My name is carl and im going to bring you this cryptocurrency video and lets. Take a quick look at the dip. We are seeing right now, so bitcoin came up to this resistance that weve been talking about and after or yeah. Basically, we got rejected off of this resistance and from this rejection we actually saw a pretty severe seven percent dump, and yesterday we were talking about how if we break 60k thats, when i want to jump into another big long position on bitcoin and ride this up To a 63k, but basically this trade, didnt even start and, as i said before, guys, this resistance is very, very important because of previous support and resistance, and i i also said a couple of days now that um 60 000 is actually the most important level. Even though this one is important, 60k is the most important as long as were below 60k. I remain bearish on bitcoin, because, of course, we have still lower highs and were below key resistance. So that remains to be true, and we also see a pretty clear resistance line right here. We can also play with some support right there, showing us a potential falling wedge or channel right there. So right now, as im recording this im watching this support, and we also have this resistance and if you break the support, then the next big support would be way down here at 53k, which would line up quite nicely with what weve been talking about.

That ive been telling you that we are quite likely to come down and potentially re test 53k if we break certain key resistance. Obviously, if we break back above 60k thats when the bullish scenario is playing out and we have to um entertain a massive bounce, but so far i am still bullish on bitcoin. If you, if you take a look at the uh at the bigger time frame. So let me just go to the daily time frame. Obviously, if you zoom in you will see that we have a downtrend there, just like we had a downtrend here, but looking at the bigger picture we have higher lows. Higher highs so were still in an uptrend on the daily and thats. Why? I have a couple of long positions open on bitcoin that i did not close, and you can see that this support, of course, is very, very important if you break the support and break this support thats when uh, we are gon na see a uh, a real Kind of sell off so to speak. That could lead to something like this, where we actually go down and and make an actual huge correction as of right now i am, i am still just waiting for bitcoin to to kind of come down to potentially make it bounce like this, because i think that That is still a quite likely scenario. Obviously, this bearish divergence took us all the way down there. This bearish divergence took us down to this support.

This pair of divergence is right now giving us a correction but um. The only question is: where is the bounce gon na come? Is it gon na come right there, or are we gon na get a bounce, maybe lower and yeah? Leave your comment down below what do you think what support level is going to keep bitcoin from falling? Further and lets talk about ethereum because look at this yesterday, i made a trade right here because of this inverse head and shoulders. We went up and instead of reaching the target, ethereum took a pretty large dump because of bitcoin, so bitcoin had a big dump and ethereum quickly followed. So from the top of this move, we saw actually 10 11 moves so actually to be completely transparent with you. My ethereum trade got completely wiped out here, so um and i didnt even have time to take profits. Um because, honestly, i didnt expect uh us to get such a violent, um correction. So in fact, some were here thats when i went to sleep and i thought that were gon na see maybe correction and then come back up like this but yeah. During the night we saw a massive dump and um Music yeah. My trade got completely wiped out, and that happens sometimes and thats just something its part of the game right we some some. We win some we lose and as long as we win more than we lose over time, then it should be fine.

Just like all of these other ethereum trades we made here, we made so many. I dont remember how many, but probably like i mean lets zoom out really here, remember throughout the whole period of time here ever since way. Back in the january, beginning of this year, weve made probably, like i dont – know 100 ethereum trades, maybe something like that at least 50. I would say 50 theorem trades and um. I i dont, i cant say exactly how many were profitable, but most of them most of them were very, very profitable. So sometimes we get wiped out and thats just part of the game here, thats just how trading works. Taking a look at Look at this is right now getting a pretty severe correction and right now it looks like we might have seen the blow off top. In my opinion, so yeah, i think 30 – is enough to at least say that the the bull trend here seems to be over and um were very likely to enter into some kind of consolidation. I dont think were gon na see like a huge v shape recovery. Like this, if that happens, i will be surprised, but something like a consolidation is more likely and taking a look at cardano is also right now taking an even bigger dip. So i think that ive been saying it that cardano is looking nice as an accumulation, and i think thats thats still true.

I like these levels. The big support to watch for cardano will be right here. This would be kind of the the uh, the ultimate buying area because of previous support and resistance. If you just take a look at resistance right, there resistance there resistance there, so thats, a big big level for cardone and one of the most requested coins is xrp. Im gon na take a quick look at xrp um, and you can see here that weve seen a big resistance right here and we got rejected right now. So xrp against the us dollar is currently getting a correction on the weekly time frame. Lets go into the daily, and here we can see the same. Basically that were getting a small correction, nothing, nothing extraordinary! I mean Music. If we take a quick look at like some previous support, we have there were still above some key resistance and support. Let me just show you right there. I would say that this is an important box and of course, as you can see, right now, thats, where xrp is testing. If we break this support, then i would assume that a fall all the way down to 60 cents. Could be possible so that would of course be a pretty severe drop of like 34 um but yeah thats. What im watching right now and if i pull this out like this, then you can see that, of course, if we do bounce here, then we might see this play out and eventually we have to break up or down.

In my opinion, if bitcoin continues to go lower, then its likelier – that xrp does this rather than this, so i am slightly more bearish on xp, rather than bullish, as long as bitcoin is going down like that, so yeah thats, just some quick altcoins guys. Let me know down below right now, which altcoin do you want me to take a look at in my next video and dont forget to sign up to buy bit and phoenix if you want to trade only if youre an experienced trader, but you can get up To eleven thousand dollars in bonus, if you use my affiliate links down below and sign up to the casta wait list down below our wait list is going viral.