com coin, currently in a downtrend right now down a little over 7 in the last 24 hours, 69 cents, volume coming down by about 32 guys were below that 70 cent mark its Getting time to look into buying, this is not financial advice, but when were in the 60 cent range, this is a great opportunity, as just last week we dipped down to about 64 65 cents. So once again, if were heading lower, i am definitely going to be keeping a close eye on crow because im looking to pick some up – and i suggest you guys – keep an eye on it now, as we continue whether were going to head lower hardware ill continue To give you guys updates, but things are looking very interesting, especially because the entire global crypto market is actually in the green right now, currently at 2.6 trillion up about 1.3 percent. Most of all the coins are in the green now bitcoin down, but by zero point. One four percent, so not too bad still in this healthy, fifty seven thousand dollar range having trouble getting out of the fifty seven. Fifty eight thousand dollar range, just cant, seem to break out into the sixty thousand ethereum nearing the forty five hundred dollar range and, as we see if we go down the list, everything in the green, some not by much by half a percent for so as uh Polka dot here, but as we go down the list here, we are krypto.

com were in 14th place by market cap. Now, obviously, with the price slipping, we could continue to go a little lower. However, just last week we did at one point, beat shib and we were in 12th place and we were battling for 12th place and 13th place, but eventually ship had some momentum, as you can see right now, its up almost 20, so we kind of lost our Spot and then out of nowhere, tara, luna came into place, which is a very good investment. In my opinion. Now, even though, were down about seven, eight percent im still very bullish on crow, and i still believe were going to hit that dollar mark by the end of this year and still on target for two dollars by the end of 2022. Now this coin had a lot of momentum with all the positive news coming out with the staples center arena being renamed, matt damon. Being the spokesperson advertising all the marketing campaigns and all the partners that they have ufc st germain um, just to name a few. But we did see these the super super hype on this. That pushed it from you know in the last month, or so. If we just take a look at the 30 day, you can see how we are still up by over 234 percent, so we did get so much momentum. There was a lot of fomo. I believe theres a lot of people full mode into this one thinking this would be the next top coin, but you know every day every week, theres always one or actually many more than one hot altcoins and people are always like selling what they have.

You know they people dont have patients. Nowadays i find so since this didnt hit a dollar people sell it, and then they go on to the next coin, whether its going to be saitama its going to be ship theyll go on to the next one, its zombie new theyll, just keep kind of like Jumping ship, so people that are in this who got in this like below this price, are still in the green theyre, still looking good because i think were gon na head higher and break that all time, high of that 96 cents. Now i do have some news to go over. I want to take a look at this article here so right here on investor place, has utility compelling to cryptospectix. Now now, right here here explain some of the action right here, like other cryptocurrencies. Crypto.Com coin has surged in 2021, delivering incredible gains to investors, especially anyone who bought in early beginning of the year crow was at 5 cents, almost 6 cents, thats remarkable return of over 1100 percent, so in less than a year, 1100 return. That is phenomenal right. It doesnt get much better than that, all right, so getting more into the meat and potatoes of this article. So right here, theres one major factor that makes crow stand out from most worthless altcoins it has utility – and this is absolutely correct. So many all coins out there are just hype or just pump or theyre feeding off another popular coin.

Weve seen this with a lot of the dog meme coins now with crow, we have utility so lets get right into this. Okay, so on to this part, the utility of crypto dot com coin. So i do not know if will like succeed in a major being major web 3 platform. It seems like a bold bet. What is true now, though, is that app has more than 10 million users and plenty of useful features so buying and selling crypto, with advanced trading, investing in nfts holding a card access to loans, earning up to 14.5 percent annually earning interest from d5 protocols. Accepting crypto payments as a merchant and, of course another very important factor that adds credibility to, is its electric money institution license from the malta financial service authority. It is the first cryptocurrency platform to receive this license and its. What allows the company to issue cards at coin partnership, so they have a huge huge number of partnerships. So has a strategic partnership with ledger holding all user cryptocurrencies offline in cold storage. This company has a strong focus on security, so this is very important. People very important so guys not too shabby at all got a lot of utility tons of users on the app theyre very focused on security and have major partners in the game. As you can see, weve mentioned this on many videos before but f1 ufc, paris, saint germain, austin, martin, all these amazing partners and, of course, matt damon being like the spokesperson in the marketing advertising campaign.

So more than a number of reasons to get invested, price gone down a little lower. Now were at 68 cents, like i said guys once we get start getting to 64, i dont think its really going to go below that 64. 65 cent range because i think at that point more people are just going to come in scoop it up and drive the price up slightly higher and bring us back into that 70 cent range now. Are we going to skyrocket back to a dollar? I think by the end of the year well get there, but its going to take some time were not going to go all the way in a couple days, as we saw last week with that fomo and into it. But if the global crypto market starts to just skyrocket, then anythings possible and we could see a dollar you know by the end of the week. But if its going the way it is where its going up and down every day, one day its up three percent the next day, its down two and its kind of flip flopping, then its going to take some time but end of the year is the target. All right guys, i hope you got some value out of this video.