com coin ticker symbol: crow now has over 155 000 hodlers guys on the day. We are currently down a little bit over five percent, but lets be honest here. It more so feels very boring that were in during this lame consolidation period were not necessarily aggressively pulling back, were just more so moving sideways here, and i want to go ahead and show you the bigger picture breaking down where pro coin currently stands. On the technical side – and i want to cover some important things on the fundamental side as well im going to keep it short and sweet here if this is your first time on the channel, do me a favor like the video, helps reach more people and subscribe To the channel for daily updates on co and any other training cryptocurrencies, and if you want to join our private discord, chat where we share, buy and sellers for cryptos and stocks that are about to take off, use that link down below and join our private patreon Community id love to work with you on a closer basis and help you grow your portfolio lets go ahead and get right to it guys so quickly. Recapping here are numbers weve, seen a decrease in volume of over ‘, currently sitting at 516.7 million. But what we really care about is what is going on behind the scenes with that number right. Remember, volume just lets us know how much crow or how much of something is circulating.

Of course, we want to see an increase in volume because thats a good sign right that allows us to push up, but the trading activity is also very important to note. Our trading activity currently consists of 58 percent buyers and 42 percent sellers again im, not here to overhype crow. The numbers are showing us that people are holding their position. We currently have over 155 000 people holding their position also important to take into consideration, given that crow is a relatively new coin. This typical hold time isnt long at this moment, but has increased and will continue to increase weve seen this with other tokens such as shiba inu. Again, this typical whole time it it has already increased. I believe a couple of days ago, when i made a video, we were at four days for average hold time yesterday when i made a video, we were at six days and we are now at seven. So this typical hold time right in this number of total people holding their position is going to continue to increase now focusing a little on the technical side here, keeping it very simple, right, short and sweet when in doubt, zoom out, keep it very simple here. We can see on the one month chart i mentioned to you before. I can see crow fundamentally pushing up yes, but its not going to happen in in a straight line right, and this is something that you have to take into consideration.

This is something that you have to feel comfortable with. If youre entering a position on coin, im gon na go ahead and say this right now again, every trade has a potential upside and has a potential downside. I personally see crow pushing up yes, but its not going to be as simple as you know, pushing up in a straight line its going to take breathers right im, not even saying its going to have a full on correction, but its going to take breathers. We can see that clear as a we pushed up literally, if you know nothing about charts or technicals dont, get discouraged very simple. We pushed up, we took a break, we pushed up, we took a break, pushed up, took a break, pushed up, took a break. You get the picture right now again. On the day we have pulled back a little bit over five percent right were currently sitting at 71 cents. As of the minute that im filming this video, we do have a potential support along the general 67 cent area. Where you can see the last time we came down, we met that general 67 cent area, and then we began a push up right patterns tend to repeat themselves. They simply dont have to, but again look out for 67 cents. I do believe that it can once more validate itself, potentially as a support for code. As of right now, weve been kind of pulling back here kind of consolidating.

I understand its lame its boring, but these periods of time have to take place, so we can continue to push up and make money in the long term. On top of this, bitcoin is gaining some momentum very important to address bitcoin. As we know, it tends to act as an almost index for the overall crypto market. You can see that weve been holding our gains pretty strong here and were showing signs of a potential continued uptrend after today, bitcoin recently made highs of 67 000. This is a perfect example right. We have this lame period with consolidation period. We have a lame consolidation period. I understand its very boring but check this out. Perfect example. Here, low points, high points, low points, high points, low points, high points, low points pushed up made. All time highs of 69 000 right. Yes, we pulled back, but i wouldnt even call this. You know a full correction. We didnt even many people assume that bitcoin would plummet and come back come back down to these lower kind of 40 000 levels right and yes, this has been boring. Yes, this has been lame to see us pull back, but overall we are still trading at these higher levels. Guys we have capture gains any other crypto. Any other stock in the world would have already aggressively pulled back, but again, bitcoin is doing a very good job of holding and trading at these higher prices, and so crow at this moment still has a high level of interest.

Right still has buying pressure. Again, i just showed you how many people are currently holding their position and were were consolidating. Yes, this is a lame period i understand, but this has to take place, so we can continue to push up and rise and make money in the long term im. Just here to let you know right, but first off the risk involved and secondly, that this isnt going to be just a pretty trade uh within a push up with. That being said, i really like crow, fundamentally and its quite unique once you think about it, that weve had a lot of meme coins right make rice i mean i wouldnt necessarily refer to them as meme coins at this point, given that they have legitimized themselves right. Shiba inu, you know how you know how i like dogecoin, im bullish on dogecoin right, especially for the long term shiba you knew, but all these started as a joke. No longer is a joke right started as a joke, but crow is one of the few coins right at least now compared to these other coins. Here these momentum coins mean coins, whatever you want to refer that they used to be that actually has a fundamental basis. Right, its an institution its an exchange with over 10 million users. Crypto.Com is a popular cryptocurrency exchange with over 10 million users worldwide. Cro is its token, which customers can use to get discounted trading prices and qualify for bed awards thats crazy once you think about it.

Right, theres, an actual institution behind this now its with their own coin, with their own token right. So this further legitimizes it and again, as bitcoin, begins to push up historically. This last quarter of the year has proven to be bullish and the fact that cro has something fundamentally strong behind it, such as an institution with over 10 million users, as opposed to a lot of these coins, which really have nothing behind it and thats. Not to say that crow is one thousand percent directly related to the price of, even though its it is its institution right, its not necessarily being evaluated that way per se. It doesnt have a valuation based off of, its, not necessarily a stock, but its not a stock at all, thats, not how valuation works. But what i mean here is that it has a backing behind it. That is very unique compared to many other coins and something that you want to take into consideration if you want to work with me on a closer basis, again use that link down below and join our private patreon community.