Bitcoin You’re Not Going To Believe This!!!

It has been some pretty crazy price volatility. The fear got high, we entered a bear market, we exited a bear market and we have got this incredible chart that we need to talk about youre, not going to believe this youve absolutely got to see this chart. It just blows my mind all this […]


How is this possible? What i want to do with this video is remind you of history and, yes, i know ive just lost about 90 of you, but dont click off just yet. If i still have your attention, this will obviously help with alt coin gem finding and buying the old coins when […]

CRYPTO: I Can’t Believe What Just Happened!!

Anyways, if you guys enjoy short form, concise, no bs content that doesnt waste either of our time, make sure to like the video subscribe to the channel and lets hop right in so right now, the overall crypto market, something very interesting happened with the charts. The first is that when were looking at […]

Cardano: Is It Game Over?

Go over everything you need to know about cardano. So if you enjoy short form, concise, no bs content that doesnt waste, either of our time, make sure to like the video subscribe to the channel, as we close in on 300 000 subscribers anyways right now. The overall crypto market is down about two […]

Plan B Admits His Price Prediction Failure But Defend Self

The independent analyst took the bold step to acknowledge that his 98 thousand dollar price prediction for november is no longer in play. His tweets were met with mixed reactions, but most of his followers applauded his bravery for admitting failure when he knew the kind of backlash he would face. However, some other comments […]

Everything Is Collapsing Already – Raoul Pal: The 'Everything Bubble' Interview on Bitcoin, Ethereum

I think the sec would like to have more oversight and clearer regulations over the entire crypto market for bitcoin this morning, the cryptocurrency dropping near 53, 000 thats, the lowest level weve seen since october. The first thing i saw it very fast when i saw bitcoin 2012 – i realized okay yeah. I […]


This time is not indeed different with. That said, welcome back to elio trades channel im your host crown again today, and we have a fun one. Today, as i want to go over a unique relationship between the dollar index and bitcoin and what it potentially means for this current situation going on before […] Taking Over LA Arena

com replacing staples as the sponsor of uh, the lakers clippers kings arena 700 million dollars over 20 years, yeah its gon na, be the cr its not even crypto center, its gon na be center. I joked on twitter that they wanted to call it pyramid scheme center, but it was a little […]

#1 Solana Gaming Crypto To BUY NOW! (10,000% Gains Coming)

Just click Open the idea Of The present in so far so so sick sensor And ratings for over the practice and drop off bar and shrimp Shack in the Wind Of Change. The idea of Any of the first time in the wind district, pathum thani, Thailand, Officially Missing You study in hands of […]

BITCOIN: I can’t believe my eyes…………..

I already made a video today i turned off my screens here literally. I was about to go asleep, but guess what i found something in the charts, and this is something mind blowing. This is something monumental, something which might change your opinion on bitcoin right now, youre asking yourself chris. What are you […]