So if you want to know a great project to be buying into, i think ardano, is it and im going to be explaining why, over the next couple of minutes without much further ado, lets go ahead and dive right on into it before we get started guys Dont forget that there is a lifetime sale going on on lux algo right now. This is the one and only time that youll ever be able to get lux algo for a flat price for life check the link below to get access to it. Now take a look at this guys, as you can see, cardano pulled back all the way from three dollars down to where it dropped to this morning at a dollar and fifty nine cents. I just bought about three to five percent of my portfolio right here around one dollar and sixty one cents. I just bought a considerable amount of it because ive been wanting to get into cardano for a while and heres the thing guys theres a lot of other projects like avalanche that i want to get into, but take a look at avalanche. Its up here way way way up here two days ago. It was an all time, high im, not interested in getting into a project that just hit its all time, high im interested in getting into a project that, i think, has phenomenal fundamentals that has just had a match. A massive drop, as you can see, on the daily chart, cardano just pulled back down to 33 for the first time in the last week or so, and before that, every other time cardano has ever come down here.

Weve seen a rally weve seen a rally weve seen a rally cardano dropping to 30 on the rsi means that were getting a good deal. I think that six 1.61 cents was a great buy for cardano for me, and i also think, based on this long, lower width, thats forming right here, because right now, its up at 1.67 ive already made a couple grand on my buy. That means that i think cardano is getting close to the bottom heres. The thing etoro, which is a pretty decently sized cryptocurrency exchange, just announced that they might be de listing cardano and thats put a lot of fun in the market and because of that over the last couple of days, cardano dropped below support at a dollar. Seventy seven. There is also support down here at a dollar fifty, so if cardano does continue to drop because of that fud of etoro its not really a big deal, then we could see cardano drop all the way down to 1.50. That could be the bottom im buying cardano right now, not for a trade im not buying it and planning on selling it in a week im buying it for an investment. I just bought a bunch of cardano because one, i believe in the project and two i believe its undervalued. So if youre looking for a great altcoin to get into right now, i think cardano is a decent project to be getting into. In fact, i think its a great project to be getting into, and my final point is this: the reason why i like cardano, is because one of the things i learned in business is that if you want to be successful in business, what you need to do Is you need to put other people first and then put your success? Second, if you focus on helping people, if you focus on improving other peoples lives, then the success that youre looking for will come.

But if your primary focus is success and money and gains, and then you put helping people on the back burner, youre – probably not going to get that success in gains that you want, you have to let go if you want the money to come. Youve got to let go of your desire for all that money help other people and then it will come. Why do i say this because thats exactly what charles hoskinson is doing with cardano, he has openly said that he doesnt care about the price. He cares about. Helping people with decentralized identification because of that he has built a project called cardano that helps a lot of people where a lot of great strategic partnerships are happening, and i think the price is going to respond to that big time in the next five to ten Years, i think cardano is a sleeper, even though its ranked number six on coin market cap right now. I still think its undervalued and i do think its going to be sitting at three to five dollars in the next couple of months. I think is going to do very well over the next 10 years as well. If youre looking for a project to get into right now and youve been looking trying to figure out. Where do i want to put some of my money, i think cardanos a decent option anyway, guys, if you enjoyed this video, make sure to hit that like button.

It helps to promote us in the youtube algorithm and have a great thanksgiving thats. All i got for you today before i go. I do just first want to thank each and every single last one of you for watching. As always, and i will see you guys in the next video peace – hey, you made it to the end of the video.