As well, if you do enjoy v chain updates, you should subscribe to this channel because we are going to be the number one channel for vechain weve called it way long time ago and were going to continue to do so on this channel so make sure to Subscribe aside from that theres time stamps down below, so i dont need to waste your time or mine and lets hop right into the video, alright, so hopping right into it. The first thing you guys need to know is theres two types of v chain: tokens, theres v chain and then theres also v thor. Okay, the easiest way to understand it is that v chain is used to transact value over the network right and you can stake it to get a small percentage of each vthor tokens now v. Thor is valued at a considerably lower market cap, as you guys can see. This is sitting at 381 million, while v chains at 8 billion, and it is actually the gas that is used for the network. So a lot of times youll see this government government type of tokens, governance, type of tokens, kind of be the higher market cap, because theyre more of the brand behind it and usually their utility – has developed over time v chain, isnt too bad in this case, and Then you have the um other one, which is the gas which usually has an infinite total supply. So it kind of gives you two options.

Neither one is necessarily a bad investment, its just kind of up to you, and now you guys know exactly why or what each one of them does. So what is v chain and why would it be worth possibly buying some well v chain – is a crypto made to enhance supply chain management. So when you buy something from the store, you get it from a place that goes through a supply chain. Vechain is going to totally revolutionize this process. It will also allow you to scan the product that you buy in a store and see exactly how that product was made, where it came from everything that you can possibly want to get just from scanning, with your phone through the blockchain, which is going to make Sure its verifiable and secure and that you know nothing fish is going on, and that is obviously the point of decentralization so um its just as equally useful for the customers as it is for the suppliers. And this is why im so bullish on it, because its going to be able to streamline the product tracking management um, you know for the suppliers and its going to be totally decentralized right on on a unbiased system. Obviously, there is some centralized mechanisms inside of it, but thats also necessary when youre taking a decentralized system and and trying to basically use it to fix a centralized system right um. So there is going to be some type of merge going on there, but the great part about it is: you know we can be investing into it and actually make profit off of exactly whats going on here.

Okay, so its pretty amazing now lets get into some of the partnerships of v chain, all right, so lets get into the complete list of v chain: partnerships uh. This is a huge highlight for v chain and why it is so bullish and has so much long term potential when i say a cryptos going to enter the top 10. What im really saying is this is going to have sustainable long term survivability and its also going to you know, as the crypto market grows in trillions and trillions of dollars – 10 trillion to be golds market cap um, possibly even up to 90 trillion to take out Stocks because we do have real utility in crypto with things like v chain uh, if this is a top 10 realistically, we cant put a true price on it, although we will do some type of a price prediction, but it is very difficult to put a true Price on it – and i think this is why they have so many unique and um strategically placed partnerships that is going to allow them to really be successful. When we talk about the longevity of supply chain management, blockchains, which we are going to get into some of the competitors in a second here, but one of the biggest partnerships is china national level partnership. It says this area has demanded it to become the center of high tech industries in west china, with a focus on big data, blockchain and cloud computing.

Some of the companies that are that will launch in operations in this new area are china, mobile, microsoft, apple ibm and some others. So the new zones for testing innovative technologies to improve the efficiency of the chinese government vechain is mandated to be the blockchain technology partner of the government to plan design and implement blockchain power processes for the government of this new area. Okay. So this is really amazing and people, a lot of people jump to can jump and kind of say well why isnt the price, higher or or um, why isnt all of china using it theres a process to this guys were still very early into into crypto. Crypto? Has a real utility stocks are just something you buy and sell, and stocks are sitting up here at 90 trillion and cryptos all the way down here at 3 trillion. Okay, you cant even see my other hand. This is for 3 trillion, so there are steps that have to go in order to slowly make this adopted by the world right and we are watching. The steps happen right and, if you, and if youre, if youre research enough right, do your own research and and really tune in youre, actually seeing quite clearly these developments taking step. Okay, and that is why we are entering into these markets early, especially when we, when were not near all time, highs like we are now. Okay and its very likely well surpass them again.

We also have bmw here as well. This is another great partnership um. If we continue to scroll down one of the biggest ones i want to talk about here, if we keep going, is you guys can see where theres a lot here but walmart? So obviously this is a location in china, but walmart is one of the biggest people that is probably going to need, help with supply chain management and of course they are getting help from the v chain. Thor block chain right so back to v thor. So this is really crazy. Um, you guys can already see with these partnerships lined up where this is going to go and you youre going to be very hard pressed, i think, to see in the future this not at least contend for a top 10 spot. So if we go to the discord, make sure to join the discord link down in the description below anyone could do this command. If you joined the discord, i did dash compare v chain to dogecoin now v chain, so dogecoins number 10 thats. The reason i compared them and v chain sitting all the way down here at 26.. If v chain was at dogecoins price, it would be 43 cents. So absolutely crazy. You guys can already see that theres a massive potential here, um with a 4x, but i just think that doesnt do it just just justice, because this is just it competing with a meme coin: okay, uh! When we talk about the real future of this, we talk about the whole crypto market growing as a whole, when a v chain does stay in the top 10 spot.

We are possibly looking at um below a trillion dollar market cap just below a trillion or even above a trillion dollar market cap depending if the um you know whole world decides to start to adopt the um v chain, specific solution for supply management. Now last thing i want to go over before we end the video is um, basically the competitors all right so getting into the um competitors. We do have origin trail. This is a cryptocurrency. We did talk about on the channel before um theyre sitting around 623 million dollar market cap. Their partnerships are not as great as v chain and i think v chain is going to be probably the worldwide winner here. Um realistically, you know all around the world. You get a lot of projects or products coming from out of china, and it just makes sense for v chain to be the winner here uh. So i do think origin trail can go very very far. I love the name like track like youre tracking things um. They have a beautiful website, um and – and they did, you know, really see some good adoption, especially when we talk about price range, but i think ultimately, uh v chain will be victorious here, and this is the next runner up. So you can see uh its kind of a clear path for v chain to win here. I i like to bring up the competitors also to kind of open your guyss perspective.

You know not just throw something in your face and say: oh you should get this one. This is the best no lets look at our competitors. Lets compare um and right now, im still leaning towards v chain um, just based off of you know, partnerships mainly because i think that is is whats. The key aspect of what kind of solution to the supply chain management is going to be. The victor. Do i wish the best for origin trail? Yes, and i may be actually get invest in the future, especially if this dips down more because, at the end of the day, um, we do want to see interoperability in cryptocurrency, so its never bad. If we have more than one solution to a problem aside from that guys, thank you so much for watching if you did enjoy the video, if you want all things v, chan, all v chain updates. This is my intro video um, because after this video were going to go deep down and deep dives into v chain technical analysis, v chain, fundamental analysis, v chain news – everything you guys need to know my v chain, um, every everything about v chain. Okay, so mass will be subscribed. Lets start from that.