My name is oscar ramos, and this could be one of my most important videos of my entire channel. Guess what in just a few more minutes im talking will be listed on binance global, its 11 24 central time where i live, and at 6 00 am ust is going to be listing on binance global. It is insane everybody, its confirmed, finance three hours ago, saying under twitter account official binance will list amp token amp and played app, and when you click here, the link you see binance will start listing amp token and play that here it is 6 utc there you Go users can now start depositing preparation for trading withdrawals for am and pla will open at 20, 21. 11. 24 same time, everybody and there you go 524 at six, its gon na start and central 23. 24 everybody. This is exactly what weve been waiting for. A long time as the im talking army, where you guys sat so go ahead and smash that, like button subscribe to the channel and turn on those notification bell lets go. So what are the price predictions right now for this huge thing, so, just three hours ago, it just happened. I look at the price it already exploded to the moon, it already exploded to seven cents and a lot of people are saying i want to pass the whole time hi im going to go back to that column. This effect everybody. This is whats happening right now were still in the one two three third fibonacci retracement.

Can we pass through the fibonacci extension so lets go ahead and do our due diligence right now, if youre watching here for the first time im talking, let me tell you something: this is a project that helps its from the flexor network. Collateralizes payments on the flexor network – and this is allowing merchants to pay with cryptocurrencies at different places, not only united states, canada, but beyond bangkok, rico, the partnerships gk software partnerships, the skys, the limit – and this is where im bullish – and these are the projects that were Waiting for and the excitement its here, everybody so lets go. Let me first go ahead and tell you exactly what were looking at this price of 12 cents was coinbase when amp token was listed on coinbase around june 8 june 9., that happened and days after boom. It exploded what happened after is, of course, a retracement. Massive pullback sells wealth taking the profits. It happens. Typically, what im expecting right now, everybody from the binance effect? Yes binance effect globally, its gon na be insane because if you compare what any type of typical cryptocurrency has the number one market where people buy, that crypto binance, then coinbase exchange. And after that, it goes down the drain. So, oh boy, what am i, what im expecting just for the news right now about three to three to four hours before the actual listing this thing could actually pump much higher. That is what im, what that is, what im predicting.

That is what im feeling after owning im talking for such a long time. This is just the pump and guess what already whales and holders are already cashing out, which to me is like really but its fine. They can do whatever they they want with their money. Take a look at this, the price right now 73 cents, and this is how much it has reached for the last couple of hours. So there you go it pumped here. After the news came back up, then people were selling and then consolidation and now its rising back up again, everybody oh no way, binance. Finally, adding im talking. What you have to know is already has amp token, but thats. Just the us section, binance global, is gon na, be edited in a couple more minutes and guess what i will probably have the chance to see it live, and that will be amazing. Let me know in the comments down below. Are you planning to buy? Are you planning to sell? I have my foundation already for im talking, and this is exactly what im looking at, because, while holding years from now based on tyler sparkling, the ceo of flexa has said five to ten years flexor network to really get to a point where we can enjoy it Globally, and not only internationally, i mean or nationally, but globally thats the mission and with im talking here in binance, it basically gets to the final point of the market: openness where you can buy and stake im token binance is gon na, be it after this.

It will let just only utilization, let forget for you to understand that its gon na be only utilization. The usage cases for im talking to growing price. This is a nice pump, believe it or not. Im super excited, but after this im of course, gon na expect a nice pullback from all the people that are selling and then just enjoy the profits. After that im holding my 100 000 amp token lets go. How about you, everybody? What are the price predictions for? Im talking so lets, go ahead and show you right now, because this is very, very important. What ive said here it is here. It is everybody youre, seeing it right now live what ive said so far before binance was that our price by the end of 2021 was looking around from the sixth scenario in a various case scenario, all the way to a nine cent scenario. That is what im looking at, but adding finance everybody easily were looking at passing nine cents, probably by 2021, knowing that we still have november and december im heavily bullish and im holding not selling. If you have a trading portfolio, i will highly suggest maybe taking some profit theres, no problem with that at all always understand, buy what you can afford losing always diversify and never panic sell. Never panic sell, because that is exactly what paper hands are all about and were here diamond hands. Baby lets go so thats. What im looking at these predictions are actually no longer bad valid.

In my opinion, because these were before binance now, my predictions will go much higher to seven cents, better case scenario: they will go to mid 8 cents and easily passing 10 cents for the bull case scenario, so that is my updated. You now have my updated price predictions for im talking by the end of 2021. Youve noticed that theyre not extremely heavily heavily pushed. You know extremely to the moon, because i like to keep things conservatively thats. What im, looking at by the end of the year, everybody so were pretty excited bullish, case scenario, normal case scenario and bearish case scenario for im talking. You guys go ahead and leave us a like and a comment down below, seeing what is what youre, seeing im talking understand that im talking its been for a long time, just take a look at this one for a long time, im going to go ahead and Add my arrow side, which is the relative strength index, which i love to use at this time, just take a look at the area side right now, exploding from this 44 level to the 8065 level, so theres. Of course, a lot of people buying it. A lot of hype, but its still not overbought, guys im talking its still, not overbought. It is not here what oh boy. I am forecasting a nice push to the up levels. That is the great definition of a nice opportunity for me to make money.

If you guys, traders are watching me, this is something that you want to take a look at for sure. Im talking baby were here, im talking army. Finally, the time has come lets, go ahead and hold its pretty late, but i wanted to make this video to all of you guys, because you are insane youre awesome and i want to thank you for all your support were making. It happen. Oscar ramos im talking such a great cryptocurrency great project, great team, long term, future baby thats. What we believe lets go empire. Thank you. So much for watching everybody make sure you go ahead like this. Video subscribe turn on those notification bells share it with the people. So they know about amp token flex and network staking on flex at capacity. Yes maam. Yes, sir. Last but not least, everybody check my links down below for your free bitcoin stocks join my patreon group, so you talk to me face to face one on one and ill help you with my community exclusive just for you ill see you next time empire and im Talking holders and crypto viewers. Thank you for your support.