If you find it useful and informative hit, that, like button, really do appreciate that, if you happen to be new to the channel, why not go ahead and subscribe tap that bell select all notifications, and in doing so you will not miss another video that we do Here at cheeky, crypto right with all that said, done and out of the way lets jump on right down into the charts and take a look at whats going on here in the crypto space. Okay, guys so were going to start things off by just taking a look at the market leader that is bitcoin. Now this is a very familiar chart for the channel, hopefully uh. You guys have already be relatively familiar with this. This is basically bit stamp and taking a look at bitcoin paired with usd, and what we can see here is basically 2013s boron, 2017 and obviously the 2021 ballroom now weve dissected this down uh into lots of different areas right. We also have time frames from peak to peak um time frame from peak one to peak two for 2013. uh. We obviously have the profits uh of the percentage gains from 2013, 2017. 2021. So far, we also have um as well. You know the the time from the peak um through to the bear market low. The time frames on that as well and the reason that we use this is to kind of give us a bit of an idea is: where do we anticipate the kind of peak of uh bitcoins pool run? You know likely to be um and obviously you know the kind of percentage gains that are diminishing over time right, which is quite obvious when it comes to higher value assets like bitcoin right.

So you dont get a huge percentage gains from bitcoin right this year. Weve seen 1 600 percent uh in 2017. It was five thousand four hundred percent and you know back in 2013 it was 24 000 right, so its important that we understand that you get diminished returns over time as these assets get more and more valuable um. You know so you dont get huge percentage gains right. Nothing like uh lets, say cardano ada, which got 14 000 or v chain that was uh. I think it was 18 000 harmony, 118, 000 um anchor 34 000 and uh matic 42 000, for example. Right – and these are you know, the the portfolio builders are the old coins right, but if you want to store value youre going to store it in something like bitcoin right, because its going to hold that value a little bit better um, so its important that we Understand you know you get diminished returns over time and also the time frames between the ball runs and all of those kind of good things right so and december. Sorry, november 2013 was the peak of uh that ball run 2017 peak was december. I would like to see the peak of the 2021 bull run in january. I make it quite a nice neat story to say that you kind of get that kind of progression over time and again, you know anyone can speculate on the time frames if we actually take into consideration 1470 days and from the 2013 peak to the 2017 peak And apply the same 1470 days from the 2017 peak to a theoretical peak for 2021.

It would be the 20th of december right, but anyone can speculate on the time frames now. The main reason i like this chart is not just because weve dissected, all the different timelines between uh pizza ball, runs and bear market lows and peak to peak scenarios, and but we also can use the gaussian channel. The gaussian channel is a good indication of where we are in the cycle as well and also shows us value okay. So, ultimately, we can see that uh during a bear market a bear market for us comes in once we actually drop into this gaussian channel. The gazing channel for those who do not know so its basically a glorified uh moving averages right, but basically, when we drop into the guardian, channel, weve always gone bearish right and when we stayed above the gaussian channel. Weve always been bullish. Okay, so its important that we acknowledge that when we drop into the guardian channel, it basically triggers that bear market, okay, its confirmation of a bear market thats. How i like to look at it when this guards in china goes red. That is when we have the optimum time to actually go ahead and dollar cost average, because its under value, which is always good to see right now, were above the guardian channel, so were bullish right were not bearish. We havent gone inside the garden channel. Weve got a couple of close calls, but we didnt close inside on the weekly, which is good to see and again.

This is something similar that weve seen previously. You know, ultimately, as long as we dont close inside the garden channel, we are good and but we are coming down. I think we are actually bottomed out on this latest correction and ill go through that in a moment as well um. So when we actually take a look at you know the crypto space, the market leader that is bitcoin, is looking pretty good, its looking bullish still and, of course, you know, the timelines are still pretty much intact in terms of what were expecting right. Things are looking pretty good from those kind of perspectives: theres, nothing really to worry about right. So as we get into bitcoin on a kind of normal kind of chart that we would look at outside of the time frame breakdowns – and we actually have these five impulsive moves right, and this is kind of the thing that weve been tracking pretty much most alt Coins in the space, and basically we like elliott, wave theory and we like to count the waves right and specifically the bull run, is being made up of five waves uh, and this is on the bigger time frame on the weekly. We can see wave one two. Three four and five now wave one looks a bit odd right, uh. Basically, the ball runs started over here uh. This is basically at the thats, a part of 2019 going into 2020 only to actually see ourselves pull back when we had uh the pandemic.

Now the first part of this is very natural. This is what we were expecting for a wave to correction, and then we started to get our way out of here only to be pulled back when the entire stock market crypto markets, everything kind of crashed that was march of 2020. I think a lot of people will be familiar with that. This is actually where most of the altcoins started, their first wave to the upside okay and where basically bitcoin went for wave um three. Now, ultimately, we could argue that this was wave one. This was wave two wave, three wave, four wave, five right and uh. It works that way as well um. But i like to count it from when we actually started to see a big bullish trend and before getting pulled back into that gaussian channel and then triggering back up again. Okay, so, although you know its interesting, this is how i have my wave counts and therefore put wave five up here somewhere and which well get into that in a moment, im sure but uh yeah everything on this weekly charts, looking pretty good for bitcoin. Now the same thing also applies to ethereum okay, so when we actually taking a look and thinking okay, well whats going on here in terms of those old coins, its always great to see bitcoin do relatively well, but also ethereums, doing very similar things. Right and like i said march 2020, we kind of had that kind of start of the alts and following the same kind of path.

Now this wasnt confirmed until we got into this fourth wave correction, uh or specifically, how high our third wave went and we pulled back into the fourth wave right and uh. Basically, thats changed this from an abc scenario, into a one through five scenario: right impulsive to the upside, which is very much a ball run um. So here we can obviously see that everything started to actually move quite nicely. Small pull back for wave, two very, very small for ethereum um, slightly deeper on wave four and then weve continued this graph to the upside. This is a very neat example of what its looking like in terms of these impulsive moves to the upside, very minor corrections on ethereum, not very much to worry about there and we are tracking quite nicely right. So its good to see these kind of things play out now, bitcoin votes, this uh weve got a lot of altcoins following this as well. We have harmony one. Obviously, following a very nice uh neat um example of a five waves to the upside. I think anchors also following it yeah there you go theres anchor and so its always good to kind of get a good flavor of whats going on here now, when we actually jump back over to bitcoin and we jump into the smaller time frames. This is where we start to see some of the more interesting moves right, and so let me just expand this up and pull this back down a little bit here.

We can see um if i actually zoom out. We obviously had this impulsive move down right. So not only did we, how are we kind of forming that big impulsive move to the upside? On the smaller time frame, we had an impulsive move down right, one, two, three uh up for four and down for five now this fifth wave seems to have finished where it is, then we started to see this impulsive move up now. Whats really interesting about this is actually we can see theres an inverse head and shoulders. Now i dont tend to use a lot of chart patterns like cup and handles inverse head and shoulders head and shoulders and various others id like to do my wave counts. But you can see here how this head and shoulder pattern is also formed very nicely into the head and shoulders into the kind of the wave counts as well right, and so you would see here that i was expecting a slightly deeper c wave. We actually went down to there and not as deep as i was expecting and obviously started this fif a wave up right. A b and c here now were tracking down completing this uh right, shoulder looking to push up once we break that neckline well be pushing on up. Okay and thatll basically be triggering out this next big move, which will also form a part of a big abc. Okay, so, basically here you can see that from the bottom of our a wave, we started a big, a up.

Okay, that a wave up was also has inside it a a b and c wave okay. So we can see that theres that inside of our bigger a wave now were pulling down for this b wave. We are oversold we are looking for a bounce to the upside whats. Not very clear here is whether or not weve actually already had the b or whether or not we are actually looking for a b wave up before c wave down. Okay, so theres a little bit of the confusion going on here, specifically on the smaller time frame. Are we looking for a b wave up before a c wave down before we can then get into this bigger c wave to the upside? It looks like that might be the case or theres a real big micro change right in here, where we had a b wave right up there and but then this c wave would be, in my opinion, an impulsive move down, allowing us to see a one. Three. Five, i think, were still waiting for that b, wave up okay. So if we actually pulled that on here, i think well be looking for a b wave up with the potential to go up to about 50 – maybe 56 57k before pulling back down and resting somewhere. Nice and neatly around that 55k area before we actually get that big c wave push back to the upside. Where were targeting out 61 to 63k if we go to 63k, this is no longer just abc scenario, but this is actually impulsive right um.

So this becomes uh one through five. Now this is important, because if we actually start to couple up the inverse head and shoulders and the things that usually come with an inverse head and shoulders, we know that we get a huge spike to the upside. This could be an impulsive move of a wave three other move, this being wave one wave, two being this uh abc on the large time frame. Let me actually just remove that. I think thats going to get a little confusing there and i will remove this one as well. So basically, this abc move that we see here, and this could actually be forming a one two and a big three, and this could also be uh. Compounded with this inverse head and shoulders so whether or not youre youre like abc, counts or um, you know elliott, wave impulse waves such as one three five or inverse head and shoulders. Whatever the kind of trading patterns that you are used to, these things are converging together and a big bullish signal to the upside, but first of all we are expecting a bit more of a downward trend. Okay, this is a small downtrend that completes this a b and c move, and that basically takes us down to roughly around that 55k, which would be a good, strong support area down here, ill quickly. Mark that up with a horizontal, ray and ill put that right there, so you can kind of see that were aiming to come up well push up, probably to 56 around that area.

57, maybe and then pull down into that 55k range and then well be pushing up in a really big way, break that neckline of the inverse head and shoulders and basically have this really big wave to the upside which, if it turns into anything past 63, 200. We should be looking to go impulsive as in a big wave up small pull back with wave four and then a big wave, five back up to the upside again. This would be a huge correction that could see us in with new all time highs, um. So lots of fantastic things on the horizon here: um just from bitcoin now, ethereum fellows, very similar patterns and the other altcoin, i think, is really worth pointing out. That has some real good promise. If i can just find it on my list here uh. Where are we at silica right? So silica is a good measure because it is following something different, but theres, something thats looking very, very interesting right and when we break this down on our hourly, we actually have an elliott wave triangle forming okay. So this is wave a wave b wave c. Wave d is yet to happen and then wave e and what were looking for. If were tracking, really nicely on this, you can see we had the wave a we pull back for the wave b. You can see that coming in right there and then well be pushing up for a wave c.

Now wave c will be targeting out. You know in some interesting areas, probably around 10 or so that will be completing wave d after wave d will pull back. Quite a deep pullback, with an abc down that will complete wave e and then once wave e is completed. Well, have a parabolic move to the upside. The elliott wave triangles are fantastic ways of making money because you can see them happening before they actually get there right. So theres a buy on opportunity down here. Thats just gone for wave c, well write that up for wave d entirely up to you. If you want to scrape those profits, sell at where top of wave d pull back down and get back in on wave e before you go up now this fc, we have some interesting targets associated with it. We could be taking a look at 18.9 or even potentially above the 786, going into 21 cent. Also so lots of interesting areas to come here from basilica now silica uh, following the very similar paths to many altcoins and everything is kind of gearing up for a big move. Now timing is always the hardest thing to gauge, and but if we are looking at impulsive moves with bitcoin and ethereum, then actually what well find is well take this big wave to d to the upside here. A wave e will basically be a correction wave within bitcoin, probably a wave four, and then that will lead into a big wave.

Five big push to the upside with the old coins really heat up now time ways: time line wise uh. This is looking quite late and taking on how how much time its actually taken to get wave a b and c done. This could be the beginning of 2021, leaving wave d and e to basically complete during the month of um december right, so get that out of the way and then basically heat up 2021 with a really good year. So, overall, everything is looking very, very good ill. Just move that that was yesterday, but we are basically right in with b right now: okay, so um everythings, looking very, very good um for the altcoin market for bitcoin for ethereum and uh, some good parabolic moves are due to occur. The ball run is still in full swing. The correction seems to have eased and we are seem to be eyeing up some really good technical moves on the charts and guys i am going to leave that video there.