But if you have a moment, let me know in the comments below what youre thankful for personally uh. I am thankful for this right here. Im thankful for um a nice green day. Uh in the market. Things are looking pretty good um, especially for ethereum. I mean wow uh up 5.6 today, um 11.5. On the week i mean compare that to old man, bitcoin uh, but thats, not what this video is about. Uh. This video is about this little little red fella uh in the sea of green. This video is about the crypto.com coin cro. It has, of course, been on an absolute tear this month, uh its up almost 300 percent in november alone um, and you can see that even with todays dip, its still down almost 60 percent on the week and the biggest pump has happened since november 16th. Boom right on november 16th is when it was announced that the staples center, its gon na uh, is gon na, be renamed the crypto.com arena. That renaming is officially going to happen on christmas day december 25th. A month from today. If you dont know, if youre not a sports fan staples center, uh is where the los angeles lakers play: basketball, the l.a clippers basketball as well. The la kings hockey um the la sparks wnba uh, the avengers right, so its a pretty um iconic uh uh arena and its gon na be named thecrypto.com arenacrypto.com paid more than 700 million dollars for the naming rights um so that that caused a big run up Right after this news was announced, but now its dipping right, we got this dip here today, so the question is, of course, is now a good time to buy um.

Is it a good entry point right? I was thinking about this question just personally this morning. Is this a good entry point because i missed this whole cro run up? I dont hold any cro token, or at least i didnt before today and ill tell you uh what i did later in this video um. So you know its now. A good entry point right, if you kind of missed this, this huge run up before i get into my thoughts on that. Let me just tell you a little bit about what the crypto.com coin actually is. It is a native token of the crypto.com ecosystem, which touts itself as the worlds fastest growing crypto app. I will be doing a full crypto.com review here in the future uh, but for now here are the basics. Cryptocurrency or crypto.com is a cryptocurrency platform that obviously lets you buy and sell uh cryptocurrency right, bitcoin ethereum. They support um, a decent number of coins, um and one thing thats this interesting crypto.com is. You can actually use a credit card to buy crypto on crypto.com, which is somewhat unusual, um and right now. I do believe that crypto.com is waiving the credit card fee for a limited time uh when you use your credit card to buy cryptocurrency on the platform. That said, i personally, i personally had a few cards declined when trying to buy crypto on crypto.com. I think some credit cards may not like it right because youre buying crypto with a credit card uh, which i think they they see as a risk.

But i did use a barclays card and i was able to buy some crypto on crypto.com and i think it just depends on the bank um. You can also buy and sell nfts on crypto.com. It has its own nft platform uh. I havent really um looked too much into the crypto.com nft platform, but if anybody has drop a comment below um, i do want to learn more about it. Crypto.Com also lets you transact uh. You know, based on your cryptocurrency balances, it has a debit card um that you earn rewards uh for using and really this debit card is kind of the crux or its kind of the focal point, and it drives a lot of the benefits you get for partaking In the crypto.com ecosystem, the entire crypto.com ecosystem really does revolve around the debit card um, and this is one of the ways that holding the native token, the crypto.com token really comes into play. Um, you get more rewards and better benefits with the crypto.com card um, the more crypto.com coin that you stake on crypto.com right. So, for example, if you, if you dont, have any crypt, crypto or uh dot com coin stake in in uh encryptor.com right, which means um youve held cro in your crypto.com app wallet for uh, at least six months right so theyre. Looking for you know, people who hold this long term um right, then you get the big night blue debit card um. You know so and theres not a whole lot of benefits.

With this again im, not gon na do a full on review here. This is just an overview, but you know if youre, if youve staked um lets go this one. This is probably more a little more reasonable if youve staked, you know four thousand dollars usd worth of cro right for six months, then you get. You know. Three percent rewards enter. You know essentially yield on your sierra stake and look you get. You know, 100 back on spotify, so basically free spotify, right, uh, one reimbursement per month for spotify 12.99. A month right. You get reimbursed 100 of your netflix right, uh maximum 13.99. A month right and theres, some other perks as well uh, and this is kind of where this funny meme comes from. I i cant take credit for this. I saw this on reddit uh. You know thousand percent gains shaking you who stayed thousands of dollars a cro a few months ago, because you wanted free netflix. So i i thought that was pretty funny um. But you know, im gon na do a full on crypto.com review at some point in the future. My point today is that the more co that you stake, the better rewards you get with the crypto.com debit card uh and with other aspects of the crypto.com ecosystem. Another thing that crypto.com lets you do is it lets you earn yield on your crypto um. It has this earn function here and again, the more crypto.

com you you hold uh the um. The higher your yield is right for many coins, so you know, for example, uh. If you are, if you have your serial, stick is 400 or less and youre okay, with locking up your bitcoin in crypto.com for a three month term: youll earn 4.5 right as opposed to you know. If you have four thousand and six point five percent, forty thousand or more eight point five percent right, so so thats how that works? Um you can our borrow. You can also borrow against your cryptocurrency uh. I believe i think that crypto.com does have a borrow function. Um and you get a lower rate, the more co you have staked, i think, to get the the lower rate you have to have staked at least forty thousand dollars of the crypto.com coin. So you know theyre, not theyre, not interested in these. In these you know small balances to get you know the highest benefits um out of the ecosystem. I mean you look at the the debit card thing right to get the best debit card. Four hundred thousand dollar ciro stake right, but there are benefits for for smaller stakes as well, um, so so thats. Essentially, what critical.com does in a nutshell and the more cro you hold the more benefits you get from the crypto.com ecosystem and, like i said as go when i was going through these benefits right. I use the word stake a lot right, because the benefits of the ecosystem are not simply for owning the zero token, but for holding them in your wallet right for at least the six months, um, so its rewarding those who hold on to the coin.

For for you know, um at least six months right, they dont just want you to buy it. You know, get these benefits and leave right. So really, apart from the traders, the long term value of cro is in the value that uh consumers find in the crypto.com ecosystem and thats really fundamental to understand that that is somewhat obvious right. If youre bullish on crypto.com youre, probably bullshitting cirro as well. Right and personally, i am bullish on crypto.com um and let me tell you why, just with an anecdote. Okay, so i have a brother um who just graduated from from high school earlier this year, uh. You know he turned 18 this year as well and uh. He knows im into investing in cryptocurrency and a few weeks ago he told me that you know hes, you know hes an adult now and he wants to set up an account, so he can invest in crypto and i was like great, and so what did he Do uh he he googled crypto right and if you, google, crypto right after the ads. The first thing that pops up is crypto.com right, um, and so he created an account and he told me he bought 150 crypto coins, which i later find out. Uh was crypto.com coin cro right because he would have krypto.com from google and crypto. He downloaded the app and he bought some crypto.com coins uh. He bought these on november 7th by the way um when cro was was at like 35 cents or something but now hes almost doubled.

His money, hes ecstatic right, were, were definitely gon na talk about this over over thanksgiving dinner, um and guess what platform hes likely going to use in the future to buy more crypto hes gon na use, crypto.com right in all likelihood – and you know just having that Domain, the dot com domain name crypto.com its extremely powerful right, not only for, for you know the seo, although i know google, you know it doesnt reward exact match domains as much as it it has in the past, but still right uh. It is extremely powerful. Oh its crypto.com, you know it sounds legit, um and crypto.com realized this early on uh. It paid 12 million dollars for that domain. Um. You know a few years back back when crypto.com was known as monaco um and i think its really paying off. I think, as crypto gets more and more mainstream, i believe that crypto.com uh will be one of the winners um. So you know, do i use crypto.com a lot? No, i just signed up for it this morning as a matter of fact uh, but i think for many people for the masses who search for crypto into google right – and you know for the 20 million people who live in southern california, uh, where everybody knows what The staples center is now theyre all gon na know what the crypto.com arena is right and crypto gets more and more more and more mainstream. You know, i think, as a result of the powerful simplecrypto.

com domain name, that branding and more marketing ventures like the staples center. One im sure theyre gon na do this more youre, probably gon na see you know ads for them all over the place. I know theyre advertising heavily on youtube for one thing: um. I think its gon na be a winner right, uh, one of the winners when it comes to uh, mainstream, crypto adoption. That said, i dont know the future right. Crypto.Com could go bust tomorrow. Um anything can happen, but just based on some simple cues and and logic here i am bullish on crypto.com uh and i personally bought my first cro, my first uh crypto.com coin on the dip today, um i actually just signed up for for the app this morning. I got a 25 referral bonus which you can get to 25 referral bonus. If you use my link in the description below um, all i have to do is sign up with my link, complete the verification process and youll get a signup bonus, uh worth of 25 worth of cro crypto.com coin in your crypto.com wallet um. If you use my link in the description below it should populate my referral code when you download the app, but if it doesnt, i have my referral code down there as well um. So how much should i put in? Did i ape in with all my extra cash right now uh? No, i did not. I put a thousand dollars in right so about 1300 um, Music, cro tokens uh and you can see right there.

I use a credit card and theyre waiving the fee right. They waived the fee for me um. You know, i guess, for the next 30 days, so um thats, thats, pretty cool, that i was able to use a credit card and get some points um for for buying my crypto um. So i put a thousand dollars in right and, if it dips more tomorrow, ill probably put another thousand if it dips more the next day, maybe another thousand dollars thats. How i like to buy dips right, i you know i dont put in all my cash in with something dips. I put it enough where the price goes down right. I still have more to put in uh, but if the price goes up im happy that i put in what i did right um. So yes, personally, this is not financial advice. But personally i think this is. You know a good entry point right now for crypto.com its kind of pulled back a bit uh. You know from the massive you know run ups, that its had you know, especially in the wake of the the staples center naming rights. I think i got in at 70 77 cents uh, which is you know, granted a lot higher than uh. You know a few weeks ago, um, but i think lower than where zero is going in the long run um. It could certainly go lower in the short term. I mean its not its not uncommon at all for a coin to run up like this, and then you know dip a heck of a lot um in case you know ill probably buy a little bit more um, but i think buying a little bit up on This kind of initial dip doesnt hurt at all uh, keep in mind that since this run up cro its now a top 20 coin right its – you know its in fact, uh number 13 coin.

Right now, so you know a market cap of of 20 billion. So this prob, this isnt, going to be one of those 100x monsters right 100x from here – would mean crypto.com itself would have a 2 trillion dollar or crypto.com coin would have a 2 trillion dollar market cap uh right, which is almost twice uh. What bitcoins market cap is is right now, uh, so keep that in mind right uh, but as someone you know who personally missed getting into cro early im happy with buying uh in todays, div and ill still be okay with it, even if it dips a little Bit more, not financial advice, of course i could be completely completely wrong. Uh crypto.com could be go bust tomorrow, just my opinion, but this is just what i did and i wanted to share it with you and just alert you to whats going on with cro today. Uh with the dip its having all right folks, um have a very happy thanksgiving. If you are in the u.s, you can check out uh some other cryptocurrency uh videos that should be kind of hanging around the screen right now, especially pertaining to nfts. I im really getting into nfts right now, uh some other crypto stuff as well. For you to check out all right.