Now, in the last video, we went over the short, mid and long term outlooks for this thing, in which we said that, if we saw that break above 446, do be expecting this thing to continue its move to the upside and that, although i wouldnt be aping In i definitely think that could serve as a great buying entry. Take a quick listen. So what i would be doing is waiting for the 4 hour close up above 4.46 before making that big buy before increasing my position or starting a position or something of that nature. So we were talking about this key level. The key breakout level of this 4.46 region and, of course, on the short term, if you did get in on that trade, you are looking up about 30 plus percent, just in the span of less than 48 hours. So of course major! Congratulations to you, but also in that video. What we talked about was that in the midterm we were looking at the party pooper, the rsi, the bearish divergence forming there, in which we saw the price setting a new high, of course, a higher high. While looking at the rsi being in quote unquote over bought territory or above the 70 on the rsi setting a lower high now this is a cold case of bearish divergence. This is the party pooper the fun spoiler. This is usually whats going to lead to some type of rather large correction in the midterm, but what we can see happening at this exact moment is the possible correction of this bearish divergence, which would be absolutely extremely extremely extremely bullish.

Now the reason that i say that is, generally speaking once we get a cold case of bearish divergence and you know our noses start sniffling, we start to feel too. You know not too good. What will usually happen is that the price is going to start to continuously see these higher highs, possibly, but our rsi is going to start to set these lower highs in which were going down going down. And then, when the correction happens, it happens really hard because were looking at such a strong case of bears divergence on the top side. It causes a decent amount of selling pressure and just the overall bearish momentum kicks pretty hard in the gear which causes the price to see a pretty large pullback, but we can see something a little bit different playing out right now, which is very interesting. Now we have not confirmed it yet it has not gone into effect, but what you can see is that if we just draw a little line on the rsi weve actually broken the high. Now, what that tells me is that we may be on track to beat this party pooper. We may be on track to clear, through some of this bearish divergence, to possibly set a new high on the rsi on the daily charts, which would invalidate this bearish divergence, which would say that we could still be looking at a healthy, which is crazy. But healthy. Move to the upside that may not be followed by a larger correction to the downside.

This would be absolutely huge for the short and midterm holders of the sandbox. Now ive told you guys before that in the long term, i believe that sandbox should be closer to mana. You know in market cap and being the fact that it is still not there. I do believe that it has some long term growth and i think, as the metaverse does kick into gear, throughout a bull uh, you know a more of a crypto winter or a bear market. I think thats when well really see you know. Metaverse cryptos hit their true stride, but i do believe that in the long term there is some potential. So if youre holding this really really long term and you dont care what happens in the short term, then this really doesnt mean much for you. But if you in our, if you are in on this thing, for the short and mid term, the possible setting of a new high on the rsi and the invalidation of some short term bearish divergence – and you know possibly some eventual clearing of the 88 level on The rsi would have us clear this key level which says that we break through. We set a new high again and we invalidate bearish divergence, which means that when it starts coming down it realistically could consolidate. It could barely just very barely retrace without seeing some rather large crash, which is usually what is followed by bearish divergence. So what this means for us is that, at the moment, what we should be looking out for is: how do we start to set these highs? Now, eventually, we will roll.

Eventually we will start to see the price coming back down to set some lows at that point: wheres our rsi. Do we complete the higher high? Do we come back down to set in a low and make one more bounce one more swift move to the upside to set the new high to set the new high here, higher highs, higher highs and validating the again bearish divergence, and possibly allowing us to continue This run without seeing some 40 50 60 fall. So what im looking at right now before doing anything else is: do we get our way back up to the 88 level on the rsi to set this new high thats? All i care about we got in on the last video at about four dollars and 46 cents again since then were looking at gains of well into the 33 plus percentages, so im very happy with that entry im not doing too much aping in at this exact Moment, but what i am looking out for is: do we start to set these new highs and invalidate it, because that will open up an even bigger door going forward for when we can make some more entries, or maybe a minor retracement or some type of consolidation, Because we may not see that large correction back down to the low two or three dollars. This is absolutely amazing and im very, very excited to see how this does turn out. Taking a quick look at the daily macd, you can see the complete reversal and momentum.

You can see this being. You know this move being, of course confirmed validated by seeing that the macd doesnt even seem remotely close to any convergence, its working, its way up its still going up to set some new highs, and it does show that we are still well within bullish territory. And this looks very good to say that we may have enough momentum just a little bit of enough momentum to go up to invalidate that bearish divergence that we spoke of on the rsi, which would of course be absolutely massive. So keep an eye out on this. I will continue to update you guys i will be out of town tomorrow and thursday, but ill make a video thursday morning. Updating you guys on your favorite cryptos and all you have to do to never miss one of these videos is first and foremost like it. So more people get to see it, but secondly, turn on notifications. When you subscribe to the tyler hill, investing channel and youll never miss a video, and you will stay as up to date and you can get in on some of these buys that we do that. Go up 30, plus percent in a couple days you get involved. You join in leave a comment down below.