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Maybe some of their top alt coins in there, but what weve seen a lot of these funds is just going bitcoin, sometimes bitcoin and ethereum. But this is a massive massive news story. This particular retirement fund controls 46 billion dollars in assets, so even if they did just a one percent allocation to all of crypto, so the other 99 of their retirement fund is not encrypted as one percent in crypto. Well, of course, weve looked at the numbers on this channel plenty of times. Even a one percent allocation would dramatically outperform a retirement fund with a zero percent allocation and at one percent thats 460 million dollars. Another half billion dollar purchase of cryptocurrencies more money just keeps coming into the market. Another major pension fund announcing their intention to buy cryptocurrencies this, of course, social proofs it for other retirement funds that also want to get into the cryptocurrency game its massive stuff. Now, what? If theyd, like a three percent allocation, were talking about 1.5 billion dollars at that point, thats as much crypto as tesla, but caused the big big stir. Now the australian retirement fund, of course, is not as much of a brand name as tesla is obviously, but this is still a big deal all of this money coming into the market all the time it adds up a few million there, a few hundred million here, A billion there, what do we need to have a bull market continue? We need more money coming in to that market, which is exactly what is happening with stories like this.

Also, some information here before weve got the whales that are still buying up bitcoin. You can see just above my head here: bitcoin whales have been accumulating the past week. A total of 59 000 bitcoin have been added to addresses that hold between 100 110 000 bitcoin bitcoin whales are in accumulation mode. Bitcoin whales have been buying the dip. You can see exactly what happened here with bitcoin whales. They sold into strength, so they were selling just after the first new all time, high of this current market cycle and of course, they sold into the second one quite heavily as well. Now, after selling, they are buying once again getting ready, of course, for the next move up, we are in a re accumulation period for bitcoin whales know it whales are putting their money where the mouth is, and 59 000 bitcoin has a lot of bitcoin man holy Cow next bitcoin story: for you, morgan stanley, you know its a massive u.s bank, a huge financial player in in u.s markets. Well, what have they been doing recently buying more bitcoin theyre, adding more grayscale bitcoin shares to their portfolio in total, the us investment giant now has around 300 million dollars worth of bitcoin again its just another way stories to show you the incredible demand we have for These assets today we covered a pension fund thats going to start buying bitcoin. We have wales gobbling up bitcoin. Those are you know: crypto ogs, but also millionaires billionaires, all this kind of stuff.

Plus. Now we have this investment bank and look morgan stanleys been in the bitcoin game for a while, its not new them buying bitcoin, but theyre doubling down theyre buying the freaking dip. We have banks out here, buying the dip we have whales buying the dip. We have a pension fund about to buy the dip course el salvador – hopefully they get their money for their bitcoin bond soon, so they can throw a half billion bucks in and buy the dip as well its massive its massive. The demand is ever increasing and the supply on exchanges just keeps reaching new lows and its going to continue that way were gon na see, bitcoin become rarer and rarer and rarer on the market lets talk about ethereum. This is a massive milestone for ethereum, so one million ethereum has now been burnt thanks to eip1559 incredible now we have not reached a deflation point yet with ethereum. We are still in still seeing one point: two percent annual inflation fourth year and thats down from about uh. Four point: three four point: four percent: before eip: one: five, five nine so right now were seeing some days where we are actually having a negative supply issuance. But most days its around 66 percent less than it was previously so thats, obviously a massive massive deal for ethereum. This is such a big update for ethereum. You can see the economic impact happening right here before your eyes.

A million ethereum has been burnt, thats crazy theres, only like 117 118 million ethereum total in existence right now. A million of those are now gone for freaking ever burnt gone. This is crazy. Just wait until we get the triple having coming in with the moved proof of stake next year for ethereum thats, going to see a 90 reduction in the amount of ethereum being issued out as block rewards. That will take us into like a negative three percent per year, an issuance rate which is insane thats, of course, assuming that the burn rate stays as high as it does right now, which is not a certain thing once we move to proof of stake, but still Big crazy news for ethereum, i think its just great to see the economic impact of this being so damn substantial thats, a lot of ethereum man holy cow. Now, just a fun thing to share with you as well. South park talked about bitcoin. They said the money of the future is bitcoin. They also said you know we like we like ponzis and stuff like that, but uh big exposure. Of course, they have the the bitcoin only logo here on the counter, this guys checking into a hotel or something and in the video just fun, its just fun, south parks. Funny, of course, here they are talking about crypto its reaching this. This moment, where were just seeing so much mainstream media attention going into crypto, we see big tv shows like south park.

Talking about all the time we see the big food franchises. You know we talked about the burger king thing, theyre, giving away a bunch of bitcoin dogecoin and ethereum. We have other uh, you know celebrities and all this stuff going on. All of it builds up towards the picture of maine stream adoption for crypto currencies every time. Somebody hears about bitcoin every time somebody hears about nfts every time somebody hears about crypto or dogecoin or whatever it might be, youre exposing people to this asset youre, making it more and more normalized as part of our global internet culture. Crypto is not going anywhere. Man, its only getting bigger now lets talk about some nft stuff, so christies is going to hold an ethereum nft auction on open c. Now. This is a crazy partnership, because christies, of course, is one of the biggest auction houses in the world. Now sothebys one of their big competitors, theyve been doing a lot of nft auctions. In fact, theyve now started accepting ethereum at in person auctions. So you literally have people sitting in an audience saying: hey ill bid: 50 ethereum on that hey ill bid, 100 ethereum on that theyve been selling board apes, theyve been selling crypto punks. All kinds of stuff like that now christies is saying: yo were gon na get a piece of this pie too. We see how much money is being made in these nft auctions. Theyre, actually partnering up with open c.

To make that happen so were seeing this incredible crossover right now of the old world money art collectors coming into the nft space. In a serious way i mean these people are bringing in tens of billions hundreds of billions of dollars of money into this market. You see the art market, the physical art market is highly illiquid even much more liquid. You think nfts are a liquid. At least you can sell them. Open marketplaces like open sea, try and sell a picasso holy cow, these guys, its its mega mega liquid stuff and yes, its a place where they can store value and all that, but man seeing christies teaming up with open c for nft auctions. That takes us to the whole new level. Here were gon na see so much money coming in nfts with these kind of partnerships wilder world, which is just man, i cant believe wild worlds gone so crazy, but theyre finally doing their cribs sales. So this is metaverse real estate, so essentially you are going to be able to buy like an apartment in wilder miami miami which is crazy, im sure these are going to go for a lot and probably be worth just a truckload of money in the long run. Now were in a time right now, where theres really high demand for these kind of nft based assets, nft real estate, so theyre probably going to go for large sums of money. I think the hype building behind wilder world is real.

I think that people are really excited about this theyre excited about the cars theyre excited about the art, theyre excited about the metaverse and kind of the quality of whats being built and the kind of the vibe of the metaverse. Overall and now we have these land sales coming up, which are going to be massive, because look at axi, infinity, axi infinity again, is the one that is proving how insane the nft spaces nft land, massively massively valuable nft land is worth more than real land, which Is insane so a plot of land in axi infinity has just sold for 2.48 million dollars now the early investors in axi land, everybody said: oh youre, crazy. This stuffs never been worth anything. Why are you spending thousands of dollars on this land? Well now, axi infinity land has all gone up: hundreds of ex right any early believers who bought that land ended up making so much money on it. Here we go a 2.48 million dollar sale of a piece of digital land inside of a game, man its crazy. Its crazy, which is exactly why i think that land sales, for example in in wilder world or in other games like uh, my neighbor, alice high street. Any of these places are going to be valuable or at least interesting investment opportunities right. Not all the metaverses will make it not all the games will make it so if youre investing in a piece of land in a game or metaverse that just doesnt take off well its not worth anything.

But if you can find the next big game in crypto and get a piece of that pie, well a lot of potential. There love dungeon there anyway, just my two satoshis for the day. Your question: would you consider buying a piece of digital land, or is it just too crazy for you like no lark? Maybe i can buy a collectible or something nft, a digital land.