This is another all time high now reaching a market cap of close to 4.7 billion dollars and well be talking about some uh potential moves and targets for this uh coin and why its probably gon na have a more sustainable run, moving forward. Now that its cleared a critical area of resistance, uh sandbox is now a rank 41 coin in the huge metaverse gaming uh space and, more importantly, um. Its probably gon na do fantastic here, as were kind of moving into the night session. Now, with that said, make sure you guys press like and subscribe and uh well go ahead and get started. So i covered sat about 11 days ago um in fact uh. If you go back to about lets, just call it 10 days ago for sand uh. It was at about uh november, the 12th. It was right here, okay and had you guys been watching my videos and youve been looking at sand. It was around about id say about around this area right here and you can go back and take a look at the timestamp. Had you bought sand at that price. At that time you would have been up already about 129, which is close to like double your money and 1.3. So you would have pretty much had a good chunk of that money in in sand. You would have done very well. If had you not been trading it right, and so, when youre looking at these projects and youre thinking about um whats actually happening, you have to have that kind of conviction that, because when we had that pullback after here many people were asking themselves the question its Like well, it really pump 3x.

Why am i going to buy on buy it, and i kind of was you know, had this conversation with some people, because i mentioned that? Yes, it did have this massive pump, but this one really wasnt the top, because sand was on the fundamental side, was doing a lot of great things behind the scenes that married at that pump. So the people who bought here at about 78 cents are now sitting real good, because this project is just continuing to run, and so anyway, i fired a second barrel on this side. I already had an initial position from about several months ago and um. That was, you know, was a pretty good size, uh stack, but now were at about five and 38 cents, and so the question is like so now, where were heading so usually, i think weve got at least about the seven dollar mark to kind of go and Ill tell you guys in a bit why but uh first off lets talk about the fundamentals and ill come back to the price in just a bit, and so when youre, taking a look at the sandbox right, we know that this is um one of the best Games press projects out there as far as the metaverse, its a its a virtual world where anybody can build and monetize gaming experiences. We already know that sandbox has the backing of many large uh very reputable companies as well as exchanges such as gemini and uh sandbox.

For the most part, um has done a fantastic job of marketing, both their partnerships, leveraging their partnerships and also creating the nft marketplace that was launched not too long ago. The biggest news that came from november 16th was their alpha alpha release, which i kind of did a whole video on, and this was the alpha box experience where your people are going to be able to purchase these alpha tickets. To get these really rare events, and i think thats part of the momentum that weve been seeing so far, but more importantly – and this was only about 10 hours hours ago, this is um. The sandboxs original metaverse from adidas is actually getting into the metaverse and adidas. For those of you who are not aware, they are a very large shoe company. Now. What makes this one very interesting is that adidas has purchased quite a bit of land on the um sandbox in order to do that, youre going to need to purchase sand tokens, and so, if you kind of go back in right now and double check this adidas Announcement, what theyve done is that theyve purchased a big chunk of this section here to rival some of their other competitors. Now, what makes this one super attractive is because adidas has a very large footprint in the sports industry and if you take a look at what they purchased, they purchased only like four blocks here, but they needed to go in and purchase the sand tokens to be Able to purchase the land which obviously um they did because of that.

I feel that thats really a lot of the big reason that its gone up but lets assume it wasnt adidas who purchased the sand tokens um, just the fact that they have their name now. On here and its a shoe company tells you that weve now seen a lot of retail uh companies coming into the space that traditionally wouldnt do crypto. And so, if you take a look at the uh landscape right here, we do have a lot of different types of companies. Ive already purchased multiple ones like, for example, we have um uh, binance thats, already gone in there. We have a lot of crypto companies, but this is like the biggest one that i think is most likely going to get a lot more recognition. Now we did see it before atari walking dead, a lot of gaming stuff, but we didnt really see a lot of clothing companies right, and so i think that with adidas coming in here um, they are probably going to set the pace for a massive massive move. From many of these retail companies that traditionally do clothing or non crypto into this metaverse and thats going to accelerate the adoption, which in turn will most likely accelerate the token price much higher. Now this is a really big deal and i feel that um they they purchased here. Uh lets take a look here: 77 eth on open c, and let me double check some of this land.

You can actually purchase using um eth, but i think majority of the stuff that they kind of did here is that uh they were designing this future of what adidas is gon na look like, and so because of that, i do feel that there is going to Be a lot more players into the system. Now keep in mind a couple of things, though, for sandbox right, because they are really good with the partnerships and theyre probably going to put adidas on here. Perhaps maybe maybe companies like nike could come in a little bit later, as they start to see that their competitors are getting a lot of this attention in the nft space, and so i think its going to open up the floodgates for more competition, more fomo from Corporations, i call it fomo corp is when you have corporations who already have a stake in the crypto space and their competitors are doing theyre going to want to jump in okay, so lets go ahead and take a look at the price and see valuation wise. What were looking at okay, so what we have right here, as you can see, uh bitcoin, is obviously um dropping. I mean its already dropping about seven percent, which is not really a lot, and if you take a look at even solana and some of my favorites theyre kind of you know, staying stagnant um were starting to see. Crypto.Com really run up quite a bit.

But if you take a look at samba lets, take a look at sandbox versus axe, infinity, see x, infinity is 7.9 billion dollars and axi already has a workable game right, but the thing with axis they dont have a lot of those partnerships. So if you take a look at axia as their closest competitor, which is 8 billion – and you take a look at sand, which is at 41 at 4.7, it just begs the question whether sandbox is able to move up a lot faster. Now. Remember sandbox is going to be releasing their their pre release alpha release soon in the next couple of months. So once that comes out after the fomo has has kind of hit, i mean if you would have bought you know sandbox. You would have made about 100 on your money, but lets assume that you took sandbox and you bought it and now youre going up against axe infinity, which is theyre kind of like in the gaming space. But again you know you kind of want to do relative evaluation here. That means that sandbox has at least another double to go, which means i put sandbox at about a 10 token. If you take a look at sandbox as its underlying assets about 4.7, you double that to about uh. You know lets say about nine billion, maybe about nine nine billion nine ten billion that puts uh uh acts that put sandbox somewhere in the range of v chain, which is a very very possible because if the companies begin to accelerate the land purchases, its going to Put sand on the map as far as these massive massive metaverse that connects with the traditional um, retail or the traditional world, and so actually, even though its a little different, its probably gon na, be my second higher conviction play.

Because if you take a look at the bottom ones, there really isnt any other gaming space out there. Besides axe, infinity and xe has done fantastic, and that was also covering my channel by the way. So you know what i would say guys is. This is like, even though we want to say that axi can potentially go a lot higher. Obviously this is going to be something where it needs to kind of cool off, but you know these type of announcements. Um generally are very positive for the coin. Um in the long run, not so much the short term, you can always see some volatility, but thats going to be something that you know. You kind of want to take a look at now taking a look at sans overall price and im going to go ahead to some of the shorter time frames, because youre going to start seeing a lot more parabolic moves. So san just cleared that 450 area – and you know this – this volume that were seeing is not really that high but its it cleared this major region, and so when i look at this, i say to myself all right so now now, where do we kind of Go from here and once it gets to these parabolic sustained runs what youre going to start seeing is buyers just kind of rushing in to purchase some more and more and more and thats. What creates these massive massive moves now? The last move that we had was number 16.

. It moved about 80 percent. We are already from these this low already up about 40 percent. So, technically speaking on the price patterns, we have at least another 40 50 to go. If history is any indication now, you know generally, i dont really like to chase green candles, but in this very specific case, if, if the prices dont really fall, then theres a very high chance were probably going to hit that 10 sooner than later, which is another Double up from here, but you know this is a very classic case of something thats ready to go parabolic. You didnt really know from this from the ta, because you know, if you take a look at it here, we kind of consolidate it, but it could have easily gone the other direction so sometimes with these type of projects, you dont really know exactly when that. You know announcement was going to get released, but as from as far as the overall project concern uh all prices set aside. I think this project is definitely undervalued, uh, even at two billion dollars when it was featured here not long not too long ago. Now so where do you think santa is going to go? I think san definitely has going to have a cool off period. Right now were looking at about another, maybe another 40 or so which puts sand again. This is all you know, its price speculation. This is has nothing to do with the fundamentals, and so people can actually bid it up a lot higher is maybe that eight dollar range uh somewhere.

In that eight eight nine dollar range, um and so were taking a look at these parabolic runs. You can still continue to um. You know stack sand, but keep in mind that obviously the higher that price goes theres a very higher risk that its going to eventually correct pretty hard so um. What i would say with sand is you got to be patient? I think that this product is a little bit slow on on sometimes the prices, but once it starts going, it starts going all right if youd like to know more about sand, and some of my thoughts join me at the discord channel.