Well, ive done many videos in the past saying how this is your last chance to buy all coins how this is a great opportunity. This time things are a little bit different, so todays video. I wanted to take a minute to talk about what key things are going on in the market. I wanted to talk about some of our favorite projects like torum and also a meme coin, in particular that a lot of you guys have been requesting a review about so were gon na go over everything you need to know and if you enjoy short form, concise. No bs content that doesnt waste either of our times, make sure to drop a like on the video, as we close in on 300 000 subscribers. If you hate the content, leave a dislike. Tell me you dont, like the videos as well anyways right now. The overall crypto market is sitting at a 2.67 trillion dollar market cap and were seeing everything bounce back. Almost every single coin in the top 100 is currently in the green. After seeing a couple of days in the red key thing here with technical indicators, is that right now we are seeing that bitcoin and the entire crypto market is starting to break out into a very, very bullish place. Right now we are seeing with bitcoin. That is breaking above this rsi trend line. You can see right here drawn in this yellow breaking above that downward trend line that we had seen forming, which is a very bullish sign.

Not only that, though, when we look at the price charts on the top of the screen, we can see that bitcoin is also breaking above this downward trending pattern that we had seen form over the last couple of weeks and for much of the month of november. So this is all very bullish. Second thing is that were seeing that right now, um ethereum to bitcoin ratio right now we see that trend line every single time that we have broken above that trend line right around thanksgiving 2017 now in 2021. Well, every time we have seen it break above this um line. Well, we have seen very, very big gains for all coins in particular, and really the entire crypto market and were seeing the exact same thing to happen right now. You could see 2017 each to bitcoin as soon as we broke above it we saw massive gains. Same thing looks like its gon na happen. Now last two things with the overall market before we dive deeper into a couple of projects is first bitcoin options about the a lot of them are set to expire, and many people were thinking that bears are going to profit about 365 million dollars. But that is not looking like its going to be the case we had seen bitcoin really down significantly, we thought bears were really going to profit from all these options expiring, but as long as bitcoins price stays above 58 000 per coin.

Well, that is going to be net um. That result is going to be balanced but bears arent going to profit bulls arent going to profit, which is a good thing and also with ethereum very similar as well. Bulls are actually likely to profit about 130 million dollars. All this money is just going to be poured back into ethereum. Whenever we see all these options expire when bulls profit, they take that profit put it back into ethereum, put it back into those coins, so right now were in a great position with the overall market. In terms of technicals, in terms of all these options, expiring, things have turned around quite a bit. Quick update on one coin i wanted to talk about, in particular, was with torum the other day. We did a video, a video on torum stock. Take the symbol for this: the crypto symbol is xtm, currently its traded on kucoin. One of my favorite platforms for buying some metaverse, cryptocurrencies and torum is trying to revolutionize an entire social finance space, their web 3.0 platform that combines all the aspects we love of social media. You can, you know, have your own account post on it, but also integrates nfts, nft, avatars, decentralized, finance and more. So. All of this is very exciting, with torum, and i wanted to just do a quick little update on this because they have been making a couple of big moves. Since we last spoke, theyve officially surpassed that 170 000 users on their platform, and while it still is very early on for this coin, i think this is going to be a massive massive gainer through the next part of this bull market and its going to be A coin that you definitely want to be involved with ive personally invested my own money into this project, and one that i am very very bullish on last thing i want to talk about is a meme coin that ive gotten.

I cant even tell you how many requests for this meme point: ive gotten ive, gotten hundreds of requests to talk about this meme coin and the only way i feel felt right talking about it was not owning it, because it is a small cap, um very, like Micro cap mean coin, so i do not own any of this meme coin that ive gotten a lot of requests, so i wanted to do a bit of a review on it. The coin i wanted to talk about today is pixie enu. When i look at the project, the first thing that comes to my mind: okay, its a dog coin, theres a lot of dog coins out there, but theres a couple key differences with this, which i found pretty interesting. The first is obviously these graphics are really really well done: high quality, the website high quality as well, but thats, not enough. You know if i was doing going to invest in a meme coin, high quality website you can make in a couple of minutes. So what i did is, i did a bit of digging um after we talked in the discord about it, and i looked at their white paper. Looked at their tokenomics looked at the roadmap, and the interesting thing about pixie enu is that what theyre trying to do is not just be a meme coin, not just be a player or an nft game, theyre trying to create an entire metaverse, for they specifically say The e new generation of tokens, so many people who want to get involved in this theres, potentially a lot of upside because it has a very small market cap, but they have a very interesting road map moving forward.

So anyone who feels like they might have missed out this market cap is around like a couple million dollars, its a pretty small project and theres. Definitely a lot of upside, so some things that they say, theyre, planning on doing in their roadmap or either are already planning on launching or currently developing are a staking platform number one: an nft collection, an internal nft marketplace play to earn an nft game in a Pixie enu arcade. Not only that though, but they said that pixie tokens are also going to be used for staking in the future. On the pixie platform, allowing the generation of staking rewards in the unique currency of treat thats going to be the symbol for the staking rewards currency, so they have a lot of exciting stuff going on and a lot of tokens you know similar to this could have Similar things, but the one thing i found pretty interesting about um pixi enu was not just all of these different things that theyre talking about in the roadmap, not just the website, but the last thing i found pretty interesting was actually when you take a look. A little bit deeper at their tokenomics and their roadmap, so the first thing with their tokenomics right now in terms of total supply, the total supply is right at 1 trillion coins that is not so high when youre talking about meme coins or crypto a lot of Them have a lot higher supply.

The second thing is that theyre burning, a significant amount of tokens 20 of the tokens, were burned at the initial launch of the token. So that was you know people like to see scarcity. People like to see that third thing is that theyre continuing to burn tokens um as the project continues to develop over time about 19.7 of that, and you know, theres a bunch of other things that arent as crucial. But ultimately they are, you know, burning tokens. They dont have that large of a supply, and all of that is pretty good when youre talking about a meme coin, last thing is going to be with the road map. When i look at the roadmap right now, their website v1 launch. I think that already happened now were on v2. They talk about being listed on coin market cap and coin gecko, so its very new still. But ultimately, when you look at development, when you look at what theyre planning on doing in terms of cex listings, they have a lot of exciting stuff to look forward to so, like i said i dont own this coin, theres no reason for me to pump this Coin up its not going to benefit my wallet for this coin, to double triple quadruple: 10x in price – i dont own it, but i wanted to talk about it because everyone has been asking me to talk about pixie enu in the comments been private messaging me on Discord been private messaging me on instagram, and i thought it was worth giving it a look last couple things about this coin.

So while i dont own it right now, like ive, said and im not gon na buy it at least until a couple days after the video, if i do which ill, let you guys know the discord but right now. What i see with this is that theyre, not just a normal meme coin, because most meme coins they just throw together a website. They just throw together something basically that i can make in an hour or two a website, and they put some images on the website. Its very easy to do and its very easy for anyone to make a crypto the difference with this one is that you can see theres high quality designs. You can see all of the like effort theyve put into this, and the road map is really detailed. Theyve written, like dozens of articles on medium, which is a platform to you, know, write articles about their roadmap about their tokenomics about um how to buy it about just an introduction why they came up with idea in the first place. So, as a result of this, i think its an interesting project. If people want to get into it, i think theres definitely a lot of upside to the project. The only thing that i looked at that you know what i would maybe like better that i would say: okay, this is a better buy than than what were already seeing is if the team was a little bit more transparent on the website.

Right now, when you see a number of projects, all of the team members potentially for any project that you see online could be fake. These could very well be real. They could be fake, you never know, but the key thing here is that maybe in the future, as they continue to develop and continue to, you know grow, maybe they reveal exactly. Who are these four team members? We see kaioshi yoda omni finance the great baba. Those are obviously not their names so seeing in the future that maybe well see names of these people released, seeing that um theyre a little bit more transparent, maybe get fully doxxed. That would definitely be a another push to make me want to invest, but when looking at a meme coin, you got to look at all of these different things. You have to look at. Have they been audited? You have to look at what is going on with their roadmap. You have to look at whats going on with the tokenomics. You have to look at whats going on with the team and all of that right now for this project. It is still very early on too early for me to invest personally, but if youre looking to take a bit of a risk, you want to say you know, you want to see 100 200 x gains like this coin is very possible, its very easy to see That happen so well see what happens there theyre going to be releasing their own nft collection soon they are releasing a number of things on their twitter, their telegram and in their discord.

So let me know your thoughts on this project. I personally love the graphics. The graphics are probably the most interesting one ive seen, especially these little gifs. They have moving on the screen and i like the roadmap, so maybe, as i continue to roll out more and more ill, invest in it personally, but as of this moment, i do not own any. I am not making this video just to um pump up my own holdings, i dont own any of this coin, but if youd like you can go ahead and buy it just going to their website, click buy and it is on uni swap remember any coin. You buy on uni swap has high gas fees doesnt matter. What coin you buy? Every single coin has high gas fees theres no way to get around that so thats whats going on with this coin, i hope you enjoyed todays video im, really curious to see your thoughts on it because i know this was a highly requested coin. To talk about. So let me know your thoughts on pixie enu. Let me know your thoughts on torum and all the other things going on with the market.