So since the last time we posted our top metaverse coins, pick weve actually been seeing some of those cryptocurrencies exploding in price. Today now i know a lot of you guys got some questions like brian. Is it too late to invest in the market? Should i be fomo in right now? Is this a bull trap, or is this another opportunity before the train takes off in this video? Were gon na be going over everything you need to know with regards to the current state of the market and how you can maximize your returns during this crypto? Bull run now, like always, if you guys do appreciate this content, do me a favor drop a like down below you can drop a dislike too youtube got rid of that feature. I personally dont, like that feature a lot now its really hard to actually distinguish between good videos and bad videos, but youtube ill. Let them do their thing drop a like down below. If you still appreciate this content and before we hop into this computer, we dont do sponsors too often from other brands, but we actually got an honorable sponsor from simply safe today. Thank you to simply say for sponsoring this video, hey guys. I recently moved into a new apartment, and i found one of the perfect companies to collab, with on taking my home security to the next level and thats simply safe. If youve been waiting to upgrade your home security and make your home feel safer, theres no better time than to do that, right now simply safe is giving you all early access to their black friday deal, which means you can save 50 offer more on their award.

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First, we believe the blockchain should be invisible in our games. We use simple game, mechanics that all players can enjoy. It is owned by the players. There are community rules, it is powered by the people and more than 16 000 player run nodes power, our ecosystem, another crypto that is up 23 today is gon na be borah, and we take a look at their website youll see within the borah ecosystem. This is all about using bora, so you can use it on the borah island, and this is another crypto gaming related token, as well now going to this article here on dap radar well notice, that borah is actually one of the first mobile blockchain gaming services based Out of south korea, the ambitious company has already signed up a strong portfolio of existing games, some with over 50 million players. Now this article is a little outdated. It is back in march, but the whole point that you have to get is that were gon na, be seeing a lot of these crypto games and metaverse related tokens that are exploding in price now earlier today, when we did have our exclusive live stream within the Patreon, we actually saw the sandbox uh up on the number one to number two spot in the past 24 hour percentage gains. Sandbox was another one of the cryptocurrencies that we called out. I did believe at the time that two to three dollars was still undervalued. Seven dollars right now lets focus a little bit more on where sandbox is headed and whether or not sandbox is actually overbought at the moment.

So, first of all, before we do that lets, take a look at the top metaverse coins by market cap, so youll notice that were getting a lot of money in and were currently seeing a 9.75 increase in the overall state of the market cap, but check this Out trading volume is up almost a hundred percent, just in the last 24 hours, so the market cap of decentraland has gone ahead and actually flipped axi infinity now currently sitting at 8.7 billion dollars with sandbox still sitting at 6.3. It looks like the gap is closing in with engines still a half of a market cap size, then sandbox, but it looks like the top three are still established within the metaverse world, which is going to be decentraland, axe, infinity and the sandbox. Now, one of the reasons why the sandbox and most metaverse tokens started to pick up in price over the last month was because facebook recently came out news that they were going to rebrand to meta. So i would definitely say that facebook was the catalyst within the past month in allowing for a lot of metaverses to get caught mainstream and for a lot of people to start experiencing some of these games. In addition to that november, 29th is a significant day. So this was a day that was planned about four years ago for sandbox and its called sandbox alpha. Now, if you are watching this, i would recommend you to try and get in on the sandbox alpha pass.

If you dont have land on sand, you can go ahead and enter the raffle as well. You have to realize, even with this event too its not like a event where, just one day the alpha launch is actually going to take place until december 20th. So there will be a total of 18 experiences and any player without an alpha pass will have access still to three alpha experiences. One of them is going to be the alpha hub. A central experience showcasing a range of experiences, locations and quests. In addition to that, another reason why we actually saw a direct pump going into the market today was based on this piece of news right here. Adidas went ahead and responded to a sandbox tweet and they said: hey adidas original impossible is nothing in the metaverse. What if we invite all the original thinkers and doers to design our future together and then adidas says adiverse anyone what should we build together in the sandbox game? Now, with that being said, we do have to recognize that today is a fearful day in the market, which is oftentimes good if youre trying to buy other assets that have not gone up in price now whats happening today, which is really contradictory to what weve seen Happen during the summer time is that, even though bitcoin is rather flat, it was even down during parts of today, weve been seeing. None of that affect other all coins in the market.

This is really good news for the first reason that were seeing independent growth going into other all coins and were seeing a divergence between bitcoins growth and other all coins, like the metaverse tokens that weve seen spike today now, that being said, is it too late to Invest into metaverse at the moment, so i do believe that, right now we are going through some uncharted territory within developments within the market. If we take evidence from what some of these smarter institutions with a whole bunch of data and research are able to do were noticing that they are picking up and accumulating a lot more tokens and positions within the metaverse, even at this time, you always need a Little bit of speculation in the market and thats going to be the barometer to gauge whether or not youre still early, and there is still upside in terms of opportunity to get in on that investment now heres. What i think is going to happen, and i could be completely wrong just to let you guys know, but i think we are definitely very early into the metaverse game and i think the best thing we can do as retail investors is to have some type of Position in the market now, i definitely wouldnt encourage anyone to be buying at the top after a breakout, even though weve seen this happen before a breakout to this caliber will oftentimes 99 of the time will result in some type of correction.

Now, although november 29th is still a few days away, and that may be another catalyst for sand to blow past 10 and even go into the thirty dollar territory at this short term moment, i think it is way overbought. The rsi is indicating that we are overbought too and just anytime, you have an experience of a pullback to this caliber. You wan na make sure that you do not fomo into your trades now. That being said, is it a good time to sell sand? If you do have positions and you are very profitable well, if you are going long, i think just hodling dollar cost averaging is still going to be one of the best decisions to make, and the biggest thing to note here just do not buy at the top Weve seen this happen before and when hype happens, to die down with a lot of these cryptocurrencies people end up stuck holding the back weve seen that with shebo weve seen that with dogecoin weve seen that happen countless amount of times now to counteract that argument. Sand does have plans coming out. They are rolling out with the alpha pass coming out very very soon. They also have a ton of partnerships just like adidas that will get mentioned in the near future and right now, even with metaverse. A lot of companies are working night and day in order to find positions to make this space grow with the amount of debt that the us government is accruing.

The amount of inflation that were seeing and some of the ridiculous interest rates like zero zero one percent on your amount. I just believe right now, if you are playing the long term hold and you are able to have access to those liquid investments, putting it into a more innovative space may be your best bet. Now i am a little biased. I do have a different size portfolio that im working with. Maybe someone watching this video now, but at the same time who doesnt want to just make more money off something that theyre not going to sell and theyre not going to care about, at least for another few years with that being said, we also want to take A look at some of our other top picks avax was one of them, and avalanche is right now still doing fairly well in terms of the tvl that is getting locked up, but it doesnt seem like its price is currently reflecting that going into the top cryptocurrencies. It is having a three percent pullback, but still up about 12 in the last week at 120, at the time of filming this video all right so to wrap up this video is a 10 sand still on the table. Is it still a good time to invest into the market or should you consider holding off, like i mentioned earlier, i really dont like buying at new all time highs just like this. I would not be surprised if sandbox is flat.

If there is a bit of a correction – and you just dont want to be caught holding the bag to the upside, at the same time, i am recognizing the potential of sand if we were to compare sandbox to another cryptocurrency, just like doge, which hasnt really shown Too much utility too much backing like weve, seen as an example within the metaverse uh. More specifically, the sandbox, if sandbox were to compare to dogecoins market cap of 29 bill wed actually still see a 32.52 sand or an upside of 333. In order to see the expansion of individual metaverse, top picks were gon na have to see new, all time high market caps within those coins. Knowing that this is completely possible, where we do have projected road maps were having partnerships and were getting even more and more people using the games interacting on it, building the nfts going on the marketplace, i can see as the more utility we get from the mass Public, the more the price this is naturally going to go, did i say: go up, go where go up as a long term hold. I definitely see this being a viable asset, but at the same time guys please do not fomo. Now. Let me know what you guys think about the state of the metaverse. Like always im, not a financial advisor swol doge will let you know for that. I just want to do my best im, a random guy out here on the internet, just trying to make sure that people are able to make as much money as they can within the markets today.

On top of that, if you guys did make it to the end of the video comment down below play box, that is the secret word. That is a secret end word for this video. In addition to that, you guys dont forget to check out the links down below in the description. Thank you simply say for sponsoring this video. I appreciate the love. I appreciate the support. Thank you all so much again for 1 million subs. That is uh. That is crazy.