Anything that isnt Bitcoin can be considered an altcoin in these crazy markets. Weve decided to call home. Navigating the waters of the thousands..upon. Thousands of coins is getting harder with each passing day and hour.. Are you getting confused? Well jump aboard our ship matee and let us try and steer you in a better direction. All aboard Because its time for Chico Crypto. Yes, today we are putting together a seriously alternative video for youdiving into 5 cryptocurrencies. We see having a very bullish end of the year. Soo lets, get right into itstarting with 1 and 2, which go together like two peas in a pod. 1 end of the year, altcoin is.OHM, olympus DAO.. Why OHM Well, first, what is OHM Well Olympus is a decentralized reserve. Currency protocol., Each OHM token is backed by a basket of assets in the Olympus treasury., While it started with only holding DAI in its treasury and that backing was only 1 dai.. This quickly evolved to include more coins such as FRAX LUSD, SUSHI ETH, as well as LP tokens such as OHM DAI, LP tokens from Sushiswap. In a short amount of timeits become one of the most diversifiednon protocol. Token treasuries in crypto., Its treasury isnt just made up of OHMits made up of other very valuable crypto assets, and that value is on its way to 1 billion crossing 900 million. As of November 22nd.. How does it amass this treasury? Bondings? Are the wayOlympus very simply buys treasury assets from investors at their risk, free value and pays them back with OHM at a discount after a certain vesting period, which is currently 5 days.

? Even though discounted OHM is given for these assets, the purchasers of OHM are incentivized to HODL and stakeas. The APYs for staking are insanecurrently. Over 7373 percent Olympus started a DeFi revolution, which is apparent from the amount of forks created based on the protocol.. I wouldnt doubt if there are 100 forks by now. Wonderland, Snowbank Invictus, Jade Romeand. The list goes on and oneven Tai Lopez is launching his own OHM fork. Ohm is the most forked protocol of the year, and the amount of forks based on its code is reaching levels only seen by 3, projects., Bitcoin, Ethereum and Uniswap.. This is validation that OHM has created something special and if you know anything about anything in crypto the OG, the original is the one who survives..while the forks all disappear to dust., Especially Tai Lopezs. Although there is one OHM fork that will surviveand thats, because its doing something different, like wayyyy different and its supported by the OHM team – and this is my 2 cryptocurrency. That is KlimaDao Klima has taken and forked the OHM protocol, but its just not any forkthey – are Forking it to create the worlds most liquid market for carbon credits, while accelerating the price appreciation of these carbon assets., While in Olympus DAO each OHM token is backed by the basket of crypto assets in its treasury in KlimaDAO. Every KLIMA token is instead backed by BCT tokens base carbon tonnes, which basically are onchain. Carbon credits from the Toucan protocol.

Klima DAO aims to drive price appreciation of carbon credits in the carbon markets by buying and hoarding, as many BCTs as possible from the market and locking them away in its treasury.. The project anticipates that this could lead to a supply. Squeeze for carbon credits driving prices, up. Now Klima has amassed in only a short month over 11.2 million tonnes of Carbon in its treasury, which is now worth over 100 million dollars. And because its still early with this project, the APYs are insaneover 38 thousand percent And Klima is accomplishing its mission of appreciating the price of carbon credits. Just 2 days ago, they were featured in SP Global. In an article titled Climate activist group, Klima DAO looks to expand types of voluntary carbon credits and the article states under market impact.. The launch of Klima DAO on Oct 18, has already had an impact on the market, with the price of renewable carbon credits. Seeing a fast increase. In the month of November itself, the Platts Renewable Energy Current Year assessment has surged nearly 63.. It was assessed at 7.20 per credit on November 22nd, up from 2.3 per credit August. 9Th., Like I saidthis fork, is different, but I also said it has the backing of the OHM teamand. The founder and big brain behind OHM confirmed this back in September. Zeus of Olympus tweeted, Not a big fan of copypaste forks, since they do nothing different. But i like the klima spin, hence advising on it.

. It raises a bigger point, though. Im pretty sure OHM is the most forked protocol, since at least Uniswap, if not Bitcoin itself Zeus is advising Zeus is the man who started it allcan, you say BULLISH Now how about my 3 cryptocurrency for the end of the year? Well, this pick has to do with interoperability between chains, as that narrative is about to see the hype., And this token has slidand, in my opinion, is ready for a PUMP..which was already starting to begin with the news.. That token is RENand, as we can see from its price chart. It had a nice near 20 percent pump yesterdaywhile its rank on Coingecko was number 138. Using wayback machine. We can see the slide compared with other cryptos, more clearly.. Looking back to March of this yearREN was actually ranked 82.. I have a feeling: REN is going to recapture the top 100 and possibly even capture its old March rank and furtherwhy. Well, yesterday, REN announced that host to host was coming to their protocolwhat is host to host. Well, a Maximillian Rozcko put out a tweet thread explaining it. Max said: H2H means RenVM will be able to bridge native coins and tokens between the chains. It supports becoming a full scale: bridge. Bridge MIM, to Solana, USDC between Polygon and Avalanche, SOL, to Arbitrum BNB to Fantom Curve LP tokens to a future. Chain. RenVM will go from supporting 7 assets, mostly legacy coins such as BTC and DOGE, to being also able to support most of the tokens in the crypto space, which is in the thousandsand, you can do thischeaply, which he explains below.

Major interoperability is coming.but. I also have some other major coin picks for 4 and 5., But before we get into that its time for a sponsored segment of this video brought to you by the XCAD Network and like always, the details of our agreement can be found in the description.. The new blockchain based play to earn gaming economy has changed. The landscape of gaming by introducing monetization through cryptocurrency XCAD Network, aims to do the same for Youtube content, creators and their viewers by providing a DeFi solution, creating a tokenized economy and NFT marketplace for creators and their fans kick starting. The new Watch2Earn revolution.. The platform is powered by the Ziliqa blockchain, but the token is also traded on Ethereum BSC and Polygon.. Both a co founder of Ziliqa and the CEO are officials, advisors to the project and theyve even attracted investments and endorsements from 2 of Youtubes biggest stars. Mr Beast and KSI For Creators they can apply and once approved can launch their own custom fan token to harness the power of their audience and help increase. Fan engagement and loyalty. Creators will have an opportunity to offer their own NFTs sell, merch and provide direct access to their fans thru their own token. And XCAD is for Youtubers with large and small followings alike. As it helps, creators beat the Youtube algorithm by increasing the amount of time their fans spend viewing. Their content. XCAD also offers creators access to their Youtube academy Xcademy, where Youtubers with over 50Million collective subscribers, teach you the ins and outs of being a Youtube influencer.

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. All the necessary links can be found in the description below. Now back to tokens 4 and 5. For having a bullish end to this year., Yesterday I covered Polkadot and explained why it was one of my top picks for being an Ethereum competitor.. Well, these 2 picks have a lot to do with Polkadot And this first token is distributed.not trading. Yet but as this video drops, it may already be. That token is KILT. So what is KILT KILT is a blockchain protocol for issuing self sovereign, verifiable revocable anonymous credentials and enabling trust market business models in the Web 3.0., Its a blockchain about decentralized identities..DIDs.. Now the KILT token is one that is going to work across both chains.. It was launched as a crowdloan on Polkadots canary network Kusamabut. At the end of the Kusmama parachain lease, they will eventually migrate to their parachain on Polkadot., Only a single token for both Kusama and Polkadot, not multiples.. This is BIG And when this happens, they have some stuff up their sleeves. Donnie Big Bags, tweeted about it.. He said KILT is the reason I got into GLMR. Movr Theyve been working on a liquidity mechanism for Polkadot Polimec. Regulators WILL crackdown on dexs. KILT WILL create fully regulatory compliant DeFi infrastructure. DeFi needs verified on chain digital credentials., But its not only DeFi who needs on chain credentials.Energy ecosystems. Do too Remember this article from October of last year. Germanys Federal Energy Agency, DENA selected energy web to Build the Prototype Identity Registry for Germanys Energy Market.

And, as we can see from the article it says The Energy Web stack will be used alongside the Parity, Substrate Client and the KILT Protocol for digital identity. And finally, that leads us into 5it – is the Energy Web Chainand? What many people dont realizeis? The downward pressure is about to end. Energy web recently updated their validator code of conduct and in it they have a section on Obvious rent seeking.. They say Validators, who are transparently motivated solely by EWT block, rewards abuse. Their position as validators to create deleterious effects on EWT markets andor do not contribute to the mission and success of the EWC ecosystem, as described above, will face temporary suspension. Andor, expulsion from the validator set. Rent seeking is defined as validators liquidating greater than 10 of their block reward balance within any given 30 day. Period. Validators, who have been rent seeking, are no morethose who have been dumping..when. The price goes up, But you should also knowsomething big is coming for Energy Web by the end of the yearSTAKING. Last week, Energy Web announced a booster period for early stakers over 21 percent APY and they re iterate. It should come before end of year. Well Jesse Morris CEO of Energy Web tweeted, about this saying Staking is a foundational tool for bringing the Energy Web Stack to market.. Staking will soon enable individuals and companies to invest in certified renewable energy projects and bring enterprise grade solutions to market. Excited to finally announce this first step.

Ewt is connected to KILT. Kilt is connected to Polkadot. Ewt will eventually become a relay chain connecting to Polkadotits all coming together.. You just have to open your eyes.