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com coin. We, of course, have seen an increase in price absolutely astronomically over the last several weeks because of some major catalysts that have happened with this coin. Taking a look at some of the data here as well, were back under a 20 billion dollar market cap 19.9 billion dollars. This is up 15.48 in total. Their fully deluded market cap is 24 billion dollars in total, and we have seen a decrease in the volume of this coin being traded. This is a good thing and a bad thing. First of all, it is not good because we would hope that people are continuing to trade which will drive the price upwards, but of course we do know that uh the last couple of days people have been either cyber. You know black friday shopping its been thanksgiving. So we havent seen quite as much volume in general now im hoping that people hold on to these coins. I think that this is a great opportunity to buy. We are still hitting that resistance point of under a dollar, but once we go ahead and pass that psychological standpoint, there is a great opportunity to move upwards and its like theyre, not like there. Isnt plenty to go around were looking at a total circulating supply of about 25.26 billion and total supply of just over 30 billion cro coin coins available. As of now last 24 hour trading activity, we have of course, seen a massive uptick in price.

Over the last seven days, we have a very close point: almost hit a dollar as well. We hit 96 cents once again that psychological standpoint is, you know a little bit tough once once you get close to a dollar, you either need to surpass it or bounce off of it. We do see a bit of a price correction here as well. We are actually expecting this. We of course, did hit that peak once we ever. Whenever we do hit peaks, we will see a bit of a price correction. This is just natural as a lot of the people that have been accumulating. For all of this time will, of course, sell off their positions at the high point, but i do believe that, as this coin is a you know, a great utility moving forward and given space uh within the crypto space. They, of course, are gon na be moving upwards. It is still a very early time to buy. This is a great early adoption opportunity. I would highly recommend continuing to add your position. If you already have some. I of course continue every time to buy the dip. This is a great opportunity here and, of course, you could have gotten it for as cheap as 67 cents, just in the last couple of days. So once again, looking incredibly well sitting here in the top handful of coins as well, we are sitting at number 13.. There is a great opportunity, a and a buy signal here on coin market cap.

This is over a uh, a sort of general red day in the market, as we have seen – finance coin, of course, moving upwards, but everything else does seem to be real. Moving down relatively strongly, of course, usd coins sitting under a dollar which is a little bit ironic, but once again, coin and tara being so two of the top 15 uh that are still moving up in the right direction. Of course, we have seen a bit of a red day across the market, buying uh, sorry, bitcoin and ethereum down here as well. Of course, uh you know were just over forty one hundred dollars for an ethereum after hitting nearly 5 000 earlier this month and bitcoin. Once again, under 55 000, so once again great opportunities here to buy the dip as we continue to move forward. But one of the reasons that i do think that we have a great opportunity here with coin is because of everything that they have been doing. As of late, so first of all, we do know that they have had a one billion dollar marketing campaign with uh. You know different places in in sports. One of the major ones is the now formally known as staples center as of christmas day. This is, per the los angeles time, goodbye staples center, arena. Of course, this is the downtown los angeles venue, home of the lakers clippers kings and sparks well wear this new name for 20 years under a deal between singapore, cryptocurrency exchange and aeg, the owner and operator of the arena.

Of course, they paid more than 700 million dollars for the naming rights for 20 years. This is according to sources familiar with the terms making it one of the largest naming deals in sports history. Of course, the new logo will debut on december 25th, when the lakers host the brooklyn nets and all of staples center signage will be replaced with the new name by june of 2022 crypto.coms chief executive chris marcelic hopes that the new name will be a sign of The times, quoting in the next few years, people will look back at this moment as the moment when crypto crossed the chasm into the mainstream. This is once he reaches home in uh in hong kong. This is such a brilliant move for the guys at aeg, because the next decade belongs to crypto and this positions la and the particular venue right in the center of it. Of course, aeg owns a number of sports teams, including the kings and galaxy, as well as a lot of the venues, including la live and londons o2 arena. They once again said that you know a blockchain finance company was just the thing for downtown la its a bit of a match made in heaven and when we think about the type of brands wed like to partner with is the most unique branding platform to Make a statement in drive adoption and were looking for an innovative forward thinking company to help us chart a course for the future of sports and entertainment events.

But this, of course, is not the only sponsorship that we have seen with, which is why we have moved upwards at such a drastic rate as of late. Of course, they also sponsored latin americas leading soccer competition, starting in 2022 2023. They also plan to develop competition related nfts. There is also a great opportunity here for everybody. Crypto is on the rise. It is a very early day of adoption. So far i for one am very happy to have. You know increased my portfolio with regards to what im investing im about 50 securities right now and 50 crypto, because i do believe that the crypto will be. You know sort of one of the more appreciating assets that we have moving into the future and places like, not only in their own individual coin, but sort of in the general space is going to be a massive, a massive opportunity. Of course, their marketing campaign has paid off. They have exploded in value quadrupling in value just in november, of course, but it says in this article they hit a high of 79 cents. As we do know, we did hit 96 cents, so just under a dollar, and it was trading at just 20 cents at the start of the month. Now the price comes. I made a broader period of consolidation in most crypto markets, with bitcoin trading down five percent and ethereum down two percent. As of this past monday, cros outperformance coincides with the announcement of that deal that we talked about just a moment ago and of course, last month they recruited hollywood star matt damon, as the face of a 100 million dollar television and billboard marketing campaign set to air.

In more than 20 countries, other well known celebrities such as snowboarder lindsay jacobelus, rapper, ciel and astronaut scott kelly have also signed on to this campaign, which is aimed at a new breed of retail crypto investors and features the slogan fortune favors, the brave. Of course. They also have branding partnerships with formula one: the basketball team, philadelphia, seven sixers, a french soccer team, uh paris, saint germain italian taco league league of series, a and ultimate fighting championship. Of course, crl is the native token of crypto.coms own blockchain, though its more commonly traded as an erc20 token on the ethereum blockchain, it is going to be a great opportunity and we are seeing a movement upwards and especially as we have more mass adoption of things Like their card now, if you are interested in one of these and you are willing to stake your cro, of course, you dont have to stake anything to get. One percent rewards on everything, but if you have four hundred thousand dollars of cro that you are willing to stay, you can get one of their obsidian cars and earn eight percent cash back. Forty thousand dollars will get you five percent. Four thousand dollars will get you three percent, and if you want that ruby steel card, four hundred dollars of cro stakes will get you two percent. Of course they have other benefits as well. Things like spotify, netflix, amazon, prime expedia, airbnb airport lounge access as well as bonus rewards.

So if you are a fan of cro and you do believe in the utility of this coin and this ecosystem moving forward, i highly recommend checking this out. It is a great way to get yourself some more cro and asset that i believe, will continue to rise upwards anyways. That will do it for todays video. Thank you all again so much for joining us. Please make sure to smash that thumbs up for me and subscribe to the channel. While you are down there check out unstoppable domains, make yourself money like its 19.99. I am matt stoner with finance news.