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Ethpad tron pad kcc pad vellispad, nft, launch and etapad. Now, please make sure that you do your own research, because there are some restricted countries in order to participate in the public pre sale. That being said, there is a white list for anyone to join and i will leave the free whitelist link for you to click down below and in case you fall in one of those restricted countries. If you actually buy and stake pulse pad tokens, you will receive a free, airdrop copy of metavpad. Now more updates are going to come with this very very soon, but this could be a way for you to get some sweet meta, vpad tokens just by buying and holding and staking pulse pad tokens. But you will need to stake at least 50 125, 000 or 250 000 pulse pad tokens, as these are the eligible tiers in order to participate in the meta v pad airdrop again. This is my understanding at this time, but it is subject to change so make sure to do your own research now. The reason why i am so bullish on metavpad is because we have seen multiple bluezilla projects like pulsepad, like adapad, like vellus pad, like all these other pads. Absolutely do some amazing numbers in fact valhalla. Another metaverse coin that i talked about in previous videos did more than 650x from the pre sale price and i believe metavpad is primed to do something very similar, but just because i believe that does not mean its going to happen.

So please do understand that this is not financial advice and you should never risk more than you can afford to lose in cryptocurrency. But you can see here. Metavpat is going to have a tiered system, and this is one of the next big projects from the bluezilla team, and the most amazing thing about metavpad is that it will give you access to new metaverse projects, as weve seen with facebook rebranding its entire business to Meta, i think some of these new metaverse projects are absolutely going to explode and, if youre able to get in on them early, as i teach you in my online class as well as here on this channel, i think that you could be sitting on potentially some Life changing gains, but again only time will tell. But in my mind i have seen these projects incubated by the blue zilla team do some astronomical numbers and many of you, my students, have multiplied their money exponentially getting into these pre sales, and this is why metavpad is your first metaverse cryptocurrency, all coin, that i Believe is set to explode for december now. Your second metaverse cryptocurrency coin, that i believe is set to explode in december, is going to be the smashing of the like button. All coin no im just kidding and you guys kind of like the joke, or at least some of you do and maybe well actually have to make like a real smashing of the like button.

Altcoin and like itll, be like our own coin or something for this channel, but anyways. If youre new to the channel. You have no idea what im talking about, but smash up that like button, because if we smash up that, like button were gon na be doing a lot more giveaways on this channel, all you have to do is smash that, like button down below, i sincerely appreciate It and also its a great way for me to give back to you and the community thanks again for all of your support now, your second metaverse crypto gaming coin that i think is set to explode and hasnt even hit the market, yet is one called operon Origins now, let me share with you more about this project and then let me share with you exactly how you can be one of the first to buy this crypto operand origins is the first ever nft combat card game with opera origins, epic art style its going To push the boundaries of competitive nft games forever, operant origins has identified the hunger for visually astonishing nft games and thus presents an opportunity for players to own their own digital collectibles, giving them the freedom to hold, sell and transfer their collectibles at any time that they Wish the operand origins is going to have their own token called the aura token. This is going to be the native utility token in the ecosystem, which will be available on decentralized and centralized exchanges.

Now, initially the or tokens will be used to purchase nfts. However, this will change after the first 5 000 nfts. Then something called the z aura token will be used now. The aura token, then, will be used as a means of payment on the nft marketplace and heres how you can get some of these z aura tokens for more nft utility, now z, aura tokens are going to be non tradable tokens that can be obtained through the Staking only through staking aura and the gameplay itself, the utility of the z aura token is the ability to buy nfts now. The reason why i really like this is because it takes a lot of cell pressure off of this aura token, and it really forces people to stake this token to earn new aura tokens so that they can buy. Nfts here is a basic understanding of the tokenomics of this project and why i do think that it has massive upside potential. The seed round will only receive 7.5 percent partners will receive five, the team will receive, 15 company will get 17. The private round is only 16, the public round is 4, influencers will receive 2 and there will be 10 for liquidity, but a majority of the tokens are going towards the rewards, marketing and the ecosystem. You can see that theres not a whole lot of tokens that are actually going to be distributed at the token generation event. Now you might be saying to yourself joe this sounds awesome.

I really want to have the opportunity to get involved with this project, but i dont know how well let me share with you exactly how game zone is set to be incubating this project. You can see that they just posted the operant origins, igo date reveal, is coming very soon. Theyre also going to have an update with the nft airdrop and theyre, also going to be preparing for metaveep. Now, literally, operant origins just released its igo date, which will be on december 2nd of 2021 and theyre going to be launching on gamezone and bsc pad. If you want to get some of these tokens, they are running a 500 in prizes, giveaway for doing a meme right on their twitter. Operant origins just hit more than 50 000 followers over on their twitter. Now. Another key to this project that was just released is that the initial market cap for operant origins is only going to be a 132 dollars. That is absolutely nothing when it comes to cryptocurrency and the fact that this project is going to be incubated by the blue, zilla team and game zone and bsc pad my mind. I think this project is set to explode, and this is why operant origins your number two cryptocurrency, all coin – gem that i believe has massive upside potential as a metaverse play in december of 2021.. Now, your third and final metaverse coin that i believe is set to explode in december, is one called atlantis universe.

Now the atlantis metaverse was born with a mission to create an open, metaverse and atlantis is more than just a fantasy themed game. It aims to become a decentralized society where users are builders of the society. Now, atlantis universe is going to have multiple different characters: multiple environments and multiple equipment for you to interchange and use in their metaverse, and the three main features of this metaverse are going to be gamify having their own marketplace and nfts with the gamify feature. This is going to allow you to play to earn theres going to be daily quests collections, breeding crafting and tournaments theyre also going to have their own marketplace. This is where users will be able to buy, sell at auction and hire monsters to make more income and, of course, theyre going to have nfts. This is where all in game items can be turned into nfts and its not just about the items but its also about real assets. If we take a look at the tokenomics, a few things stick out in my mind that i believe can send atlantis to the moon. First is theres a very little supply, theres only 200 million tokens, and this is going to be the total supply. Ever this token will also be on the binance smart chain. As a bep20 token. Now the seed sale will get a 10 unlock at the token generation event and then 20 for the quarter, but they only receive five percent of the sale.

Private sale will be 9.3 percent, with an unlock of 10 of the token generation event. The public sale will be 1.7 and youll receive 25 of the token generation event and then 25, every month, 5 will go to liquidity. 15 will go to the ecosystem. Five percent for advisors, nine percent for partners 15 for devs and 35 will be set for reserves, and this will unlock at only 7 every single year. If you want to get some of these sweet tokens before anyone else, they are doing a 50 000 token giveaway to more than 2050 winners over on their twitter. One of the main reasons why i believe this project is set to explode is because its going to be incubated on engine starter december, 7th, also bsc pad in game zone december 8th. Now. The initial market cap will be 444 000, which is a little bit larger than some of the others. But that being said, theres such a small token supply that if this team actually builds this and they continue to grow before the ido, i do believe youre able to get this cryptocurrency at the public sale price. It could definitely help you multiply your money exponentially, and this is why atlantis metaverse is your third metaverse, cryptocurrency coin that i believe, has massive upside potential and, as three super bonus all coins. I just wanted to say: congratulations if youve been taking action on my videos and on my channel, i literally shared with you in our previous metaverse cryptocurrency videos about sandbox, decentraland and wilder world each one of these cryptocurrencies literally, is hitting all time highs at the time Of this recording – and i just wanted to say – congratulations if youve been taking action on this channel, because i literally gave you sandbox right around the two dollar mark here just a few weeks ago, and it went almost 4x all the way to eight dollars.

Decentraland also has done more than a one and a half x since i talked about it on our video and wow. The world has also done almost a one x since we talked about it just a few days ago now i am still a believer in these cryptocurrencies, especially in the long run, but right now in the short term, when things are sitting this parabolic and at all Time highs, you can see some people are starting to take some profits. So i just wanted to say: congratulations again if you are in some sweet profits from taking action on this channel and if you want to get some free cryptocurrency from our giveaway click. The links down below in the description and make sure youre following me over on twitter and instagram in order to participate in the giveaway and if you want an additional 50 offer online class click. The links down below in the description to join us for our black friday sale again more than 2 000 students have joined the class and many have multiplied their money exponentially just by enrolling and understanding exactly how all of these pre sales work. The course is sitting at a massive 75 plus discount now, with the 50 off bonus, check the links down below in the description, and we cant wait to see you in class. If you want to continue learning for free here on youtube check out my cryptocurrency playlist, i have multiple 100 gem videos, three coins or three million educational tutorials, and so much more thanks again for all of your support.