This will be another iteration in that series and of course i want to encourage you to leave your comments in the comment section below thats, probably the best place to be leaving them, and let us know what sort of setups are you looking at right now and Perhaps we might cover them in a video like this soon also, i want to encourage you to like the video, if you find it valuable or if you just want to feel generous with your liking right there as it will. Let us know that these series are wanted actually, so with that in mind, i should also let you know that i have my own channel theres a link in the description below we do a daily bitcoin analysis, a little bit more in detail and today well kind Of do the same sort of format, so itll be bitcoin, very, very short term uh, very quick and then well go over a few altcoins here, of which some will be follow. Ups and some will be completely new ones. With that in mind, i do want to speak a little bit about the setups on these particular videos, because ive been reading some comments and to be fair, the strong majority of the community here 100 gets exactly whats being said, and thats awesome thats great, really really Happy to see that, however, i do want to particularly point out that when we speak about setups here, there is always what i call validation and invalidation of those setups.

And when we speak about a setup, a setup is only a potential and what validates it, which is, the conditions that we lay out typically within these videos, is what then essentially gives the setup its well validity and then its further targets on the contrary in invalidation. If met means that the setup is invalidated, and there is no theres, no trade theres, no setup theres, no, nothing. Of course. This is also not financial advice. Im, not a financial advisor im, just sharing the way that id be looking at these particular charts and without further ado lets get into it right here, starting off with bitcoin, of which same thing as yesterday. Basically, do we have a potential bear trap, setup right here we do. Is it validated just yet? No, absolutely not! So what would validate it on cme chart or, if youre, on spot price action very similar prices? Here then, i would be looking for a four hour closure on the most aggressive schedule here above 58, 500 or just a week higher than what you saw on the 22nd of november. If one of those two conditions happens, that would validate it and cause a continuation condition to 61 500 short term very likely a bit of a pullback right there and then bitcoin. I would be looking for to make another leg up a few thousand dollars somewhere around the 618 fibonacci retracement right here at about 63 000 to 64 000.

With that said, as long as bitcoin is austin within this region right here, this technically is a bearish setup and will be validated upon breaking well below 55 thousand dollars on a four hour, closure be getting continuation into the low thousand dollar territory somewhere around fifty two To fifty two thousand five hundred for the next daily balance, okay – and these are all enclosing bases by the way, all right, so that is nice and simple right. There thats it for bitcoin! Well, just leave that right there and again remember where the validation and invalidation conditions are all right lets get into one that i believe we spoke about. Perhaps i cant remember the last time we spoke about it, maybe like a week and a half ago to two weeks ago. This is decentraland mana and we had a phenomenal setup here, of which we had a validation, condition of continuation to five dollars upon breaking. Above this 362 region right here, which happened on the 18th of november, and actually today about a week later, we have hit that five dollar target. So where does that lead us up until now? Well, as we have hit this area right here, beautiful well short term, probably gon na be a little bit of a pullback. That is fine. However, we do see that this is still aligning with likely another drive of continuation, in fact daily rsi back in the bullet control zone, nice and healthy.

Yes, at some point we will bearish divergence to be dealing with, but for right now likely one more move. On top of that, we do see daily bbwp. Our volatility indicator still expanding over here. Yes, it is in extreme territory. So how much more in this run? Do we have to go probably not a whole hell of a lot more? However, i would still be of the opinion that i would be looking for over the next week, maybe two weeks, one more move to the upside with potential targets somewhere around six dollars. Perhaps even as or sorry more like, 575, perhaps as much as six dollars now, the next thing that id be looking for is, of course, the daily right here, of which we do have trending above the top side. Bollinger bands uh condition available. So as long as that condition is met which today on closure above 465 will be met yet again, i do look at this as still trend in motion likely to be get more continuation to the upside. With those you know, six dollars, maybe even things get really crazy like a month or so down the road, perhaps seven dollars, targets in mind. What would invalidate this as a setup? Well, this ones quite simple, wheres, our prior breakout level or a prior low in this case 365, as long as mana is above there. I look at this as still in play again understand the uh, the expectations and the timing of these, not necessarily that timing matters more.

The price ranges matter more, at least in my experience, but overall a pretty damn good setup right here. As we do see, the strong gets stronger yet again with another drive, even on the short term timeframes of hidden bullish evidence right here, beautiful okay lets move into the next one. This one is uh well its some that i had no idea existed until today, and that is symbol revvv. What is it actually called? I think its literally just called rev fair enough anyways, this ones rather inseam to be fair, and this is why i actually really enjoy uh watching the comments in this community, because i had no idea this thing existed, but actually im bad anyways. First things. First, we are breaking above what would be the macro region right here, most importantly, on a weekly and were seeing it down on volume as well beautiful. In fact, this one just got the breakout. Last week we do have a short term tentacle target off of a weekly. This is so again understand that this, probably you know, im still looking a few days away somewhere around about 41.5, exactly where our last spike high and our major rejection from april is. I would be looking for a bit of a pullback around that region. However, this one is showing some pretty good signs of strength. We see a weekly rsi back in the bullish control zone, beautiful daily rsi, obviously going to be there as well by daily rsi.

Being very, very powerful in that region as well, where is the invalidation on a setup like this very simple, very simply put below 26 and a half cent short term continuation still likely. However, this is very likely to lead into into more continuation over a long period of time, so what would be validation of the next leg, up uh to the next targeted region somewhere between? Actually, you know, 47 to maybe even 50 cents. Well, that would be on a daily closure, above especially well. Our next targeted region, which is about 41 cent, so id, want to see a daily close above there until then id be still be looking for a short term move around there, assuming the invalidation does not get met very likely, a short term pullback and then sets It up, perhaps over the next couple of weeks to come for those next set of targets for what its worth right here. This is looking good and, as i check out my volatility indicator on the daily, you can see that we are not at extremes yet were getting up there. Yes, but i suspect that this one has more to go after a very good and long form accumulation zone between may and more recently resolved in november. Beautiful okay lets move on to the next one another one which really didnt have much of an idea existed until recently, but fair enough, this is symbol, efi affinity, infinity, i should say – and this one to be fair, has not been around for that long.

However, we do have a setup here yet again, first and foremost, what stands out about this is. We do have one long accumulation between september and november resolved recently. You might even call this cup and handle as well fair enough im, not a humongous fan of that formation. However, this one would fit the bill on it, as we do put in a little bit of a consolidation as we break out to our next macro region. In this case, we do have a short term, measured move based off of this as an inverted head and shoulders. This being your left shoulder head right, shoulder volume. Signature is proper. We see falling volume from left to right. We see a clean break above the neckline, beautiful so short term. I would be looking for extensions somewhere just above two dollars, perhaps even as much as 218, basically around your prior highs of this rally on november 9th. With that in mind, let me pull up my much monsters over here and you can see that we are starting to get a little bit towards extremes on the 4 hour bbwp, so i would be looking for a pullback relatively soon around that target. Doesnt necessarily have to get exactly there say anywhere between about 207 to uh. What exactly was it again? 2 218 is kind of where id be looking for and then a bit of a pullback. Then the validation for the next major move in this case would be on a daily closure which, by the way, that prior target also uh confluent with the one spot 618 fibonacci extension right here upon daily closure above that region.

That would validate the next set of more long term, continuation targets of which we do have a flag target over here somewhere around or between the two spot 272 and the two spot 414.. So again, good confluence right there, which is about 269 to 280.. If things get really crazy, maybe over the next month or so three dollars again, i like what i see over here daily volatility, taking up as we do continue with trend higher lows all along the way daily, rsi now healthy in the bullish control zone as well. Just want to double check over here on the 12 hour, yeah, very, very good, so i am looking for a general continuation. Even have a pretty damn good signal about to be confirmed. It looks like uh on my own personal indicator. Right there lovely. We can also check out our daily stochastic momentum also over here. You can see that it does have upside curvature and rejecting the bearish control zone. As long as we are closing above 140., currently trading uh a little bit more than half a buck above there on a two dollar name, quite significant, you might say now what would invalidate this on a short term setup? Well, i dont necessarily think its going to happen, but if this happened then i would invalidate the short term setup that would be with a full hour below 169 and the long term setup would be invalidated below 142.. If, if those two things happen, this is no longer available.

This is not good and its going to go through at best a more prolonged consolidation at worst. Well, send it back down to the depths okay, nice and simple one right. There now lets follow up on one that i believe we did again a couple weeks ago, probably about the same time that we did mana thats going to be, and this one has gone on a phenomenal run, uh pretty much smashing all of our targets. The upside, whether they were short term, medium term or long term, this one just incredible its basically at my last, like the last of the last that i have up here and right now we are seeing you know a climax on the volume and whenever i see Something like that, alongside very critical and violent reads, on volatility im a lot more inclined to look for a high relatively soon sooner rather than later. In this case – and we are at extremes here – no doubt about that – weve also hit a nice almost round even number. At one dollar, does it get one more spike up into that one dollar region, perhaps yes, definitely possible, and you know what i would say the same thing on this one as i did yesterday on sand. While this one is showing several signs that are more. Concerning for short term continuation, until we do come back down and pop back below this uh this this this area right here, which would be 82 cents or lets just make it 80 cents its a little bit easier to remember, i would not call a high just Yet do i think that were very likely around there? Probably yes, bearish diverters on a full hour confirmed daily, is going to have it with any sort of confirmed local high, its probably going to happen on the same day.

Today, however, this one again said all of our targets: let it come down and very likely consult a little bit sideways and down over time. However, i would not confirm this one as a local high and likely to do such things until we do get a full hour closure at minimum below 81 cents or if you just want to make it nice and simple, 80 cents in this case. At that point, i would be looking for it to trade sideways and down over the following weeks, very likely back down towards 50 to 60 cents, again, thats, not problematic for the long term. You know coming into december or or even january. I probably am looking for this one to make new all time highs, but again, this is a pretty aggressive chart right here again on linear scale, thats what it really looks like on log doesnt, look as ridiculous, but you know what goes up at best should consolidate Uh, and in this one, you know, has a great use case, long term and everything and probably going to get much more love over time, but understand that uh. This is a long game here and whenever i get signatures like this, its a lot more, you know its time to be considering to take profits. Now, of course, this is again not financial advice, im, not a financial advisor, but look when we identified this way back on over here at 30 40 cents, its its gone up a lot.

So so it doesnt hurt to take a little bit of profits and again below 80 cents. Id feel very comfortable comfort, comfortable and confident calling this a local high, and i would be looking for some sideways and down action in the following weeks. Upon validation of that condition until then, technically speaking, just like sand, which sand actually did this exactly, i should be looking for more continuation of the upside. Do i think, thats very likely to happen here? No, but my opinion is irrelevant towards the actual data and indicators and if that condition is not met where the next set of targets be well well, lets see if we can plop any in here uh. I suppose the next targets would be on a continuation drive somewhere between about 106 to 110. Is that possible, before playing out a a nice major high right here? Yes, it is possible, and technically speaking, i should be looking for that until it does close below 80 cents or 81 cents in this case, but we are getting several signatures here that you say to be a little bit more on guard and i actually am curious. What it looks like over here see what much monsters are suggesting and then well wrap this baby up. Okay, ah daleys, not even there thats, not very helpful here we go yeah daily will actually turn down below 81.5 cents as well. So not only would we be actually breaking and confirming a local high, but daily momentum would turn down too im curious that 12 hours, probably already turning down yes below 91.

5, actually were currently above that right now. So fair enough and four hour also will come down below 94 uh in a quarter, so i do think this ones a lot more close to making a high than not, but with that said, i think this is a good place to leave this one off. I hope this one serves you well again. I want to be very hopefully as deliberately clear as possible, with validation and invalidation. Hopefully this was in some way valuable to you. Let us again know in the comment section below and ill see you in the next one.