A lot of people are pulling out too early and not enjoying the rest of the ride, and so in this video i want to look at ways that you can avoid the early pull out and ensure that you get to where you want to go and not Miss out on any of the good times so make sure youve smashed the likes or touched it. If youre on your iphone there dont break that screen subscribe to the channel bell notification, icon, follow us on instagram and twitter. Official links are down below and we also have the black friday special, going on right now, 200 bucks off this price right here use black friday, 200 off at the checkout by clicking here and theres, also patreon down below, as well with a special there. So a couple of days left jump on board that if you want to learn more about trading cryptocurrency and investing full time back to the regrets of pulling out too early – and this comes up so many times in comment – sections on the videos, especially when i talk About selling some of the crypto, not all of it, just selling some of it so that you can then reinvest these profits somewhere else. So theres going to be a couple of problems that lie here. Some people go all in and all out you dont need to do that. It takes more work to take some profits and then reinvest it somewhere else and then keep watching another position.

Other people they want to take it easy, throw all the money in and just hold on and hope for the best that this crypto will do a two three or four hundred x at some point in the future. The problem with both of these is on the one hand, maybe it does do a two three or four hundred x, but then it retreats eighty ninety percent. Ninety 95, like weve, seen with axi early on from the top to the bottom here its about 80 85, and so these things happen, youre, not really sure when its going to happen. So the big picture bitcoin is looking pretty decent. Weve got some good highs going on here or building a position to break through to the highs. My target is still sixty one thousand dollars. So what ive? What im saying here is bigger picture whats going on bitcoin still bullish, also ethereum whats, going on there. Its still looking reasonably bullish, especially against the bitcoin value, so i still think ethereum is going to take off here and then blow bitcoin away and eventually were going to get the flipping. Hopefully, you know this just means that the investment in ethereum is going to be a lot better and, of course, bitcoin will still go up in this period, and that just means that were looking at the flow of the macro environment being that its still bullish. So then, that helps with the smaller term pictures so that we can avoid the regrets in these small cryptocurrencies that were holding they will drop 80 or 90 and weve seen it within the macro bullish cycle, when bitcoin went down 55 percent and ethereum around 65 percent.

These cryptos were going down 85 percent, which is almost unheard of in any other industry, but then the regret lies by selling out and watching the market flow on to 160 dollars from the previous uh tops that were sitting around 11 12 13. Now, going back to the regret that people have selling out a two or three x sure you can take some profits, but try not to pull everything out at that single point in time. If you believe that it has the potential to do 100 or 200x, if you only think it has the potential to do a 4 or 5x, then maybe a 3x is ok as well, but rather than having the regret by not holding these things to two three. Four hundred percent profit, which you can see from early on in these cryptos to the highs theres, almost a thirty thousand percent return, so theres your three hundred x on uh axi in this case. In that case, you can take some profits on the way up, because most people, if theyre new to crypto and new to investing because they havent invested in anything else before and then they start the journey in something that is extremely volatile. Like cryptocurrency theyre not going to have the nerves or the plan or the understanding of how to hold through these periods and then watch the market fall back against them. Im sure everyones been through the case where their portfolio has gone from uh pick.

A number thousand bucks were sitting at around a five dollar axi and now weve shot up to nearly thirty dollars. So weve gone six x there youve got a thousand to six thousand dollars, but then you see it more than drop drop by more than fifty percent against you, and you think why didnt i just sell out then im going to sell out here at 3000 because Im still up from my thousand dollars, and so you get out at your 2 or 3x rather than holding in, because the macro environment is still bullish. Its still got a lot of room to move. So the way to avoid that mistake is just take some profits on the way up. Where could you set those targets? The first thing is using some fib extensions to have a look at where these areas might hit, as some resistance maybe take some profits there, knowing full well that the market can continue going on in the favor of the bull market, in which case you have to Suck it up possibly buy back in at a higher price than what you sold out at and then continue on with the trend and follow up with some stops. This is just trading in cryptocurrencies or in any other markets. The same strategy that you would use there. The hardest part is the mental game in being able to do that, play getting in and getting out and, of course, youve got to worry about your taxes as well, but thats thats the biggest problem there.

A recent example for me is on cro, so ive been mentioning this to our members, the investor accelerator members and i saw the market run up and im thinking. Well, i probably should take some profits here because it started to take over a fair chunk of my trading portfolio so as it starts to break through some highs im. Okay, with that, we come into some all time. High territory or some previous tops take a little bit of profits. Watch it retreat come back onto old support, and then it takes off again and i think well, the markets still got more legs in it. Weve broken through. We came back and tested this old high here, which was just set a few days earlier, and then it took off again and now were not getting any pullbacks on the way up, and this has been the deepest correction so far on the whole way up. So now i start to look at well, should i be taking all of my position out here or just some more so that i can balance my portfolio and then wait to see if we get higher prices, because we are hitting a major resistance point so use This across the other cryptos that youre looking to trade as well and im, going to look at a few in just a moment because were seeing metaverse just taking a break. Some things are still moving some things arent and were seeing a lot to do in the layer, 1 and layer 2 of the smart contract ecosystem.

Take a look at the coin market cap here, so weve got bitcoin moving up a little bit ethereum, which weve looked at binances in the positive today in the last 24 hours, avax has gone on a massive run, so we dont expect that to do the same Sort of returns as what its done in the past, but it has been moving pretty well matic, is also doing extremely well at the moment. This is something that i put out to the members just yesterday, looking at the chart and just showing why i think this is looking pretty strong, and so then, in the background, we also see ethereum doing quite well at the moment as well. So this will probably all play into the same narrative of the layer, 1 layer, 2 smart contract, starting to have a bit of a move on yet to be confirmed, but at least were starting to see some of the flow moving over that way now, im not Bearish on the metaverse gaming nft, anything like that at all, there are still plenty of those cryptos in my portfolio. Metaverse obviously had its peak in october in google trend words because facebook changing to meta now its sort of flattened out, which is not a bad thing, especially if we want to see some more consolidation and higher prices. But what we are seeing is the terms of crypto and bitcoin increasing in google search terms, thats a good thing for the the continuation of the bull market.

Now weve got plenty of big names, still talking about metaverse being huge coming up in the next few years. Doesnt mean we wont, see an 80 90 correction on some of these cryptocurrencies. So have it in your plan to either take some profits on the way up, so you can reinvest them later or just hold on for the ride and find another source of income to bring in to your investments, whichever they may be so grayscale says: metaverse trillion Dollar market opportunity huge things still coming, but this is the sort of news that we expect in a bull market. You dont really expect people to come out and just talk it down, because everyone is going to turn their noses up to it and not even listen. Thats just what happens in bull markets, you try and say, sell some crypto at the top. People will bite your head off or you say, buy something at the bottom and they dont believe you look at ada at the moment it looks like its having a really hard time. All the bad news is out, and then we see an update. Looking at eth were still getting a lot of eath being burnt a million each are now burned, bringing the total to around 4.6 billion dollars. Rewards 6.8 billion so were still at a net increase of eth coming into the market, but eventually the idea is that it will become neutral or negative. Looking at the flipping were getting very close to eath flipping bitcoin as well so im just looking at stuff.

That plays into the macro environment of ethereum, taking a look at the charts for the bullishness on some of my favorite cryptocurrencies. Of course, ethereum is here. Weve looked at this many times, weve been following this. The chart is very much winding up for a solid breakout against its btc value. So you can see these tops coming in weve got resistance at the top here at point: zero, eight, so eight percent of bitcoin and the wind up is looking pretty damn good at the moment. We never got near this halfway point this fifty percent, which to me is extra bullish on the fifty percent is fine, but if it doesnt even make it there and we get multiple bottoms with higher bottoms forming and then top starting to break out its bullish. On top of bullish, on top of bullish, eventually well get a pretty big move, usd has had a great day yesterday, broker top and then also back above the previous old, all time high as well. So this is looking pretty good in the short term to build up to this bigger long term, narrative matic again on the way up. It has just been crushing it over the last few days broke through the 50 level and on the back of ethereum. Looking so strong id expect matic to also look quite strong as well now im not taking all of these trades, because im only one human and ive ive got enough in the portfolio at the moment.

But this is one of those times now where i would be confident on buying matic. I was absolutely smashed in may when i didnt want to buy a matic and it bounced and people said youre crazy. I said if you wanted to trade thats your trade there, but going forward dead dead, tried, failed, failed. You can see the failed attempts here and bang on 50. Another low came in so it attempted again failed at 50. We got the higher low in november. Now it is making the attempt to break higher on a higher low above 50 percent, aiming towards the next 50. This is what im liking right now. So, for me, patience is a huge game may through to now late november, six months, im patient in my trades, and i expect them to pay off because of the patience that i have there. Matic usd is also looking very similar. Now people say why dont you just buy it at the low when it was 70 or 80 cents, because i was buying seoul that did more than a 10x. At that point, i was buying cro, which has done a 10x im buying other cryptos, rather than blowing it all on these small gains which havent gone anywhere, and i can see from the btc chart, which i encourage a lot of you guys to do as well. This is your extra signal to tell you when a crypto is looking like its ready to move out, so i think matic has got some good run here.

Roon is also in this case. Looking like it wants to have a break and sure it had three bucks, which is a good value, 13 bucks at the moment, not so bad either. But if you take a look at roon btc, then you can start to see that maybe the wind up is ready to play out and its time for a rune position, otherwise youre sort of holding through here. While you see everyone else making gains and then the mentality comes in that you go well, i need to sell out of this position. You jump into something else, thats at a higher price, and then that drops – and you play the shuffling game that loses your money when youre in a bull market, so the patience really plays off at the end of the day in order to stay into these positions. Sand, on the other hand, is at these tops, maybe its a shooting star, either way im not saying to sell the entire bag here, but you dont want to have the regret of it. Moving against you, while maybe the momentum shifts somewhere else. On the other hand, 750 760 – for this thing to double it needs to get to 15 bucks 16 bucks, depending where you bought it. If you were buying it at these highs because of everyone talking about it when the market is high, now, if youve been buying it at these earlier stages, maybe you want to take a little profits and move them somewhere else, because from this area up theres a Lot less room for it to move to get those gains, something like matic and roon have a bit more room to move.

Of course, i can completely be wrong on all this, but this is just how i would rotate my portfolio from old to new and then back again. So if you want to avoid those regrets of selling out of these cryptocurrencies dont take everything out at the one time. Of course, i cant give you financial advice. You have to put it into your plan and decide. Do i want to take some profits out at 2x, 3x, maybe 5x, and then leave some in there to see it run? I hope that you guys arent in this position, but if youve taken some profits by all means, youre doing pretty well compared to a lot of people at the end of the day, dont ever regret taking profits, and if there are other two or three hundred xs There make sure youre watching the highs and then get back in suck up the ego and the pride that you sold lower and if you see the trend coming, then you can get back in and get in higher stick around to the end of the video. So you can see these playlists pop up to help you with your exit strategies and building your portfolio while youre there hit the like and subscribe button down below. If you found some value from it and, of course, theres the black friday special at the top of the video description, tia premium 200 bucks off using the codes go down there, black friday, 200 off ill.