Guys could be very disastrous for bitcoin if we break it, and that is exactly after getting rejected at the four hour ichimoku cloud, so the moon boy is really getting a run for their money right now, bitcoin didnt actually quite hit the resistance area just yet, but We came close enough to get a pretty serious rejection right here and we are now seeing a quite serious dump and i want to break down for you. How low is this thing going to go? Is it actually going to crash down lower? Where might it stop or are we going to be able to recover this, because that is still of course possible? And if we look at this on a very short time frame right, its very clear to see whats happening, which is exactly what i was predicting on? The youtube channel over these past couple of days, which is that we have resistance here and people, are feeling um a lot of relief as we trend higher, look at the fear and green index, guys its just its so obvious its the same thing. I was telling you guys about in every single video lately where, when the market gets a small uptick higher people feel so much more relief in this market right and if were feeling that level of relief, we just cant, keep on trending um higher right. We need this market to really be washed out of those emotions and thats what these dumps achieve for us and its not like this has taken us by surprise right on a short term time frame.

We ended up breaking a lot of resistance on the one hour time frame on the four hour time frame. We still had that resistance, and so one of the key things i was talking about in the last video do me a favor smash up the like subscribe to the youtube channel, if you havent done so already, and if you are watching last video drop it in The comments telling me i was watching your last video. I saw this right because the last thing i was telling you guys about is that the market loves to play these highs and lows in order to give people hope on the run, up and kill. That hope and then give you hope again on the run up and kill that hope and doing that enough times. Youre gon na wear people out because people who dont know how to trade are going to be losing money in these kind of markets. Youre going to be wearing them out, making them feel absolutely terrible and then youre going to dump the market and its going to make them capitulate and panic sell their bitcoin right at the end right. So this is exactly the same thing that we were just talking about on this youtube channel literally yesterday, it couldnt be more poetic than this uh, and now we are seeing a quite serious dump right here. So uh take a look at this heres. The deal is bitcoin hasnt, actually seen a huge dump so far below support.

Right support was probably at about fifty six thousand dollars and were only right now about six hundred dollars below that we only fell about. I dont know one thousand dollars below that. So again, not a huge huge dump by those standards. Just at the minute right. We havent actually moved down by a lot and if we measure this in terms of percent uh its not looking, you know super, i mean its 1.8 thats big uh. If we measure it from the top its a much more serious dump its now about seven percent – and i actually just made a post about this inside of fourflys vip literally, i mean how long ago was this. This is about 10 hours ago. So right before i went to sleep, i made a very big post in fourth life vip, basically, a huge voice, message detailing to everybody that you know i would be looking at bitcoin, potentially having a little bit of a problem if it manages to fall down because Uh, you know it is uh. You know going to be in a very aggressive sell off, but i think as soon as we managed to sweep this prior low that we have right here. If i zoom in really really deep on the one minute time frame, you can see that were moving down getting a small reaction rally. Moving down small reaction rally, moving down a lot small reaction rally and so on right, i think, were in another one of those reaction rallies right now and i think, as soon as this low is sweeped, if we sweep it because of course nothing is guaranteed right.

I am in a profitable position on a bitcoin show, actually im not in a profit right now, its roughly around break, even a very small loss uh, but i am hoping for bitcoin to drop down just a little bit. Ive had this short order set for a very long time, uh inside of first size, vip already anticipating this kind of move, and i think that if we are able to sweep this low uh, then that can you know pretty much cement the market to be dropping A lot lower – and i want to talk to you about where that might fall – uh right here as well, but just before i do get on to that guys, i got ta. Let you know about this huge offer that we are running inside of four slides vip. This is absolutely ridiculous. We dont actually run sales very often anymore uh. I just dont advertise it too much inside of with these aggressive um. You know discounts and things like that. But right now you are looking at 68 off uh for thanksgiving black friday, todays black friday. Of course uh you know pretty much anything you might want to buy will have some sort of deal attached to it today and those of you who value your own future. Your own investments and growing your funds youre going to see this as a huge, huge opportunity. So here it is, and if you havent already taken the leap vip is the all inclusive package: youre, getting everything about all the trades im, making all the information about those trades where im entering where im taking profits, how im adjusting and how im dealing with losses.

Why im entering at certain levels, as opposed to another level, very in depth, explanations, uh and then you know continued updates on my real time strategies and thats, just the trading side, theres also the analysis side and so on. It is a very, very comprehensive package. Weve seen some beautiful results. Let me show you some of these right here, uh just a few that weve highlighted, but, of course, theres been very many more uh, a nice 13 modest gain right there, a much less modest, 1 000 gain with a 30 000 profit. Uh and this person right here, just kind of getting to hang getting getting to know how to trade uh after using our full size academy course, which he got for free with his fourth size. Vip subscription, so very, very cool stuff going on right there. And if you do want to take the leap inside of vip, then the steps to do that are on screen right here. Click on the first link in the description down below then click on the app for slice button and then send message. Do this right now, with our 68 discount offer, this is literally the biggest discount weve ever ran, so definitely take advantage of it, but just moving us back to the market here, uh. What i want to break down for you is how low this thing could end up, dropping right, so uh the issue for bitcoin that im seeing right here is: if we just look at the local levels, there isnt much support that bitcoin can find right.

Uh, this area, you could potentially say, is support, but if we measure it to look at time frames and stuff like that, we were only trading here for about seven days, so its not actually a very significant area on bitcoins price history, uh and to me that Means that we cant really use it to support, especially considering we were just consolidating here right like if we consolidate here for as long as we did, which means i mean we entered this range roughly around the 18th of november and were potentially leaving it now. After eight days, thats a fairly sizable consolidation just to be happening in a downtrend right, because previously we werent consolidating that much before we ended up moving down. We might we had much shorter uh periods of consolidation right here. I think that if we did end up breaking this level, uh a weak support area like what we have right here from this consolidation, is not going to be enough to keep the market up, and so it has to fall down to stronger levels. Uh now, the other thing that i got to keep in your minds, though, is that uh bitcoin is actually still in a big area of support overall right uh, it has actually ill get to that stuff. Later, let me just show you this on lets. Go for this chart right here, because i dont have any drawings uh. You know. Bitcoin is overall still in a big big area of support, uh and that support actually were right on the edge of it were actually just about to lose.

It um, but its its going from about 60 000 down to about yeah, actually were not close to losing it. Yet weve still got a little bit of a way to go down to about 53 000. This area, potentially uh, you know still acting as support for bitcoin, so this is to show you that you know on the larger time frames were still doing good. This is the same thing ive been saying in every single video. It must be sounding like a broken record now, but thats, because my opinion here has not changed. We still have good support were actually dipping into it right now on the daily time frame right. So this is really really healthy for the market. In my opinion, but uh you know we are uh, i mean potentially still further away from the stronger areas of support. You know now that weve dipped into the cloud, the next strong area of support in the cloud is this red line down here on the html cloud and thats down at 48 000. I dont think were actually going that low, but uh you know penetrating deeper into the cloud, is very much on the cards on the table. Right now we are potentially just getting ready to sweep that prior low just now. Hopefully we do it quickly, um, and the other thing that i want to draw to your attention, though, are where the stronger areas of support are for this trend.

So i actually im going to do this on the uh on this chart right here. Uh, because you guys saw me that i was drawing a a fibonacci retracement on bitcoin. I believe, just yesterday showing you where some key support for the market could be and thats showing us support at just about just under 54 000. So again, were only about 1.5 k away from that right now were not actually very far away from finding support there. This is a potential bound zone that i think could be good for bitcoin, but actually i dont think its just one line, i think its better represented by drawing a box which looks something a little bit like this, because really what i want to capture is this Swing high over here uh, this swing high was very, very important for the market and the fact that the fibonacci level is very close to that. To me, i dont think thats a coincidence, so id love to see bitcoin kind of dropping somewhere into this box. That would be where i think bitcoin is potentially getting ready to finish its its correction, find some support here, really scare, a lot of people shitless and then start rallying up very nicely again, its just so typical for bitcoin to do something like that. So i think its very much on the cards uh that bitcoin can pull that kind of move and then end up moving higher. The fibonacci shows us that, and if i move the fibonacci to a more short term scale uh, that level is sitting pretty much right in between where we are right now in the 0.

5 level and the 52k support area on the 618 level. So this whole range really acting as support and thats the same picture. I was painting for you guys for a very long time right. I was telling you guys that things can get really bad for bitcoin and its still going to find support uh, just because its built so much support on the way up. Ethereum right here is now uh, starting to lose quite a lot of value against bitcoin. This is another thing that i made a voice note about inside of vip just recently, just i mean literally going back like 10 hours ago, like i said, i made quite a long voice note for vip members filling them in on everything i was seeing and again, If you want to take advantage of that black friday discount, we dont do stuff like this often the last time i did. This was a very very long time ago, and it is the biggest sale weve ever ran, so definitely take advantage of it. If you want to be inside of this group and skyrocket, your trading path inside of such a hot market, i mean it is the best offer you could possibly take to shortcut your way to getting through the of learning how to trade. You know you dont want to be paying for your lessons with your time and your money uh. You know its its much more valuable than that in a market state like this, its so hot.

So if you know what youre doing uh, you know you have potential to make a lot of money in these markets. But if you still havent even learned what you need to learn – or you still havent even overcome the emotional battles that you keep facing, youre going to be costing yourself a lot in terms of the opportunities in this market. So this package right here could be what saved you definitely check it out at least uh. You know. Click on these uh links follow these steps and maybe even ask for a phone call just to find out if its for you can get a member of our team to speak to you personally uh to see if youd be a good fit for four slice vip. So its the first link in the description down below then the at first lies button at the bottom of any post inside of my free telegram channel, where youre gon na get more free analysis. That free telegram channel is where you click on the first link and then click on send message to ask me how to join and well send you all. The information were bringing it right back here, because bitcoin is dumping. No surprise here were seeing ethereum start to dump just on the one minute time frame. I want to bring this to your attention just now: weve just broken down below that prior swing, low and now dropping rapidly, so definitely a lot of carnage in the market, and this is really going to be upsetting a lot of people.

Right i mean we were seeing some consolidation here, a lot of people really staying quite hopeful in the market and, of course, those hopes being crushed. I got to keep in mind for you guys that this stuff was very, very obvious right. I was keeping the same opinion running with me for a long time here that bitcoin had resistance up here and naturally, resistance is where we should be dropping, if were in a downtrend. A lot of people accuse me of being permanently bearish, but thats not the case. I was very bullish as we were trending up, but the trend changed and im not trying to stay stubborn. In my ways, i want to be able to change my mind so that i can be correct and being a profit because im in a profit right now, a nice profit. What is this right now, its not huge its only about 13 but thats, still completely fine. Uh, this is obviously uh. Also. This has already been shared inside of vip, so uh. This is all of you. I mean, like i said, all the trades i make they go straight inside so definitely check that out uh by the way, if youre wondering, where im trading all of this stuff, its all happening on by bit by bit. At a time like this, with all this volatility is the best place to be, if youre, a serious trader so check it out with the link in the description down below, because when you sign up youre going to get up to three and a half thousand dollars Completely free of charge, just as a thank you for using my sign up link so definitely go ahead and check that out.

So, like i said, support down at about 53 000 is definitely making sense to me at the moment again. The other issue, though, is that if bitcoin does start to rally back up now from here or from lower levels, uh its going to have more resistance up ahead right. The fact that bitcoin is finding support here means that we could expect to find resistance here. The next time we come around to this level, if we do because nothing is guaranteed uh and then you know, we could be looking at more resistance at 60k and so on uh, the the other i mean the bullish perspective. I wanted to talk about uh, although i couldnt, because the dump happened way quicker than i thought it would um you know was that if bitcoin manages to climb above this level, not only will we have resistance up here, but we will also have support down here Because we will have flipped this old area of resistance into a new area of support, so thats, something i wanted to talk to you guys about, but unfortunately, thats not really in play anymore, because weve just lost this range, which means that for bitcoin to tackle 60k, It needs to now first break 56 uh. You know so its fighting an uphill battle. It really is its not in a good place on these short term time frames again. If we look at the four hour each imoka cloud, for example, this is no surprise.

I was telling you guys about how big this resistance cloud was uh and and how dangerous this could potentially be guys if you found those warnings useful if it helped you avoid potentially dangerous situations or anything like that. Do me a favor drop it in the comments. Tell me that was the case: throw a thumbs up, throw a like on this video subscribe to the channel, if you havent done so already and tick the bell. If you find this content useful, where ive been warning, you about bitcoin potentially being weak since it was trading around over here right, i was warning you about bitcoin, failing to set subsequently significantly higher. All time highs in this trend since before it was fashionable to even talk about it, because im keeping a contrarian mind space here, im, not allowing myself to get swept away in the. If you think that thats useful do me a favor and show the algorithm that you like this video youre gon na see more of them and youre gon na help more people see more of them as well, which allows me to keep on making these videos. So, thank you all very much for all of that support and with that i am going to be signing off just for now im going to make another video later today i might even do a live stream. This is a very, very hot market. Cardano wow cardano its just down to the key, buy area that i wanted to buy it at just nearly got there uh cardano against bitcoin losing value again, like i said, ethereum against bitcoin, probably gon na struggle thats exactly whats happening.

I already gave a lot of detail about that inside of vip im, not gon na cover it today in this public video, because its already been shared in there and look at our good friend sheba right there, like i told you seeing this big pump up, the Only thing i wanted to do was short it and its now dropped down. Unfortunately, i didnt short it, but thats completely fine. I love seeing it drop anyway uh this is uh yeah. This is very much an entertaining price chart to be watching uh and the next support for sheba im. Seeing is down here so definitely, potentially quite a disastrous. Next move coming for shuba as well uh there we go ethereum, just getting swept below that key level and bitcoin continuing to sweep lows right here. So definitely a lot of carnage but uh look things are gon na get very, very intense and thats. Usually, when were right at the end of these kind of corrections, bitcoin is not in a bear market. I think bitcoin is only in a correction, and i think that as soon as we start seeing some bigger areas of support, especially if the selling pressure still looks intense and especially if people still feel really and bearish that to me is going to be the key Key signal that this market has bottomed out so definitely keep an eye on that and with that ive got to go so hope. You have enjoyed this video and you know what to do like subscribe.