The s p is having its worst day for futures in nine months, and we are seeing a broad stock market sell off thanks to a new strain of covet. Again and youre not going to like what i have to say about it, but we must talk because theres a lot of information to know and we got to strategize together so lets get right into it. Right after i mentioned that today. Not only are we going to have a black friday sale on stocks, but we also have the expiration of my black friday sale for the programs on building your wealth link down below expire at 11. 59 pm. If you get the stocks on psychology and money group, remember you get all of my buy sell notifications. So when i shorted the market two days ago and people thought i was funny for shorting the market, maybe it was a good idea. Maybe paying off margin was a good idea, maybe trimming some little overpriced. Crypto was a good idea anyway. Lets talk and strategize, because comments on youtube can sometimes be a little funny when there could be strategy in investing anyway. So right now were experiencing massive uncertainties. Brent oil is down, five percent, crypto is selling off. Turkey is having a crisis and weve got covid. Lets talk about this new variant of covid because its a disaster. First, we have two cases of this new, potentially south africa variant ill, explain why we believe its a south africa variant, although that is just speculation at this point.

Two cases of this new covet variant, uh in first discovered in south africa. Scientists have described it as very different and of a serious concern because there are significantly more mutations around the spike proteins, which is exactly what vaccines a target. The new variant currently is called b.1.1529, b1, 1529 theres, technically no greek letter. Yet, however, it is likely going to be nu. The greek letter n pronounced new, i believe travel stocks are obviously declining the largest. We have four cases in shanghai that have been transmitted locally and dont worry. This gets a lot worse than two cases in four cases. Okay, im just going down the list here. Shanghai has four cases of this new variant that have already been transmitted locally. The two in shanghai – and this is particularly concerning – are known to have had the pfizer vaccine, implying that this variant could be vaccine resistant. We just dont know yet. Certainly a high number of mutations in this as well now were unsure if this one is more transmissible or more lethal, but so far it does potentially look like its more transmissible. However, one person who has this variant in a shanghai hotel apparently spread it to someone across the hotel corridor unrelated. However, the traveler from south africa who came from south africa to go to shanghai used a a mask. Presumably an n95 mask with a valve, come on. Folks, the ones with the valves are meant for construction.

They give no protection to other people around you, not cool, so in other words, somebody was traveling with this mask with the valve spewing co, with it everywhere, botswana, which uh is close to south africa, reported four cases in people that are fully vaccinated. We now have 100 confirmed cases in south africa of this variant and this potentially evolved from an aids infected patient, uh, immunocompromised age aids. Patients have also been suspected to potentially incubate more variants. Uh. South africa has 8.2 million people with hiv aids the most in the world, and experts per bloomberg believe that the beta variant also arose last year from an hiv infected person in south africa now case counts. So far about a hundred. However, the new uh in early pcr test results. It looks like uh. This new variant makes up about 90 of cases in south africa, thats thats a much faster takeover than what were used to for new variants. In fact, this is. This is somewhat alarming. I dont want to be dr fudd here, okay, but if you want to call me dr fudd, because im sharing information, it doesnt matter to me its just comments, but anyway take a look at this. The new variant is spreading rapidly in south africa and appears to be out competing other variants, much faster than previous variants did. This is bad because look at this, it took about uh 80 days for lets, see well actually lets see.

It took about 75 days for the delta variant to be the 80 percent common uh variant. It took about uh lets, see a hundred days for the beta variant to make up about 50 percent of cases. Well so far, its only taken about 15 to 20 days for the new b1 variant to be over 80 of new cases, thats very, very bad. This is just another example of how much faster uh this this virus is having a competitive edge over some of the other variants, and this is why youre starting to see a flight to safety in the stock market, specifically away from travel and leisure. The united kingdom is banning flights from six african countries and quarantining travelers were expecting containment in china to expand uh, regular kovid, well, the delta variant. Now a regular variant is, is also creating uh or experiencing substantial issues. Uh in germany, we just hit a record high of 76 414 new cases. This is a record high uh. The aussie retailers did report skyrocketing sales thanks to easing lockdowns, but this new uh covet variant could change things, but a 4.9 increase in consumer spending in australia, which is good, but that good news holds no candle to what were experiencing now. Regarding this variant, israel has already discovered a case of this new variant, and the world health organization has not been able to determine uh exactly how severe or how concerning this variant is, because it has so many mutations that they just actually dont know.

Yet how it might react so far, just from data we are seeing this uh a lot more concerning than other variants. At the same time, youve got turkey that is having a complete disaster with their economy. President uh erdogan, uh erdogan, rather has interfered with uh his central bank, as hes now quote, waged a war of in independence, cutting interest rates to try to fight inflation. Yeah youve got all these crazy things going on in the market right now, so you got china. You got the covet variant. You got turkey, its crazy, like turkey is falling apart on turkey like right after turkey day its crazy, but anyway uh. Apparently, the president of turkey believes that when you have 20 inflation, rather than raising rates to fight high inflation, you should you should cut rates from 19 to 15 percent. This is leading the lira to plummet relative to the dollar, its down 40 percent over the year. It dropped 15 percent on tuesday. Its dropping more today were expecting massive ecommerce spending black friday spending today and, of course, cyber monday spending were expecting uh somewhere around 5.1 to 5.4 billion dollars of online sales. This thursday thats yesterday well see what the numbers are. So when, as soon as we get them today, now we are expecting record spending over this black friday and uh. Of course, cyber monday were expecting over 36 billion dollars to be spent in retail and online, well see how much this new variant holds.

Anything back, although we dont have any confirmed cases of this new variant in the united states, yet uh evergrand by the way, has yet to comply with certain conditions that are due for certain bonds. Uh here here the this week, which is not good so evergrands down like 8.6 or at least, was earlier uh and uh the eu worth noting going back a little bit to covet here before we get to the sticks. The eu is now recommending a nine month time limit on coveted vaccines for travel. This is based on the previous variance, which is not ideal because it kind of kills the whole, like hey, im, vaccinated im, good thing, unless you continue to get boosters. If you look at the forex market, youve got a lot more activity than usual in the german futures. Market youve actually got a 30 day average of 70 000 contracts trading volumes right now, at 300, 000 in early trading now uh lets talk about whats going on. In the actual market, lets look at the sticks and lets come up with a strategy. Of course. Folks, if you like my perspective and you want daily market, live streams with me when the market is open and you want to get some of my buy sell alerts before i announce them publicly check out the stocks in psychology of money group. It is the top selling program you can even bundle up with some of the other programs.

We have use that black friday coupon code, because the price will be going up. All right lets see what we got here. Look at this folks, matterport down. Nine percent looks like the metaverse is going to have to take a backseat to covid youve got carnival cruise lines down 12 percent canoe down 10 percent norwegian down 9.41. Look at that carnivals at 1774., united airlines down eight percent loose its down eight percent. By the way, i have an active short going on lucid, so thats gon na be printing a little bit of money here when we, when we open up uh weve, got uh lets, see here, delta nano dimension. I mean all these things down: seven percent of the pre market here this is a disaster. American airlines, gevo amc is down six percent. I literally just closed my sold puts, which is a bullish thing last week on amc and took my attendees. I still have the shares, but uh literally announced that trade last week, but again these are, i cant, announce everything publicly like. I also explained why i sold all of my neo position about a couple of weeks ago when it was previously running right now. Neo down about 5.5 percent 5.6 dede made a whole video on dd down about 6.29 percent. I expect that to actually worsen so far down 5.6 upstarts down uh youve got uh gms down blackberries down, i mean this is just everythings being sold lemonades down another four percent: uh sun power down four percent tattooed chef down four percent teslas down three point: seven: Seven percent: i also sold some tesla about a hundred dollars higher than where we are right.

Now i im telling you i did a lot of selling leading up to this crisis because im like the markets, just too euphoric ive got too many indicators of of too much uh of too much excitement too much just buy anything and im gon na wait. A little bit before going crazy and buying and now were getting a little bit of a larger selloff here, oh uh, beyond me, down about uh, two percent uh pinterest down. Okay, now were getting to about two percent here in terms of uh things that are up worth, noting that ocugen is actually up about 21. Moderna is up eight point, eight percent, maybe because they werent mentioned like pfizer. Although lets see how pfizer is – or this is encouraging people to want to get boosters no boost, uh pfizer is also up about five percent zoom. Eight percent not a surprise that zoom and peloton and teledoc would be up about eight and five percent. Roku up netflix up looks like your traditional pandemic. Stay at home plays or uh or are definitely ruining their heads again so theres a question here: does it make sense to potentially buy docusign which has sold down recently or zoom or peloton, all of which are actually at relative historic lows? Right now lets now go ahead and hop on over to crypto, because it is not a pretty whats going on over at crypto. I imagine all of the uh uncertainties are leading to essentially a flight to safety.

Now i did trim a chunk of crypto, which i also sent out in the stocks: psychology mining group uh, but anyway significantly, because i expected crypto to fall to about the 40 or bitcoin to fall to the 44 000 44. It was like seven, forty, four thousand seven hundred dollar resistance level, uh and and support level, and it actually did uh it. Finally did it fell to uh 44 706 before it popped off. So our technical analysis on point teach that as well by the way in the stocks and psychology mining group, but anyway, uh bitcoin is sitting down at about fifty five thousand one hundred right now, ethereum still holding on above four thousand at four thousand. Ninety five cardano uh, the etoro news, did not help at all, even though its a smaller exchange, its sending a lot of fear uh, this ones down. Fifteen percent down four percent today, not as much as solana, solana, down about six point: six polka dot down about eight point: four avalanche down: eleven sheaves only down 1.79, not that bad at all, uh wheres, doge doge about 7.26 decentral am telling you folks. People are now selling off the metaverse 16.08 axi down 8.7. You got the sandbox down 13, so definitely fear striking the crypto sector as well, and really what this feels like is just absolute broad, based selling across the board. Due to these new covet fears, the the dd fears uh fears across the board.

All these indices here are wrong. Lets just go to and get our current futures. So current futures we go to indice futures tab here, its a free website. You can use by the way you get access to all of the any recommendations that i have for news or whatever you get those as well in stocks and psychology, money uh you get lifetime access to the program as well, but anyway, as you can see here, The dow futures down 875 points down 2.44 s, p 500 down just over two percent of 2.09 small cap. This is really the russell. It also affects travel stocks. Four point: six: one percent of the downside volatility up: seventeen percent and uh the uh nasdaq uh. Sorry this, this being the russell, i hope i said that correctly uh, the um nasdaq being down the least at one point: five or one percent, obviously uh still a little bit of people taking risk off of the table, but uh. You know if youre gon na have to pick some stocks. You almost may as well pick some potential tech stocks, but anyway uh yeah. This is this is definitely moving. The market here lets see here. Arc k is down about 2.5. That does mean my inverse play, which is not really a short, its just a swapping the return uh. This is uh technically right now up four point: four percent uh not much higher than where i paid for it, because it was a little upside down previously, but well see how this opens up uh into the morning, uh trading, so anyway, uh.

This gives you a little bit of a pre market update here a little wild whats going on, but boy, oh boy, folks, uh buckle up. Hopefully, this was useful information to you if it was consider sharing this video, so anybody you know, can get up to speed with exactly whats going on in the market. I am considering making some trades here this morning either buy the dip trades for some hedge trades.