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My followers multiply your money exponentially with crypto and im, not the only one that believes in stratos ben armstrong. The owner of bitboy crypto made a dedicated video approximately one month ago about this project and why he is a believer in this crypto and superman also made a video talking about stratos just a few weeks ago and in the rest of this video im. Gon na be sharing with you why i believe stratos has massive upside potential, is incredibly undervalued even at the time of this recording and then im even going to teach you all about this project and how you can still get in early and buy this crypto today. But first, what is stratos stratos is the next generation of decentralized data mesh right now for new cryptocurrencies and for cryptocurrency to exist. You need to have a lot of moving pieces. Some cryptocurrencies require storage, all those require oracles and then, of course, you need a blockchain to actually run your cryptocurrency on what stratos does is. It brings all of this together, and this is what a decentralized data mesh is, but not only that stratos is the engine of metaverse and they are building a decentralized infrastructure. I believe is set to explode. You see right now at the time of this recording with facebook, rebranding its entire business to meta and metaverse. All coins absolutely exploding. New metaverse projects are going to be coming very soon, but they need an infrastructure to actually build on, and stratos is going to provide a decentralized infrastructure so that these new metaverses can build without any restraints.

The problem with facebook right now is that they are a centralized company, and that means that they have full control over everything, but with a decentralized infrastructure like stratos. This gives the power back to you, the user and the community as well. Now stratos network as a new generation of data mesh, is going to be providing a very stable solution to build the decentralized infrastructure for metaverse. Let me teach you a little bit more about what data mesh is and why its so important data mesh is the first decentralized data architecture that provides scalable, reliable self, balanced storage database and computation network and offers a solid foundation for data processing. Stratos also has a handful of strategic investors and an in depth roadmap that they are going to be executing well into the future, and one of the things that stood out to me about this project is that they are fully docs team and their team is very Communicative and also understands the importance of marketing to share awareness of their project. Now let me teach you all about the stratos token and share with you. Some of the price action thats been happening within the last few days and also the last few months. You can see, stratos is sitting right at dollars and eighteen cents at the time of this recording, and if we take a look at the chart you can see it has been nicely moving up and to the right, but the real indicator to me about this token, Where i believe it still has 100x potential from the pre sale price is the current market cap you can see, it is only sitting at 34 million.

That is absolutely peanuts in cryptocurrency, especially for a project like stratos. That is absolutely massive. Now the stratos token is an erc20 token, and if you take a look at the markets, you can buy this directly on uniswap as well as gate.io, and if you head on over to stratoss twitter and give them a follow, all you have to do is scroll Down and see that literally within the last six hours, the stratos token is now officially listed on the centralized exchange extend global. Now this is a really big deal because, instead of paying all of those annoying gas fees over on uniswap, you can now come to this. Centralized exchange by buying this cryptocurrency and not paying literally hundreds, if not even thousands, of dollars on fees – and this just shows me another way that stratos is going above and beyond for its users and also putting its token out there and other places for more accessibility And exposure now another thing – thats really unique about the stratos token – is that the stratos blockchain collects and verifies each task performed in the research node of each data center. It records the usage of the specific computing modules, the memory modules and storage modules, and then it writes this to the chain. After the consensus process, the service provider receives the stratos token directly, which is calculated by the smart contract. Users of the data mesh will directly pay stratos tokens based on the usage of the resources.

This to me is going to bring a major use case to this token, but thats, not the only utility. You can take your stratos tokens and stake and delegate to validators to secure the blockchain. The token will be issued as a proof of traffic mining reward and the token will be consumed in the payment of a transaction fee and the stos token will be prepaid for stratos research network service traffic fees. Now, if you want to buy this token directly, using uniswap, just go ahead and copy the contract address, which you can find down below in the description on stratiss official website, then head on over to uniswap.org and click on launch the app next, you will need to Connect your wallet i recommend using a metamask, then you will need to search for the token. This is where youre going to paste in the address that you copied from the website. Stratus token will appear then go ahead and click import, then click import again and right now, at the time of this recording one ethereum would get you approximately 1982 stratus tokens which, at the time of this recording, is right around two dollars and eighteen cents. A token as ive shared with you on this video now you might be saying joe a hundred x potential. Is that really true heres? Why? I truly do believe that this cryptocurrency is undervalued? If we take a look at another cryptocurrency called filecoin, which is another decentralized storage network, you can see at the time of this recording one file coin is worth 51.

, but the real important thing to look at is the market cap. You can see the market cap is 6 billion, thats right billion, with a b and as i just mentioned, stratoss market cap is only 34 million and since stratoss token launched on pokestarter back in june, it is sitting at a nice 698 percent gains for its investors. Stratos ended up raising 300 000 for this campaign and the price per token was only 30 cents, thats approximately a six to eight times on your money just for getting into this pre sale, and this is exactly what ive been teaching you all along here on this Channel, and also in my online class, if you are interested click, the links down below in the description. This is where you can find more information about stratos how to buy this cryptocurrency, and i teach you all of this in the course as well, and if we take a look here, stratoss all time high was sitting at two dollars and fifty one cents. Just four days ago, and if we do just a little bit of math for stratos to go to thirty dollars, all it would need to do is 10x in market cap price that would put stratos at 300 million dollars, thats still its, not a lot of money. In general, especially for a project like this, and if stratos would get just half of file coins market cap, it would literally 100x from the time of this recording to more than 3 billion in market cap, and that would put the stratos token right around 200.

A token now do i believe that this will happen overnight. Of course, not things in cryptocurrency do take time to develop. But if you just take a look at filecoins chart, you can see that back here was sitting right around 20 and then it skyrocketed all the way up to 200. And if we take a look in comparison with stratoss chart, you can see its really just getting started, and this could be the very first lake where it makes an incredible push towards the upside. Now, please do understand what i just shared with. You is not financial advice, nothing in this video or any of my videos should be considered such you need to do your own research, and you should never risk more than you can afford to lose, and the fact that stratos has a very small market cap does Make it a little bit riskier, but in my eyes again, if youre looking for something that people have not discovered yet like filecoin back when it was right around 20 stratos to me offers you a very similar opportunity. In fact, i actually like stratos a lot better because it is solving many more problems with its data mesh but thats. Not all. There are some more major updates coming with this project. In fact, on november 24th, at 7, 00 am utc. Stratos is going to be launching on another centralized exchange, mexi global. So the fact that stratos is the next generation of decentralized data mesh.

Its token has multiple utilities, and the current market cap is sitting at only 34 million dollars at the time of this recording, i believe personally that this cryptocurrency is very undervalued and is one that i believe is set to explode in the near future. So if youve enjoyed this video smash up the like button to a new all time high and if you are interested in learning more about how to use uniswap to buy some of these tokens and to get in early with cryptocurrency click. The links down below. For my online class, i teach you step by step in multiple tutorials like how to set up your meta masks, how to move some ethereum and other cryptocurrencies into your metamask, so that you can trade for cryptocurrencies like stratos. The course is sitting at a 75 discount, and we now have more than 1500 students, just like you who are multiplying their money exponentially, many of which have made thousands of dollars just by executing on the things that ive shared with you here in this video. But again, please remember: nothing is guaranteed in cryptocurrency and nothing in this video should be considered financial advice.