I show you how to make money in crypto. If you like money in crypto, then make sure to hit that subscribe. Button. Happy thanksgiving everybody as uh. We are here at our uh new building. It looks a little dirty in the back 38 000 square. Foot uh studio that were building were working on uh right now, uh. We just had thanksgiving over here for uh our employees. We had about 30 people here had a great time ate some turkey did the thing a lot to be grateful for um. You know grateful for crypto grateful for bitcoin grateful for my employees, my family and, most importantly, grateful for the bit squad, so grateful in fact that ive decided to reveal two coins to you guys that uh, we actually just put a half million dollars into each of These coins now ive got a top coins for uh december video coming out uh next week, and these two coins were not on there because these were late editions. I got some information on these two coins in the last few weeks. No in the last 24 to 48 hours that made me just say man i got to go ham on these coins, so theres, my truck. Why is the door open thief got somebody in there, so what i want to do guys? I want to give you these two coins now ive decided to start doing something special to get these two coins. You have to pay 9.

99 per month and im gon na give you. These two coins were gon na were gon na begin, a multi level marketing scheme to where you get your friends to im. Just kidding im just gon na give you the coins im just gon na give you the coins. Okay, so here are the two coins number one f t t number two four chain. Okay, now wow ftt said before this is gon na, be one of the number one coins we were going to accumulate in the bear market, but ive got some inside info that this thing is about to explode in the next few weeks now heres. Why think about? Crypto.Com, okay, think about solana. These are two projects that have both absolutely crushed it: okay, crippler.com and exchange exchange. Token we got binance coin. Also, pumping ftt has not really had its time to shine. A lot of the people in nftt are also in solana, so sam bankman freed really behind both of these projects, but only one has been pumping okay. So what this means is its almost ftt time to shine and theyre going to be institutional. Investors are going to be pouring into these two or into that coin, specifically so. Watch for ftt the exchange token of the ftx exchange, look for it by christmas to absolutely moon. A lot of money is about to come pouring into ftt or ftx or in ftt. The token of ftx look at what theyre doing with nfts coming up soon a lot of big stuff.

So thats number one number two four chain now weve covered door chain a good bit recently. They had some issues a couple months ago where they had um. They had a couple hacks uh, but you know it turned out not to be that big of a deal as the price has recovered since that occurred. Pumping over you know, um over the summer defy. This is a devi project related to bsc, so heres the thing about thor chain. Why is this one going to absolutely pump? Well guess what its got a christmas surprise coming: okay, a christmas surprise coming, they are launching their mainnet. Now, usually this means a project. Will moon during the time we look back at kyber when they launch their maintenance? We look back at zilliqa when they launched their main net. We look at l run when they launched their main net. We look at tron when they launched their main net back in the day. You look at all the launches for cardano when theyve, you know really popped off, and its really easy to theta theta is another great example: launcher main net boom. Okay, four chain is gon na, be launching their main net on christmas december 25th. Now, if this month happens, like i think its gon na happen, we are gon na see all coins start to explode right when this main net launches okay. So here are two coins. Listen to when i tell you this, i know i told you already.

We just put half a million dollars each into those two coins. We sold off some of our bitcoin to move over to those two coins. Put your money where your mouth is thats. What we do, of course, i cant give you financial advice. I can only tell you what im hearing but watch for these two coins. We told you crypto.com was going to do it. We told you that sandbox was going to do it. We told you solana was going to do it. We told you avalanche was going to do it and guess what they did. The dang thing ftt 4chain next two big pumpers watch and see thats. All i got be blessed.