Many people becoming very frustrated, but are the charts really that bad and in this video on a breakdown? Why now right now might not be the best time to waste your time being frustrated Music? What is up, everyone welcome to crypto capital venture hit the subscribe and like on the way in i appreciate it. It means a great deal to me as we grow. This youtube channel, theres cordano on the daily chart, were going to break it down im actually going to start on the zoomed in charts in this video uh, and just please note, none of this is financial advice. Everybody weve been tracking the data. I think weve been tracking the data very well. This is kind of my journey in the cardano ecosystem in ada, and i just want to track. Alongside of you all, so please remember that its its about being prepared this isnt about predictions, this isnt financial advice before we jump into it. Everybody sunday swap – and this is part of this is part of my my hypeness, my excitedness on cardano. Its projects like this sunday swap the five epic period getting ready to happen for their iso. Nobody knows exactly when its going to happen still waiting on that runtime verification uh to come through theyre waiting on that audit. But here are the pools. We came in fifth place in the vote. Over 3000 votes stake with ccv pools, ccv, specifically ccv one and two uh stake with one of those pools, ccv pool approaching saturation, which right now i mean its its a great show of success for for the ccv pools in general.

But we dont want to continue filling that pool up and if youre in ccv and youre willing and want to move to ccv1, ccv2 or even ccv3. Please do. But if you want to take part in this iso when it happens – and hopefully its soon stake with one of the crypto capital venture stake pools sunday swap is going to be massive. In my opinion, ive been saying it for a while its one of those projects. Among many that im really excited about this is one reason. This is a perfect glimpse of why im really excited about cardano. The cardano ecosystem ada in general ada is so undervalued right now at 1.78. As i do this video and things like sunday swap getting ready to happen really exciting. So if you want to take part of that, iso were one of our pools. We are approved iso sunday swap pool so stake with ccv1 or ccv2. It would mean a lot to me, uh, so lets pivot over to the charts. Here we are, this is what were looking at, and i want to actually start with a video. This is a video from september 12th over two months ago check this out real quick. Just a quick clip and if cardano, actually trickles down to the two dollar area, well have a descending triangle in play. All that i can do just to keep any emotion at bay is just wait for structure wait for confirmation.

So these are the types of structure and confirmations id be waiting for to the downside and then to the upside, its very clear, thats it everybody. This is all i can do its all. I can continue to do wait for structure and check this out over two months ago. This is what happened like if we open up this chart. Look at that structure, that was september 12th, and this is exactly why i do these videos its exactly why technical analysis works. This was september 12th. Lets go all the way back to where september 12th was where we at where we at september 12th was right around here. We were talking about a potential dip, look at that the potential dip and look how it happened right to a lower trend line area that did prove it did prove to start forming structure around its that 190 to two dollar area, and as mentioned in that video, We formed a descending triangle, its nothing brilliant that i did just been staring at these charts for years and years tracking, these things almost daily on this youtube channel. So, anticipating things like this is crucial, its key and its so pivotal to having success in crypto markets. Now that were here, though, the structure is there, we have to start utilizing that structure thats in place, and i want to be very upfront and blunt with all of you. Uh. We have a target to the downside. Weve talked about for a while the dollar 30 to 1.

40 range. Please just be prepared for it for me and ill speak to it a little bit now that were getting kind of close thats, an accumulation area, thats, an accumulation area for me, a heavier accumulation area and whether whether or not it happens, its a its a fine Target that were ready were prepared for – and i want to just also be blunt in saying this. If we look at this move out of that that yellow trend line, this is the lower trend line theres the descending triangle, the move from that lower trend line to this bounce back to the trend line that rejection is not is not the best type of thing That were looking for. We often wait for this retest of the lower trend line to get a really true idea of the direction of cardano bitcoin, whatever youre tracking. So this rejection right here, not good with the bounce to the downside. One thing ill note on the very short term, as i do this video, because this is a very important we did to get rejection there. This is it, though, swing low to that swing. High rejection, look at cordano right now, testing a higher low fibonacci support area, and that is after we got this bounce on this blue, lower trend line. Remember we. We also mentioned this other bit of structure that we have if we utilize these six hour wicks. It turns into really a falling wedge type of channel uh as well a pattern falling wedge pattern, so cardano wicked off this lower trend line with another lower low from this low and came back up, got rejected off the descending triangle, lower trend line, and now here We are in a very short term support area its like kind of this fail safe right, because if, if it doesnt see support here and continue to upside breaking this lower trend line and putting in another lower low, now we have two downside, breakouts right and anything Can happen it doesnt it doesnt.

None of this means that its definitely going to hit the targets, but the targets become more and more clear and attainable as as these things, progress and you just want to be prepared for them so thats. The reason why we do technical analysis, everybody not to predict exactly whats, going to happen. Nobody can do that. Nobody in this world can do that, but we have these targets that we start becoming comfortable with. As we start, tracking the structure and and tracking structure allows us to become patient through all of the consolidation all of the ups and downs we weve done it really successfully. I would say in doing these videos all the time and and were going to continue doing it so know where the downside target is be prepared for it, but nowhere we know where the upside target is as well were. Looking at theres a breakout target to 270 right out of this falling wedge if cardano is to bounce off of the short term, support this high or low support from back here, boom high or low support, fibonacci support get a breakout, theres theres upside potential as well, And that can kind of start that could that can kind of help us pivot now to the importance the foundation of these short term charts and for me its the long term charts. I i tweeted earlier, i said actually this was yesterday, i said, think long term and you will win thats.

Just my approach to these markets. Everybody and discussing cardano the cardano ecosystem thats, getting ready to happen, launch pads like akamfi that are getting ready to to come up. Dexes like sunday swap oracles like charlie three and and these are just like a few projects – the ecosystem thats getting ready to launch on cardano is, is unbelievable, its ground floor, the opportunity that is here right now and and then we pivot, and we talk about the Fact that cardano, right now on the weekly has consolidates consolidated so much, maybe theres room for some downside. The opportunity has just been growing, stronger and stronger in my eyes, im not trying to sit here and sell hopium im, not even trying to sit here and and sell you on cardano, invest in whatever crypto. You want to invest in im sitting here tracking my journey. Its played out really well in terms of cardano. I think its only going to play out even better as everything is progressing everything is moving forward. I have the patience to to endure like this mess of sideways trading. To the downside. Do i enjoy it? No, i i i enjoy these green weekly candles that we just saw like back in august way more in september, uh into september, all time high. I enjoy it so much more than i do with just this lagging sideways down its just especially doing content creation right about cardano, so often its tough when were down like this, but its not the first time weve been here thats.

Why? I want to talk long term and i also want to remind you all heres. I love when cardano dan tweets this this uh this chart and hes tweeting this chart saying it is still the best performing crypto major of this bull cycle and look at it and really this bull cycle. If you look at the timeline here, this is october kind of just trading sideways uh into probably november area, when the bull market started and just look at cardano in green. Look at it in green outperforming over eight thousand percent. You have solana there sixty three hundred percent uh, maybe – and this was when did he tweet this? This was november 20th a couple days ago, maybe its a little bit different, but dont forget cardanos, been absolutely a top performer but its its a top performer. If youre a long term thinker, if youre a long term, investor and thats my mindset, so cordano is looking extremely strong. The consolidation much needed most recently as it has been many times before. So this consolidation post, the alonzo hard fork and if, if youre not familiar with my little hard fork, rectangles uh, we have going into hard fork: theres theres the alonzo hard fork, consolidation going into merry hard fork, consolidation going into shelly hard fork and then consolidation, its Its so good its so so good to look at these charts, because its so so theres so much synergy and harmony and flow on this chart its like a piece of art, higher lows, higher highs on the macro you cant beat it is there more downside potential? Absolutely a nice hint of things potentially getting ready to turn around for cordano.

Is this chart the awtc chart again higher highs and higher lows for cardano on this weekly ada btc chart its been down its been down hard theres, no theres theres im not going to argue that its been down on the ada btc pair, but just look at Some of these things touching this 50 week moving average lets watch to see if we can hold support there as as cardano is there in this fairly new weekly candle. You can just see it there if we zoom in just a little, but on top of that, if you look at oversold on the stock rsi down here, the quicker moving momentum oscillator, not to mention the k line. If you look at this, getting a break above the d line, see that blue line breaking above the red line right there on the weekly stock rsi, the quicker movement momentum, oscillator, and if you just go back every time, cordano has done that in the past. Theres been a really nice move right, so right back here in august, heres heres a little move back here in november heres, a very big move uh when that k line crossed above the d line in january heres, a very big move when that line crossed back In march 2020, so those moves are there something to be paying attention to? I would say, and so were going to track the awtc chart see if we can get a get a bounce on on this uh 50 week, moving average uh and then we pivot over to the weekly chart.

Once again, you can just see its same same story. There and weve been talking about this, especially with that rsi here oversold, the the stock rsi, the quicker moving momentum, oscillator and then the rsi a very similar consolidation on the rsi that weve seen post previous hard fork. So all is looking good in terms of long term charts for cordano the ecosystem, getting ready to absolutely explode, and we just i i shouldnt say we. I just have to be patient im, just tracking it all with you, as i watch cardano, as i figure out its been a while since, like i kind of theres theres, my daughter, its been a while since ive accumulated like heavily in cardano right. So if were looking at these charts and theres room for a drop off of some sort, theres no guarantees its going to happen for me that that accumulation in that dollar, 30 40 range is probably where it starts, and that should be different for everybody. Everybody has a different approach to these markets, thats just my approach and im just kind of putting it out there. So those are my thoughts on cardano right now. Lets see what happens everybody once again, if youre going to stick with the ccv pool for the sunday swap iso or just to stake with a ccv pool. If you actually go to, you can see our pools and just to give you an idea. If we go over here to lets, go over here to live, stake 64 million in ccv its getting up there, we dont we dont, want new uh stake in that pool right now.

We actually want to pivot some out. If we can, you can just see ccv2 sitting at only 20 million ccv one sitting at 26 million. So if you could stake there, id highly appreciate it as we kind of try and even these pools out k parameter also potentially going to change. Dont know if dont know when, but if it happens, we want to be prepared for that, because the saturation levels will pretty much get cut in half when that happens, and we just want to. We want these pools to be balanced so that theyre performing well. So i appreciate all of your help and support in that regard, so thats. My cardinal update for today lets see what happens.