We talk about everything, crypto daily, jumping right into the market right out of the window, bitcoin red weekly candle. This is not what we wanted to see. We did not get the weekly close. We wanted to. We actually kind of got a bearish retest on the lower term. Time frames well talk about that in a second, the downside targets that im watching long term, fifty four thousand four hundred fifty one thousand five hundred right – these are perfectly normal. This is the 0.5 and 0.618 fib retracement level, these theres a golden pocket, its called for a reason, its very common to see pullbacks into this area, common retrace, 50 or 62 right. So that means of this move. This is a 50 move, lower, possibly 62 percent lower right were gon na zoom in bitcoin one hour chart you have this rising wedge. I posted on twitter and in group i said, hey, be ready for some volatility sunday night monday morning talked about the 68 chance that this broke lower and it did and then everybody was short and then shorts got completely wrecked. He got another drive lower with volume. So my concern is if this is a downside break of this falling wedge. If this is a bearish retest and this level breaks, i mean youre looking for downside talking about these numbers here, fifty four thousand four hundred, so i mean the bulls – have to show up the bullet opium is that you get this double bottom reversal.

If again, if you lose this level, you put a lower low and theres more downside for bitcoin theres, a black friday deal right now on trading view, ive been waiting all year for this, i would sign up for at least the pro version i use pro plus, But you get the vp vr, which is this. Is the vpvr over here right, these yellow and blue lines? So so you can basically youll have your resistance, your resistance, your resistance, vpvr is a very good indicator. You get it free when you signed up with the pro version now remember, make sure and use my vip link for trading view sign up in the description and you also get a month free. So you get total of 13 months and 50 or 60 off on trading view. Ive got some amazing shout outs to given my trading group. This person made seven thousand dollars in three days after he joined the group. This person is up 2x. He just joined the group a few weeks ago. This person, nearly 5x, is coined because of the kucoin gem picks. These kucoin gem picks are crazy. Look this person up three thousand dollars to fifteen thousand dollars the money. If youre, not trading on kucoin theres, a problem im gon na make sure youre in the best most profitable trading setups and you stay updated. Daily weve got a black friday sale. If you sign up for six months or 12 months, its 60 off paid crypto and until friday last days friday, you get a 100 discount off six or 12 months in crypto banging.

Remember you go over to their website. Cryptorev.Net ace for itself its a no brainer cryptorev.net. If you go down into the description of this video theres, a link. Take you directly to this website. Remember if you have any questions. Email me: crypto, bitcoinchris, gmail.com, look! Last night i posted 5 26. weekly candle close coming at 1.5 hours were gon na see some volatility. I said clearly a sign, but then you got this downside break were looking for much lower prices. On the 28th of october, i said: hey voyager digital right. They secured a 75 million dollar strategic investment with almeda research right. This is sam. Sam is a billion hes one of the richest guys of crypto right. He owns ftx exchange vgx today boom up 153 153. I gave you guys a setup on youtube. This is egld. I gave this to you on the third egld egld. Had this news announcing the 1.29 billion dollar mayor, dex liquidity incentive program up 1.2 billion dollars. I talked about this in group. This is ive, never seen such a big injection theyre, giving away 1.2 billion dollars just to provide liquidity to the mayor, decks its huge. This finance came out and they did a billion dollars, which was the biggest now this thing, 30. More than that egld moon mission, doesnt even care about bitcoin pullbacks up 58, so i gave it to you guys spx. So this is the s p 500 index traditional markets.

It had a downside break now. Bitcoin has shown a strong correlation to traditional markets, so were going to pay attention to this idea. Avax. Okay, so lets talk about avax entry. I got a gem pick at the end of this video ready to bang, but lets talk about avax entry. So avax has been on fire. I want you guys to watch avax avax could pull a soul, could pull a solano? If you dont remember what solana doing it was just moon mission right ran from 30 to 300, something crazy right, heres. The thing you got this rising wedge if this thing breaks, lower im looking for green box, buy areas right about 118. If you get a better buy, buy more here at 107. right. If bitcoin continues to pull back, you can get good entry on avax because im looking for much higher prices. This is price discovery crv. This doesnt look like other altcoins. Just pumping its putting greek candles right now curve finance its a defy coin. But look this doesnt. Look like other. This is a bull flag, all the other kryptos, all the other. All coins are getting wrecked majority wise crv. This is one to watch right. This has tremendous upsides. You could see 650 out of crv todays gem pick ready to bang is shield. This is something where you want to hold the back of it. Look at this okay. I gave this set up three times. I gave it here, and this is in group potentially maybe on twitter.

I gave it here. We got like 30 gains here. Another 30 gains here it was like 30 gains again and we got, i think, its close to 100 gains in each of these trades here it is again same exact pattern and its retesting. This previous support look previous support, ready to bang im looking for upside out of shill, another reason im looking for massive amounts of upside is they have some of the strongest fundamentals. Youve ever seen, make sure follow me on twitter, crypto btc underscore chris and give some of these setups on twitter. Look at the fundamentals behind this coin. All right number one metaverse hype, word game, fi, hypeboard game find metaverse ecosystem. That includes game hub game 5, dao esports and a growth program. Metaverse right, dev team theyve worked with popular titles. Have you ever heard of any of these call of duty street fighter final fantasy tekken marvel vs, capcom soul, calibur dreamworks, like dig the core team call of duty, tekken need for speed street fighter final fantasy monster hunter marvel avengers. They worked with playstation transformers the game. Marvel vs capcom. This is like whos who of video games. This is the dream team right here. Project seed road map is stacked with news. They have a ton of news coming i mean this is look. Fourth quarter. Theyve got shill staking nft auction nft marketplace, bug bounty program, 84 game assets, inventory system, ai, crafting system, multiplayer system, skill system, marketplace open alpha, theyve got a dungeon creator coming system, optimization evolution system, theyve, got 222 game assets; five maps, advanced development, dungeon creator, rental marketplace; Nft marketplace inventory system ai system crafting multiplayer skills, soft launch, the official launch is coming and the next year this im telling you guys.

This thing is stacked with news on the top. Trending searches by social media rank behind shib behind shib is shill. Look shill is above block and above bitcoin and above solana. Are you serious, strong bullish pattern with strong fundamentals, youre going to get two to three x out of this coin? Over time everybody keeps talking about shill and youve got a bullish, technical pattern. This thing is ready to bang today, if you guys, like the content that i provide on a daily basis, be sure to subscribe to the channel like the video leave, a comment in the comment box.