My name is carl and im going to bring you this cryptocurrency video and lets dive straight into the bitcoin chart here and go to the four hour time frame, because we can see right now that exactly what i was discussing, um is happening right now. Basically, we have this descending channel right, as you can see, and yesterday we were running into resistance, and essentially we were talking about how potentially we could see something like this right um. I think that, right now it is definitely a possibility that bitcoin could come down and retest or actually for the first time test the 52.6k level and this upward trending support. And hopefully, what i would like love to see would be a a re test of the support here and then get a a huge bounce back up, because if we can confirm support here off of previous resistance, then that would be a massive massive bullish signal for Bitcoin confirming that were just essentially confirming the previous resistance as support. We always want to see that, and so far we didnt get that as a confirmed scenario, but yeah. The two big horizontal levels to watch is definitely this one as support 52.6, and then we have this huge resistance. This white resistance here at um 59.5 massive resistance, huge support as long as were below this were still in a downtrend and we still basically bearish or neutral. I would say – and now i want to show you a very interesting chart – this is the total crypto market cap and remember – i showed you before – that we have a huge cup and handle here and we broke out.

The target is all the way up here. At 3.8 trillion dollars and right now, look at this. We are getting a bounce off of the previous resistance. This is actually very, very bullish for the whole total crypto market cap, in my opinion, were also seeing a small bearish diverge. Sorry, a bullish divergence here on the daily timeframe, so, in my opinion, i think its likely that crypto starts getting a massive bounce off of here. Just like we saw a massive bounce off of here, which means that going in and putting in long positions on the bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies could make a lot of sense in these levels. Here you can see im still in in both of these two bounce trades ethereum and my bitcoin trade over on buybit, with big profits racking in right now, just a quick bounce, trade and dont forget guys. If you go over to buybit, you can trade a bunch of different tokens. Look at this with leverage you can you can trade sand, shiba gala but like i would be very, very cautious, with trading also with leverage, never use more than maybe 5x or 3x on all codes, because our old codes are already very, very volatile, but look at This uh bit usdt thats uh the bit dow token. You can trade this one um, but basically, if yeah, if i were you, i would go over and take a look at this huge list of altcoins that you can trade over on buybit.

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7 million 1 billion for this one 150 million – and look at this casta 338 000 – and this is even a wrong number, its even lower than that because they are taking our old data. So isnt it crazy that a token like casta, which is not even live yet with a market cap which is absolutely laughable compared to the other ones, is already number two in the uh in the in the crypto rank its absolutely absolutely mind, blowing im so happy To see that you guys are so interested in casta that um its going completely viral over on twitter. Thank you. So much for that dont forget and go and follow. Casta on twitter were very close to breaking 80 000 followers. Yesterday we broke 70k. It looks like were gon na break. Um 80k today were getting like 10 000 followers per day now, its absolutely absolutely crazy. I think this is because um this uh, this news is completely going viral. Now that custom did a world record yesterday i told you its a world record and some people were wondering what kind of world record well the world record. Is that a token which is not even launched yet is already the number two visited coin on crypto rank? That is a world record that has never happened before and yeah. I think thats very, very cool, thank you for the support, guys and uh go and follow. Casta, of course, over on twitter and follow or join the waitlist, i will leave the link down below.

As always, and so many of you have been asking me about the crypto bull society that i am very publicly about saying that i want to buy them. I am actually going to buy or mint uh these uh cryptables and um. I want to know from you guys do you think i should change my twitter profile picture to my cryptable whenever i get get it um, because right now i have my crypto punk uh, but you know what these look absolutely absolutely insane. You can just look at the detail here. I just think this looks absolutely incredible and, like i said before, i only only uh want to um be uh, buying blue chip, high quality premium nfts, and i think this one qualifies but yeah. So many of you have been asking about it and um yeah i mean today is the minting of these cryptables make sure to go and follow cryptobull nft over on twitter, and we have links here. You have all the like. If you have, if you want any updates, just follow the their twitter and you will get all the updates and guys if you think that crypto is about to go to the moon, please leave a thumbs up down below.