Finally and one of the kryptos we just added on starting to move nicely higher. So i am excited about that now i got my old miner from way back in the day sitting. Next to me, i got the old wallet sitting there too everything i havent turned it on. Yet i just busted it out of the garage it has about an inch of dust on it. I mean you cant even tell here it has quite a bit on there so im going to clean it up before. I turn it on, but i did want to show it because i did say i was going to show you my old miner, because i know a lot of people out. There were curious to see what it looks like and well get into this now before we do hit the like button hit. The subscribe button become part of the community here, its a good thing and take advantage right now. You can get a free share of plug, which is over 40 from muumuu and up to five free stocks worth up to 3 500, each deposit, a hundred dollars or more to get the plug free share, thats instant. Where else can you put 100 bucks and get 40 on your money? A bank aint gon na give that to you so take advantage of this and then, of course, gemini got the link to gemini down below. I just added on more sand sand is doing fantastic.

One of my meta plays – i i believe its going to do very well so that link down below this is gemini theyre, giving you 20 in free bitcoin for trading a hundred dollars more. I highly recommend it they have staking over there. They have a lot of good things if youre, not a part of that, i do recommend it now lets start with the youtube portfolio you can see. We are now at thirty, nine thousand five one six. We were all the way up to fifty thousand a day. Then it came back down, so it tells me we have a good possibility of a good run, but we got to get through this volatility first now, if youd like to see what im, buying and selling the patreon links down below, we have a private discord with This as well, i highly recommend coming over checking it out crypto portfolio over there as well. Now we move in to the stocks and what is going on in the market, as you can see right here, my main ones lucid, letting me down down seven percent. I was afraid of the volatility still staying there with this as well. Tesla was another one. I thought would be all over the place, but it actually finished up 1.74 percent, even with that lake swin down with the nasdaq and the russell vics popping up dow jones holding steady, though no complaints there. Now, as we move into it neo, we knew this when they said they were done with the raising their funds.

They have the new vehicle, a lot of people rumored that theyre going to be rolling out in january, a lot of good news going on for neo, and i would expect to see this be the positive catalyst we need to see. If we can get this to go from that 30s, all the way up to that 60 level by the end of this year, could it happen its a long shot at this point, but it could happen so im im adding on i added on 4 000 of Neo today as well, i have no problem with that: well see how it does moving forward and as we look at neo in particular – and this is one of the stocks that i absolutely love – i think the value is there compared to the other ev companies around The world that are exploding – and then you got neo just kind of tiptoeing down to the party and thats been the issue. It just hasnt done what we needed to do yet, not that its done overly bad, because you can see we got down there and when we were down there around 33 percent or 33 dollars. This thing is now up 24 from that low and weve been dollar cost averaging through all this uh. So i cant complain too much its nice to see this ill feel better. Once this thing gets above 44 or higher, i think thats. The point id like to see it break this high get a new high there and just see it start to roll up.

We got neo day coming real soon. We know thats a big event coming up. I got that uh in here and neo announces completion of the at the market offering of american depository shares. We know they raised 2 billion of just selling it at the market and thats a lot of downward pressure on this stock and a lot of people were just tired of seeing it bounce around and they left now with that being said now, its over thats, like Elon being done selling his stock once hes done, i have no doubt that that stocks going to do well and heres the problem with this one. We didnt know when they were going to be done. We didnt you just dont know, and now we know its over and so thats, why? I think you see that uh combination of that plus the the opportunity of the new vehicle rolling out its just a lot of good positive catalyst. Now we have neo day coming up its going to be interesting to see how this thing works out, well see how the november numbers are too, if they can report good november numbers during that first second week of uh december, seeing where we go with this, its Just going to be exciting now moving on to another one thats in play, rivian somebody asked me: i put that on the selections for the youtube portfolio this week, glad it didnt get hit, because today was another rough day with the aftermarket youre.

Looking down nine ten percent down thats what i said this thing was valued up there. They asked me if i was buying. I said this things: priced fairly is between 80 and 100 billion fairly and its at the top of the range right now at 100 billion. Now we know they broke up with ford and to me you know well find out how that works. Ford still owns a big chunk of ribbian for those that dont know. So if you want indirect exposure, you can buy some ford stock and there you go and so uh or you can just buy ribbian right out and so thats something to watch apar to see how it goes moving forward. But it is down there to where i would say for people who are like hey: did you buy any no but im watching and if it gets down to a level that i find you know, i told you where i think fair value is if it gets Below my fair value thats, when i start loading up on a company neo, i continue to buy because its below my fair value, i thought neo should be uh way higher than it is right now lets just put it that way, and then we move into tesla And tesla 1.13 trillion dollars its just incredible to think about how much this companys worth it continues to do well and in the after hours, its up again no complaints with tesla its continuing to do great.

Why model s plaid will debut in china in march thats? How big of an influence china has on these companies that have a good foothold in there on their stock prices? So, im waiting to see whats going to be the next big company in the u.s and evs to move into china and try to get some of that business thats a huge economy and thats something um well see how that goes. Now we move into the crypto, and i wanted to start with this. Well start with this thing, this is the beast all right. This is this: is the beast back in the day got to put it all back together, its been out in the garage for a while, but this is the beast right here for those whove been wondering this right here is the old miner, with a couple of Graphic stars: i actually used to run um six graphics cards on this at one time and you can see where i had them up there, but they burn out – and i put some else on here – i got the platinum power box down there. The psu got the old got all kinds of stuff, and then i got the little solid state drive here which is hard to see, but that is where i have all the crypto in that i havent checked forever and so im sure this thing still works. What for those who didnt know, is that i have even older ones in this are in little milk cartons, which are just horrible little things i build them, uh the little milk cartons they get.

A milk carton, put a graphics or put the the motherboard in there. Put in the psu all this stuff that we need to put in there and then the cpu put it all together. Little ram little hard drive a little network thing. We have the little cisco network thing here, put it all together with um a wireless keyboard here and a mouse and connect it to the internet and let it do its thing put the programming in there. The hardest part was getting the programming. You can run linux off of it or windows. I was running. I tried linux in the beginning, but that was a pain, so i actually just bought a windows operating system that made it so much easier and then went that route. So this has been out there because for those wondering why arent you running it, i usually ran in winter because it created so much heat. It would heat the house and then id get my heating bill and the house would be nice and toasty and id get a 500 heating bill. But i would make like 500 in crypto, and so i could just sell the crypto pay for the heat in the house. Using a couple of these machines theyd be running around the house, my wife hated it because theyre loud and so, but this is what i use. This is what we were building and having fun doing and, like i said, i had two more right here, but they uh burn out the graphics, graphic cards that burn out real, quick, and so this is one of my better ones.

Here i have the littler ones out in the garage as well, so theres your update for those who are wondering theyre like hey. Let us see one of your old ones now you have, and i can show you one of the milk carton ones. If you want to see it theyre this tiny little very much the same just in a milk carton, and so that was my fun now taking a look at the crypto in general, we know that today has been brutal once again were seeing a lot of red Aetherium down and im not even worried about it, im just going to continue to dollar cost average in keep buying im in this for the long run im in this for years, ask yourself this: do you think ethereum will ever be worth more than it is today And if so, is that going to happen in the next few months next few years next few weeks next few days and for me i dont care, if its any of those answers im in it im fine with how its rolling hopefully well see that next bust Up before we have a major correction, i dont believe were ready for a major correction, and so what one did i buy? Sandbox i bought sandbox the other day. I got it down to low fours. I think it was 420 something 440 something and now its back up, you can see its a 463. This is my meta play.

I like sandbox, i think its going to grow quickly. Youll see the sandbox market cap compared to those is almost half a little over half of what they are. That tells me theres a lot of opportunity with this now heres the catch you can get this over at gemini. They dont have it over at coinbase. So if you, i have my link down below youll, get twenty dollars free for using that link for trading a hundred dollars or more, and you can get into the sandbox. I do have axey infiniti and decentraland, and i do got those links down below, for you. Can get them uh over coinbase order? Uh gemini, i believe, has all them as well, but you know what to get sandbox, though you got ta go over to gemini, take advantage of that its one of the best places to go in my opinion. Now, as we move forward now, as we look at the shiba inu coin price, this is another one. I got in the portfolio for the altcoins a little diversification, but now im really looking into the metaverse coins. I think they have a lot of potential to move multiples from where theyre at right now and i feel really good about them and theres some littler ones im going to be getting into it. Like i said, if you havent subscribed youre going to want to subscribe because im going to be bringing you my research once im done with these, to show you, which one im putting my money into and well see how that goes moving forward.

Now, with that being said, you can see, shib is outperforming the shiba inu coin. Price right now is only down 1.7 compared to four and four for bitcoin and ethereum doge down about 2.6. Now the positives are still there for the ship community. The army is strong. That continues to grow but at the same time, youre going to want to see usage grow. You know whats the utility for this, because if you dont grow the utility, the price is not going to continue higher if anything, its going to go backwards, as people get tired of it and leave and the whales cash. In now, the utilitys starting to pick up, though youre seeing amc, youre seeing newegg reach out well see if they want to add it on well see if some other major companies want to take advantage of the of the the vast uh. I would say the army that they have behind them and see if they can get a little positive. I you got to understand. They got to be getting that positive marketing by trying to get this in there and then have the people who follow it want to go over and shop at their places instead because theyre supporting their crypto and so thats a natural thing. With this, i get the decisions by the businesses and, of course, those who are invested in shiba inu want to see that happen as well. We know that down the road robin hood will eventually, even if its a year from now add this on there youre seeing gemini gemini just added it on there as well.

So for those wondering, if you can buy it over there at gemini, you can get some shibuyanu over there and, of course sand, which is one of the ones i think is going to do very well. So this is my big update for today. Hope you enjoyed seeing this beast im going to have to clean it up and turn it on here i got to find the monitor too, to plug it in. I got a monitor right here, plug it right in and well see how this thing fires up. If it fires up and get it connected to the network, again im excited to see if theres anything in the old wallet – and i know there is – i just dont – know what so its been years and years since ive used this. It might not even fire up. Well find out, but i appreciate you stop by if you havent done it get your free, like i said the 20 from gemini right now for trading 100 or more using my link, and then you can get that plug thats worth over 40 dollars. A share for free just for deposit 100 or more, but its only my link that will work. Anybody else does not have this offer, which is awesome. Plus you can get that opportunity up to five free stocks worth up to 3 500, each with uh moomoo. That links right below then come over and join me at the patreon.

I got all kinds of good things over there. In my private discord with thousands of members, you can see what im buying to sell in my portfolios, and i do have the coinbase and the block file links down below take advantage of those are giving you some free bitcoin for doing certain actions as well.