Things are looking very bullish. We have the holidays coming up, so i do. I want to show you guys some data and go over some other crypto news as well before we get started. I do appreciate if you guys, like the video subscribe to the channel, if you havent already and hit the bell to be notified for regular video videos. Music, so before we jump into the crypto news and the markets and discuss why, i believe a huge crypto nft rally is coming by end of year. I do want to give a big thank you to everyone in the community that supported my nft launch. Everything went great one of the biggest launches in the entire nft space so far and right off the bat we have a holder count of 7.4 thousand. This was over seven point five thousand, but we do have some whales buying a bunch of these up now. So i do wan na remind you guys i do have 500 nfts reserved for giveaways and contests and stuff that i will be announcing over the next couple weeks. So if you didnt get a chance uh to get into the nft club, there will be more chances in the future. I will uh be doing regular giveaways for this as well and uh, trying to make this uh one of the best communities in the entire nft space. So, right off the bat, i do think we have the highest holder count at launch for any nft set out there.

Actually, the only other nft set im aware of that has a higher holder. Count is crypto dads and they actually did require uh their holders to spread out their nfts to separate wallets and in order to qualify for an airdrop. So i do believe we do have the actual real highest holder count for a 10k nft set in the entire space right now, which is just insane right off the bat, and we do have huge things planned. I will be dropping a couple of announcements coming up. Very soon, also so again, thank you guys so much for all of the support. I really do appreciate it and im really looking forward to everything to come with this like ive stated previously. I dont want to hype things up too much and i just want to deliver, but i do want to say that the next nft set with randomized art is looking amazing at this point really excited for that set. We do have a lot of other big things. Coming for the journey club set as well, i do have a few projects that will be launching through the launch pad in december some announcements, for that will be posted in the discord. So again, you guys can participate in the discord. Even if you dont have the nft, there is a nft chat and a general chat in there that you can participate without having the nfp and im going to continue delivering as much free value to you guys as possible.

Dont feel, like you have to have this in order to uh benefit from my content. This is just for people that want to take it a step further and are really interested in the nft space, so lots of huge things to come. I dont want to cover this too much and im not going to be pushing this on my youtube channel. I just want to do a quick update and give you guys a big thank you for all the support, so uh big things to come, and i will uh notify you guys when there is big updates with this. But in general im not going to be talking about this a lot on the youtube channel so jumping into the crypto markets. Everything is looking pretty stable here we did have bitcoin recover a couple percent back to 58 000.. We definitely have uh big resistance at 60. 000 again, but, like i said end of year, i think is going to be huge uh. We do have ethereum around 4 300. So, like i was saying previously, a correction is healthy and it was expected. We pretty much did drop to the 55 000 that i was talking about. We now have a huge cup and handle pattern for bitcoin, which is very bullish for end of year as well, and something else uh. The main reason why i do think a huge rally is coming by end of year because we are in a bull market in previous bull markets.

Weve seen massive gains come around the holidays. So if we look at um crypto global market cap here – and we look at previous cycles during the bull markets during the holidays, we can see 2017. This is when everything started rallying was actually right after thanksgiving, and we do have thanksgiving tomorrow, happy thanksgiving to everyone out there by the way so um i do expect everyone is going to be talking about uh, nfts and cryptocurrency tomorrow, as well as during the other Holidays in december – and this will cause a massive surge of retail demand and we will be peaking – i do think, but i dont think this will be the peak of the uh, the market that were going to see at end of year. I do think 2022 is going to be much different than previous cycles were not going to drop into an extended bear market like this for three to four years, so things are going to be very interesting going forward. I do think bear markets are going to be much shorter and bull markets are going to be much different and sporadic as well uh, depending on major events that are happening like big companies getting into cryptocurrency or acquiring a very large amount of bitcoin and ethereum. So seeing as were still in a bull market here, and we didnt enter a bear market back in may when the markets did crash, i definitely think we could be seeing a similar result to what we saw end of 2017 after thanksgiving, where we saw a massive Surge of retail demand so uh the thing is back, then the crypto space was just not prepared for that type of mass adoption.

I remember getting a couple friends into it and uh the fee to send bitcoin off of coinbase was around twenty dollars. It took four or five hours for the transaction. There was a lot of ico scams. There was just so much bad stuff happening. Binance was actually a brand new exchange at the time, and all of these exchanges had to shut their doors to new members. They just were not prepared for that type of mass adoption. Everyone had a bad experience, so they sold and left the space, throwing us back into an extended uh bear market here this time around crypto and nfts are much more accessible. Uh huge things are happening here. I definitely think were much uh more prepared for that type of mass adoption and i definitely think were going to be getting a lot of new retail investors into the space towards the end of year. So, of course, supply and demand with supply shrinking everyone accumulating in dollar cost averaging, while uh retail demand is surging and picking up. I do think thats whats going to cause a huge peak of crypto prices and nfts as well thats. Another thing nfps are on everyones radar for the first time ever this year and during a bull market right before the holidays, with so many huge things coming up for nfps like twitter, doing verified, nft profile pictures, coinbase, launching an nft platform and their ceo just stated That their nft platform could end up being uh bigger than their crypto section as well, i think, is extremely bullish, so end of 2020 was also huge for cryptocurrency.

Everyone started looking for alternatives to store their wealth because of all the printing going on, because the coronavirus and thats really when this bull market started picking up, we did have the bitcoin having back in may of 2020 uh, which everyone thought was gon na, be when The bull market started, it did take a little bit longer, but uh that did end up playing out. We went from under a 200 billion crypto global market cap to over uh 700 billion end of 2020 and then thats when things really started picking up here going into 2021 uh having that market crash, where everyone thought we were entering the bear market now, picking up Again, having a couple small corrections and its looking like after this correction, things are looking great for the next leg up and if you guys check out the bitcoin charts, we do have a huge cup and handle here um. As you guys can see. We had a huge cup here for the market crash, and now we have a small correction making that cup and handle pattern, which is very bullish for end of year, also uh. Looking at the bitcoin stock to flow model, it does show that the uh minimum price of bitcoin should be around 130 000 entering the new year. Of course, anything can really happen with major events, but in general everything is lining up to be very bullish for end of year, especially with all the new retail investors that will be getting into the space so jumping into some big crypto news.

We did have coinbase. Reportedly, down for some users, after fixing connectivity issues were also seeing major issues on discord and open c as well seems like a lot of platforms are having problems that could be an indicator. We are seeing a surge of retail demand already, so hopefully, these platforms can get it together for end of year, because, if theyre all having uh problems with all of these new retail investors getting into the space thats really going to hinder the growth of the crypto Global market cap and uh how high we are going to be peaking so uh, morgan stanley, increased exposure to bitcoin held 300 million in grayscale shares. That is huge and i definitely think thats only going to continue increasing. I wouldnt be surprised to see morgan stanley acquire a large amount of bitcoin at some point and they probably buy a few billion dollars worth at once uh. So i definitely see a lot more institutions getting involved. I do see institutions starting to buy ethereum as well. Uh with eth2 updates on the horizon over the next year, or two and uh institutions getting involved with it, how much ethereum is being burned, which is uh? We have some news for that as well. One million ethereum worth have been burned since the implementation of eip1559. In august, which was uh, the ethereum london hard fork so with this update, ethereum is now burned with every single transaction, which is very bullish, especially with how much has been burned, and the majority that is being burned is coming from nft transactions, as well as uniswap Transactions, so nfts have actually been great for the growth of the uh crypto space as well, its actually bringing a lot of celebrities and people into the space that arent interested in crypto.

But they are interested in collectibles and nfts. So um, nearly 500 million worth has been burned from open sea just insane, and if you guys want to check out how much is being burned, uh live, you can go to burn watch as east gets burned with eip1559. We now have a total of over one million ethereum that has been burned, which is a total value of over four billion dollars at this current ethereum price. So imagine uh when ethereum doubles and discontinues uh. This is going to be over uh 20 billion dollars worth a year. In my opinion, i do think 2022 were gon na be seeing 20 to 30 billion dollars worth of uh ethereum being burned. If this does keep up, especially with the mass adoption happening, the price of cryptos rising in general, this value will only be rising eight ethereum being burned per minute, which is 35 000 at the current price. That is insane to think about every single minute. That goes by uh 35 grand being burned, uh taken out of circulation, so this does help not only with ethereum um over time, but the entire crypto space as a whole, so its insane were seeing sandbox sand token continue to rally. I did a video on this. The other day – and it was actually peaked out at three dollars, which was insane in itself and now its over seven dollars so uh not only sandbox sand token, but other gaming cryptocurrencies as well like uh decentraland engine uh s fund, a project im an advisor for Has also been surging: this is a crypto gaming launch pad uh platform uh.

So for the more s1 that you do hold for that the more allocations you can get in early gaming projects, as you guys, can see that has surged massive as well, and then we have gods unchained, which just launched. I did a sponsored video on this um. Beginning of the year, and actually everyone that uh actually participated and played that game got a few thousand dollars worth of gods coins and then they got their other coin as well: imx uh mutable x, which is an nft platform with zero uh ethereum gas fees. So a lot of people were asking me why i didnt use uh immutable x to launch my nft set and thats just because i think the platform needs more development, it would have definitely hindered the growth of the project overall and uh other uh projects that have Worked on immutable x so far, i have seen some issues with that, so i definitely just wanted this launch to go much smoother. I will be considering imx and cardano uh to launch future nft projects as well, so everyone that played gauze and chain uh. I believe if they bought nfts in that game, uh theyd get a imx airdrop as well. A couple people told me they got over uh, ten thousand dollars airdrop to them just for playing this game a little bit throughout the year. So uh definitely a reason. You guys should pay attention to sponsored videos. I only do sponsored videos for projects i believe in for the long term and pretty much every project.

I have done a sponsored video for has seen huge results over time, so we did have some news that did cause some fear in the space crypto prices in india, tumble after crypto bill announced uh. So india has been going back and forth on cryptocurrencies and so has china uh. So this really isnt affecting the markets as much, especially during a bull market like this uh. So i definitely dont think uh thats too big of a deal right now. I will see where this progresses, but we can see uh in india. The price of bitcoin actually did have a steep drop here, dropped to around forty thousand dollars, so uh, definitely not good for people holding a crypto in india. We also had etoro to d list. Cardinal ada by 2022 for us users due to regulatory concerns. This is the main reason why ada has dropped over the past week. Honestly, i dont know a single person that uses etoro in the entire uh crypto space, so etoro also announced their d listing tron trx. Alongside cardano for u.s customers, which is very strange to me, because i havent seen any other platforms de listing this – i do think theres a lot of panic behind this, because uh people are probably expecting platforms like coinbase to delist cardano soon, also, which would be very Bad as we saw with uh what happened to xrp when that happened, so after the new year, etoro will be delisting.

These the move came as a surprise to some, as ada has not been traditionally associated with regulatory troubles in context. Tokens like ripple xrp, whose creators are currently engaged in an ongoing lawsuit with the sec as well as monero, which is a privacy coin, that some fear is easily abused for illicit purposes, are facing the brunt of regulatory scrutiny in the cryptocurrency industry. So very strange, ada was thrown into this uh, well see how this progresses, if any other platforms delist that thats definitely going to be bad, but regardless the cardinal platform is developing and, like i said in a recent video, where i think the price will start picking Up again, im just staking my ada holding this long term regardless. I see this is a great uh, very long term project, so everyone expected ada to surge as soon as uh. The launch of smart contracts happened, but we have to keep in mind 30 third party platforms on cardno are not developed yet, and this is uh still new to the platform overall were not going to see a massive surge right off the bat, and i did warn We would probably see a correction around the time that smart contracts launched and thats exactly what happened. Basically, the price dropped off from over three dollars now to around half of that thats, a dollar sixty six, so um, like i always say, dont, buy a peak prices, especially leading up to major events like the sandbox right now is definitely a very high risk purchase.

We are leading up to the launch of alpha with the sandbox, and this price has gone parabolic you have to expect a correction will be coming around the time that the alpha does launch. I expect this to correct, but regardless um i do think the sandbox will be a top 10 cryptocurrency by uh 2023, just because of their ecosystem and how theyre integrating the sand token, how much its going to be used that sand being burned taken out of circulation. Staking opportunities uh the kind of game that the sandbox is um, looking similar to minecraft, which is the biggest game in the world, with over 100 million monthly active users. So if the sandbox just gets a few million users, its going to be much higher price than where it is like, i stated, but along the way there is going to be major corrections. So dont expect to jump in at this price and then uh get a 2x um at some point its possible, but there is going to be a correction. We do have to keep that in mind. Sandbox land and nfts are also going up. Um im personally looking uh to getting some land in the sandbox for the journey nft club and feature sets also so thats it for this video updates uh. Thank you guys for being patient with me. As i launch my nft set, i am going to jump back into regular videos now and keep in mind.

I do have 500 nfts reserved for you guys for community giveaways and contests. I will be announcing over the next couple weeks. I probably actually will be dropping an nft, giveaway or two on twitter tomorrow for thanksgiving. So if you guys want to participate, follow me at jrny crypto and be sure you have notifications on. So you can enter that its just going to be a simple retweet and you will be entered to win a very valuable nft, so thats it for this video. Thank you guys so much for watching. Like always, i appreciate you guys, like the video comment below. Let me know your thoughts for end of year and uh where things are headed uh also. Let me know if youre more bullish on nfts art or cryptocurrency uh for end of year again.