My hairs super spiky for some reason: im not sure why thats happening, but in todays video were going to be talking about five metaverse tokens that you could potentially buy research whatever on this dip. Now we are, as we speak, in a pullback correction of bitcoin. Ive been speaking about this on the channel for a while. Now i told you guys that i personally believe that this correction is not done every time we have those green candles. People go into the comment section and tell me what an idiot i am for thinking that we are in a short term correction, but i still think we are. We have been rejected again, but were going to go through exactly that im going to try and fix my hair until its not so ridiculous. I dont know why its so spiky, but were going to go through whats happening in bitcoin, were going to go through whats happening in the cryptocurrency market and im going to be pointing you guys in the direction of five cryptos in the metaverse world that you should Start your research in right now, potentially this is a dollar cost averaging opportunity that we dont see all the time as we speak right now, so without wasting any more of your time. If you dont know me already my names connor and i am not a financial advisor im, just a guy standing in his room with stupid, spiky hair talking about ways to make money in this crazy world of crypto.

So please remember that everything in this video is just my opinion, the ramblings of a madman. So if we look at bitcoin right now, we are on a pullback. Now is currently the lowest we have seen in the last few weeks. It is looking very shaky. This line right here of support at around 52 000. I said that i thought we were going to come down and touch that. I still think that that line will continue bullish if we can hold the support if we break through it short term, bear market air trend correction, whatever you want to call it. I still think it will be short term but, like ive been saying, i consider this to be short term. This was a few months and what happened in these few months is we managed to buy the dip. We managed to find new projects and we managed to make massive returns if you do want to stay up to date with when i do my trades come over and join the patreon right there, youll get access to the minute to my trades. Youll get access to my full portfolios and youll get access to a bunch of other things, but one of the best communities out there and im so confident about it. If you dont, like it in the first few days, just drop me a dm and i will refund your money. But if you do want to stay up to date, do come over and join that, but, as always im happy im not worried about whats happening right now.

This is opportunity in the market. Big old candles down like this with no real fundamental reason, are good opportunities. In my opinion, obviously you have to go out and do your own research we dont know. If this is the end, this could potentially be the end of crypto. As we know it, i dont think it is, but it could be that could have been the high. We saw up there about 69 000. This is the end, but thats the things that you have to come up with yourself, and that is why i personally always take profits. When the market is green, when the market is red were buying were accumulating, when the market gets super green, super euphoric thats when im taking profits, i have about 20 to 25 of my money, always in stable coins ready to either buy the dip or simply staked For passive income on places like block fire, if you want to sign up, there is a link down there and you can get up to 250 bonus, but todays video, the market is neutral, i would say, were in more fearful. This is a lagging indicator right here, but lets head over to the cryptocurrency market. We can check here right now. Overall, we are down five percent now five percent on the overall market is huge. Five percent in my portfolio is a lot of money. I have lost lost a lot of money overnight, but im not worried.

Bitcoin is dictating the market, as we have already seen time in time out now before we get to mount avers look solana, did you miss solana? Was it over 200 and you were mad. You didnt get it look at the price now cardano. Were you mad that cardano was around three dollars? Did you think? Oh? If i could just get a 50 discount on cardano, i would sell my house and buy it now. No dont do that, but thats the thought process right. People are too scared to buy now, but they do want to buy and fomo fear of missing out when the market is super euphoric. You need to switch that mindset completely. You need to be selling when the markets euphoric and buying when the market is scared. We got polka dot down 8. I added into my position on polka dot at about 30. What was it 38 or ‘? So i am currently down thats sad times for me, but im not worried because im long term on polka dots so lets head over to oh wait, one more thing, cro token. How many times did i get asked? Should i buy at what 94 cents should? I be buying it now connor. Do you think that now is the best time to be buying? Crypto.Com no was my answer because it is too frothy too euphoric and today its down 21. I took profits from at around 80 cents.

I think it was so now, if i wanted to, i could buy the dip but thats, not what this video is about. Lets head over to metaverse and look at that right now, as we speak, we have mana down 16 yesterdays video. I said to you guys: it is too its not the right time to be buying mana, because the markets too frothy. Now you have a 16 discount. Take that information, as you will sandbox 16 engine coin 20 right axe. Infinity 8 lets head on down to alluvium alluvium 10 discount block topia 12 discount thats, one two, three, four: five: six coins in the meta first world that you guys have the opportunity to buy the dip. Only if you have done your research and you believe in them long term, but when you are asking yourself yesterday, was it too late to buy these coins now you know the reason why i said you should wait for a correction because thats, what i think is Coming now, of course, i cant tell the future. I didnt know that this was going to come the next day. Do i want to see this? No, i want to see the market continually go up, thats. Obviously, what i want to see, but thats not what always happens. These are the kind of days that im waiting for so for full transparency. I dont hold mana, i dont hold asx, i dont hold sand. I dont hold engine, i dont hold alluvium.

I do hold blocktopia. That was one of the projects that i got involved in from cedafy incredible investment. That was, i brought you guys that project about 4x ago, so its done a forex since i brought it to you guys on the channel that got me an investment into bloctopia, which was about 300. I think – and that is now worth over 100 000. Absolutely incredible, but that project is very nice im holding it for the long run. You guys can go out and do your own research from here, but i wanted to make this quick video, so i could just quickly point out these gems and the reason why yesterday i was saying i think the market is too frothy due for a correction. All of that sort of stuff – obviously i never know whats going to happen im just using my experience in the market to bring you guys. My opinion, please remember nothing in this. Video is financial advice, do not go and buy these projects just because im talking about them go out research. All of that stuff, as always.