 10x, whether its a 10x or a 5x or a 12x right. So this is the the biggest part lets have a look at the uh, the rules and at least some of the the questions that we need to ask ourselves. In order to get to this plan, so do you have the plan now? Do you have the patience to hold on for these rides? Do you have the patience for three months? Do you have the patience for many months? Could you have held on from these two cent lows in order to get your 34x to the exact top so far, so weve got 3300 here, 34 x thats a two cent low. Do you have the staying power for 610 days? Can you sell? Have you ever tried selling something you know when it has big gains? Have you actually clicked the button to sell a lot of people say? I just got to hold on and wait and see what happens later, but if youve never tested yourself out hitting that cell button, the game gets really hard when you actually have to go and do it have you taken some risk off the table as well? If you take risk off the table, it really lightens the emotional load as the market climbs up, because even if you miss out on the top okay at least youre not going to lose any money and are you mentally ready for bigger numbers because, like i said Earlier on were looking at a 1000 to 100 000 and the bull markets dont last forever.

You know this one might be one of the longest ones we see, but if youre not mentally prepared to trade from a hundred dollar, lots to ten thousand dollar lots in a very short period of time, its not going to happen and the majority people arent ready For that i definitely know i wasnt so im speaking from experience here, doing those small trades into bigger trades, you sort of get comfortable at. Maybe you go 10x and you start trading thousand dollar lots instead of the 10 000 watts to get to that position. That is something that youll only know with time, and maybe youll have to test yourself out in this bull run and get ready for the next bull run, because you dont have to stress. There are always more opportunities. You just have to be patient and maybe its not in crypto, maybe its going to be in penny stocks in the stock market. I have you tested your risk. Tolerance, like are you able to watch markets rise, a thousand percent which is your you know, 10 11 x and then watch it drop 50 percent against you and then move on to another 10x. From that point, thats your risk tolerance. How do you feel when you see big drawdowns? Are you prepared to be right three times out of ten looking at comment, sections on twitter and youtube majority people arent prepared to be wrong at least one time, let alone seven times so? Are you prepared to be wrong seven out of ten times, because you can still do this in the maths? Youve probably seen the mass before, but at least lets put a plan together and action, something at that point in time, because you can still be right.

Three times wrong, seven times and still get to that point of view, the main thing is going to be the mental game because losing seven times it normally doesnt work. You cant be wrong seven times in school in university in your job and still have a job or you know get that grade that a grade of course, but in investing you could be wrong 95 of the time. But if that one pays off out of 20, then and pays off really big, then youre still going to survive and make huge huge gains. So this is where it flips its nothing like work or school or university. That stuff is bs. You never get to those big numbers thinking the way you would with a job or university. I prepared to do the work on different exchanges. I hear a lot of people say: where is this crypto its not on this easy exchange to use coinbase swift decks? Whatever you need to be prepared to do the work, get on decentralized exchanges, open up different exchanges with different uh in different jurisdictions, different countries, maybe its in china or somewhere in the middle east. I dont know its the risk increases substantially when you have to go and do these things, but if youre not prepared to put in the work youre not prepared to get that money, especially if youre starting out with a very small amount. Sorry, if that offends some people, if youre starting out with a thousand bucks, its gon na, be a lot more work to get to the hundred thousand dollars than if youre starting out with ten thousand dollars or fifty thousand dollars.

It should be obvious, but some people wan na get all of the gains for not doing the work and, of course think about. What is your end goal? Do you want to sell out into stable coins and remain in crypto? Do you want to sell out into some metals? Do you want to sell out into bitcoin and eth, and you know thats your target, no matter what the price of bitcoin and eth do you just want to end up with 10 bitcoin, one bitcoin 58th, whatever it may be? Have that goal in mind? Maybe you want to buy a property at the end of this thats, just a beginning to having a plan. If you cant answer this stuff here, forget about trying to go 100x from a thousand to 100 000 just buying something like ada at two cents and its skyrocketing to two bucks and thinking youre going to sell out. If you didnt understand at least some of these things before you got into ada, you wouldnt have the patience you wouldnt have the mental. The mindset to be able to hold those numbers up. You wouldnt have the risk tolerance to watch. It go from 2 cents to 12 cents and drop back down to 7 cents and then up to 1.50 and drop back down to 90 cents. You just wouldnt. Have this the being rights and being wrongs you might have thought youre wrong. Youll get out. Are you prepared to do the work on different exchanges? You know these are all sort of things that you have to have at least thought about in order to get to this 1 to 100 x.

Next is the unrealistic plan, so the unrealistic plan. If someone starts with a thousand bucks, they might think they put. A thousand bucks in the crypto goes to 100x. They get a hundred grand and they sell out and thats it right or they put in ten thousand dollars, and it goes to a million dollars and thats it. Of course, this isnt the way it works in real time. You have maybe youre splitting up into 10. Lots and you think all of those are going to be winners and theres. Your thousand bucks, you split up into 10 and then now youve got 10 lots of 100 theyve all gone up. 10X. Now youve got 10 grand you do it all over again. Now you got 100 grand. Of course this doesnt work like this, but i think in a lot of our minds, definitely thought this was potential. You know there was a possibility, especially with everything going up that you could get. This now lets look at the more realistic but still challenging approach. All right so were starting with a thousand dollars. Now im going to show you a thousand ill show you ten thousand as well. The thousand takes a lot more work. I wont go through all these numbers, but you can pause it and have a look. The first lot. You have three winners: seven losers, 100 bucks times 10 times three, because we have three winners: theyre going to go up, 10x were aiming for this 10x and the reason being is that were looking at it here say: cro has done this 10x 80 80 cents and The low in june was just under 8 cents, so the exact low to the exact high, of course, its not always going to be the case, but just a few months earlier, you know a year earlier we were sitting at around 5 cents.

So, even if you took a chunk out of the middle – and i still have the possibility to be selling right now and getting just a bit more than 10x at that point, you know the opportunities are still there in the market, but its going to take a Lot more work now, if you think these are one offs of course theyre not. We have a lot of examples that are currently at 10 xs, look at luna, for example, at the lows this was at around a few bucks. We got four dollars here, but it did spike down to around three spiked out at around 54. – probably a little higher, because this only logs the closing price, not the spikes and were currently sitting at 41.. So if you did have luna you bought it at these crashes within four or five months, youve got the 10x there. Do you sell out at 10x and then continue this process? Looking at the numbers that we just looked at here or do you hold on and wait for the 20x to make things a little easier? You know youve got to look at that downside, which then comes back to the rules that we were looking at. Are you mentally prepared for big numbers to go up and down? Are you prepared for your risk tolerance? You know. Can you watch this drop a whole lot against you, so these are some of the examples there. Also on the channel we have looked at solana which ill come back to, but solana talking about it, you can see the receipts here were looking at 23 and then we could sell that for just more than a 10x at the moment currently sitting at around that 2.

30, oh sorry, 230 and its spiked out at the moment for 260. and, as i said, if youre watching this in the future, its all the same its all the same numbers. But you could have a lot more or you could have a lot less. If you dont take the 10x and you you wait for bigger gains, so this is another 10x cro, 10x solana, 10x. Have we got weve got avalanche? I know a lot of people are sitting on a 10x, at least with avalanche again and around july theyre, sitting around 9.10 and now its currently sitting at 133. So do you sell out for that 10x or do you hold on for bigger gains, also had ada thats an easy 10x at the moment, badger dow. This is a smaller market cap, so you can happen on all different market caps, so youre prepared to get outside of your comfort zone and look for other cryptos which may have those moves. Badger dropped down to about three to four dollars in that spike low. In may and then continued down, it only says six here, but if you look at those spike lows and youre watching the charts, because it does take some work, this isnt just throw your money in and hope for the best youll be getting in around that four. Five six dollars and it did spike out around 50 to uh. It got around 50 and its still in an uptrend at the moment, looking to see if this goes any further.

So this is a smaller market cap and tends to work well with bitcoin. So bitcoin is doing well badges, looking like its doing well its in the d5 space for bitcoin. So just understanding these sorts of projects and ill look at a few more later on in this video. But we want to understand these numbers, so we have done it. Three times it does take some work. These are the numbers flipped it over twenty three hundred dollars, because youve account for your losers, flip it over again winners losers. Fifty three hundred dollars winners losers, twelve hundred dollars four times around in this process of finding ten xs, 36 000 winners, eight and a half thousand losers. Now we have 28 and so on and so on. So it takes us six times with ten six rounds of ten xs, getting three wins and seven losers on them. Thats a lot of trading thats a lot of time, thats, why? I say this is more realistic, its a lot of work, but remember youre, trying to do a thousand bucks to a hundred thousand dollars or ten thousand to a million. If it was that easy, everyone would be getting it, but of course you know that they arent and this these are just the pure numbers that come down to it. Add to that, like i said before some of your preparation, your mental preparation to get there and now youve got the maths with the plan.

If you want something thats, a little bit more realistic start with 10 grand to get to 100 grand now, i know its, not the 100x, its the 10x instead. But you only have to do it three times and remember, depending on where youre starting in this crypto journey. Maybe this is the last leg of the bull run. Until we get a big bear market where you could probably start with a lower amount to get a bigger amount, but later on, maybe we want to go ten thousand into a hundred thousand or if you only have a thousand bucks go for a thousand to ten Thousand and test it out: this is your education. If you lose a thousand bucks, you lose it youre going to learn in my belief, of course, a lot more than going to university to try and do this thing practicing the real markets im, not a financial advisor im, just speaking from experience, i prefer practicing and Learning from my mistakes, of course, so start with 10 grand and you only have to flip it over three times: 121 000. and i say only and there still is 30 coins in there to get, but remember youre only going for a win ratio of 30 percent. You only need to get 30 percent, so the 10, 000 or 100 thousand, obviously a lot easier. But of course, some people dont have 10 grand to start with and they still have really high goals, not trying to put you off, but it is possible, but just of course just remember its going to take some work.

So we looked at some coins that have recently done an ore currently sitting at that 10x. So ask yourself: do you want to get to that goal of 100 grand, or do you even have a goal whatever that may be go back and look at the beginning of the video and look at the plan in the meantime make sure youve liked subscribe. Maybe share this video with someone that you feel will find some value from it, because it goes a long way to pushing the video up in the youtube algo. But enough with that, the five cryptos which have done an avax cro soul, luna shib, i put in zen and ada as well. Ada, of course, was a earlier on. Crypto zen is something that i talked about on the channel as one of the ones that i did do about a 20x on, because it was crazy. It went from three bucks to 180 dollars. This was from one of the legacy coins of 2017 and there are those coins, but there are going to be some which work and some which dont so make sure you are paying attention to the fundamentals as well as the charts. Often there are a lot of cryptos which seem to be good things, but they just wont get there. They wont push through. They dont have the pump mentals in the market. Lets look at something like cro, this, the pump of mentals. At the moment.

This is a fantastic platform i have links to this in the description down below, if you guys want to sign up to cro start playing with it, see what its like as a product. If it was something that you would think of buying a year or two years ago, i used this since 2017. There are videos on the channel, i think early 2018 videos on the channel. You can get up to 14 passive income on stable coins. You get a few percent on your cryptos. Youve got a crypto debit card, which i talk about using as well, so the links are down here. You get free 25 us dollars of cro youre, getting all of that through those earlier stages. Now theyve theyve 10x. So you had 25 us dollars now its 250 us dollars theres a lot to go with the fundamentals of something like cro and if youre interested in buying it check out, coinspot link is down below or the app which you can get on your phone. So im just thinking about all of the the fundamentals, the apps the product itself, the d5 app it all works good. So the main point here is that the fundamentals are looking amazing at the moment for cro it might be coming towards one of these peaks. So keep that in mind as well as you go on with your list of cryptos, which are getting to that 10x. So theyre, looking like theyre peaking out with huge news, 700 million deals to put their names on stadiums.

You know, so keep that in mind. With your plan as well now stuff, which may be something to look at things that havent pumped up yet but are potentially consolidating, i like the likes of theatre, matic, vet, grt, sand engine and chilis the pump mentals here they they had the the moves earlier on. In the bull market and have since been resting – and so i like to get stuff which does have a good user base to it or theres a lot of excitement about it, but isnt getting the attention right now and of course, metaverses and nfts are on and Off some of these have pumped but theyre sort of sitting around a few billion to a few hundred million in the market caps and potentially theres no guarantees in investing. We have that opportunity to move to that 10x. So we can see. Cro has jumped well and truly into the top 20. matic is sitting on the outside, and it was one of the stars of the first half and of course, if ethereums doing well its possible its likely that matic might do well as well. Again, i have to stress that there are no guarantees in this game. Vet was also a star early on. It has this low market cap, where people think its cheap? Can it get to a 10x from here its going to be a lot more difficult than something thats outside of this 8 billion market cap? Of course, this would have to get to an 80 billion market cap so always make sure that youre following the market caps of the cryptos that youre on uh were also looking at the likes of theta and ftt.

So thetas down here at 6.7 billion dollar market cap does it have the potential sure can i do it this round, keep watching the charts and just make sure that you start to see that momentum build on the news and the fundamentals, the likes of mana being In the uh, the metaverse sand is also a big player up there and were also looking at, of course, engine and grt. So these are all sort of things that im looking at to be able to get me into that next space now leading on to the dot ecosystem. These are a little more high risk im. Looking at mover, efi, ksm rmrk lets call it remark. I dont know what its called the ticker symbols rmrk. I honestly dont care im not going to get emotionally attached to these. The idea is what im attached to is the 10xs. I want to get these 10 xs. I dont need to fall in love with the project. I just need to hit it and quit it make the money roll the money into the next 10x or loss still possible and then move on to the next one. Ksm is sitting up here, its at a 3 billion. Could it get to that 30 billion now thats looking a little more likely? Maybe it only gets to a 5x, and i have to continue to watch the chart so that i dont lose the gains that ive made as well.

Now, of course, this is just a sample of cryptocurrencies that ive been following. I cant follow all 10 000 of them, so let me know in the comments down below what are your cryptocurrencies that you think are going to get 10xed in this next stage of the bull market. And then you can come back and have a look at them to see whether you were right or wrong, or how close you were to getting to this 10x and multiplying that account by 100 x. If you want to learn more about trading cryptocurrencies and investing for full time, uh long term financial freedom check out the link to patreon down below and while youre there like share subscribe, follow us on instagram and twitter using the official link. So you dont get scammed by those scammers out there and ill catch.