We look for gold in every single aspect of our lives and we always find it now. Today is a pretty slow day in the market, but weve still got a great daily market update jam, packed with information im going to talk about olympus olympus staking today. If you guys have been really following along with what im doing you would know, i am staking olympus dow for 8 000 apy uh were also going to talk about a bunch of web 3 coins that i think you should be watching were going to talk about. Ethereum domains, okay, its kind of a slow day for news, but youre definitely going to want to watch to the end as well were going to talk about matrix nfts. You know all of this great stuff. Quant weve got some charts on quant that i need to show you theyre very crucial, actually uh, because a lot of people are complaining about quant. So we start our day on the crypto bubbles. Why does sologenic keep disappearing ive seen that happen a couple times, but sologenic was right there we see that were mainly in the red. So what i think this is this is just a healthy uh profit take like they, the the people who control this market. They click the they click the red button and they take profits and they sweep the market of profits across the board. Now, yesterday, im pretty sure i told you that you should be at at least selling one thing right.

You need to be contemplating actually getting money out of this. In case we do have a you know. Eighty percent crash, seventy percent crash. I do think the market is different now right, its a wall, its two sides of my brain warring back and forth. One side of my brain is warring and theyre saying uh lengthening cycles. The top is not going to be until deep into 2022, like uh april or something you know and uh. The other side is saying that december is gon na, have the top of bitcoin and then theres, actually a third side, saying that the market did something crazy and that the top is already in so ive prepared adequately for all three of those, and i hope ive Helped you guys, i posted that exit strategy, video right at 69 000., like when we were sitting at 69 000 thats when i posted my take profit video, but lets get into what is the market doing were still above 2.6 trillion. I do expect this is going to come down today. Volume is still like decently, high 121 billion up there uh some days. We see that at 90 billion right volumes still pretty high lets see if we even have a top gainer today. Yes, we do iota iota. Also has some news: they are building a new smart contract platform like a decentralized something something for web 3 and were going to talk about some web 3 coins.

Ive got them lined up here. Cardano were also seeing pump. I believe cardano had some crazy news. Lets check our glorious website, crypto panic, uh, yes, the ceo, so charles hoskinson touts, cardanos plutus in wake of them, uh, okay, this is cryptopanic.com by the way. This is the greatest news: uh aggregator on all of crypto. This is what everyone uses and its amazing and uh. Where was the iota news? There was some iota news here as well: iota released something yeah, a decentralized smart contract platform to expand web3 ecosystem wow. So a fully a full new token thats interesting. We might have to get into that also. We got luna right there, so pretty standard stuff like if we check out bitcoin were going to talk about olympus dow in a second here. If we talk about bitcoin or if we look at bitcoin right here, its just like i dont know how i feel about bitcoin, to be honest, its very like it feels like were in limbo mode again. It feels like were in limbo mode again. We we cannot seem to really stabilize above 60k, like we cant its so crazy right as soon as we get above it as soon as we get above. It were like done within, like you know, 20 days, or something were back back below it, so i dont know if it kind of feels like bitcoin has peaked out like i saw a scary, scary, tweet the other day saying that what if 69k was the forever Highest bitcoin will ever go.

Imagine uh, i dont think thats. True, though that was just a very scary tweet, so bitcoin were still just watching the same stuff. The macro charts are all the same right. Uh its just slowed its just slow right now. Now lets go into some of the the uh coins. The web 3 coins that i think you should be watching. One of them is ethereum name service. If this goes to 55, i think im gon na buy in here. We can see like this. This did a lot of work. Actually, if this goes to like 50, i think im gon na im gon na put some money into there if the mainstream learn about dot, eth domains and they think its as big as dot com domains. This coin will pump like crazy right and you guys know: ive already bought some dot eth domains on here on ens, so thats, something fun that you can do uh if you wanted to this, is the website right. There im not sponsored im, not affiliate, nothing, its just cool to buy some dot eat, domains um. I actually got some pretty good ones. I own also. I i also own some handshake domains. Handshake is a coin uh, i believe its a web 3 coin as well. Handshake could be very, very underrated. I used to hold this uh yeah handshake is very underrated, uh and i own some domains from that. Some h dot hns domains. I also own a ton of dot com domains like an uncountable number weve also got file coin.

That im watching for this weve got our weave. These are just ones you should be looking at as web 3 ones that might rise to the surface. Our weave actually looks like its ready to go like our weave looks real good um. Let me check the three month on handshake: okay, handshake does too weve also got syntropy, definitely uh. Looking at center p as a gem building a layer, zero for web3 also looks like it could. Explode flux i was told about flux – is another one thats directly like saying that they are part of web 3.. This this web 3 word. I know its being misused a lot and its just very vague and stuff, but i mean the basic concept is anything thats building the new internet, thats owned by its users, right, thats, web3 uh, and then we got chain link, okay and also what i just said That sentence is grossly uh, grossly like like its just simple, simplifying its grossly simplifying web 3s way more than that chain link, so chain link is, is definitely also one. This is my um stake of olympus dow. I have currently 3.’9 okay, i staked like 2.4 or something – and this is already gained – all the way up there. So if we check this ohm coin, if we check that its at 726, so it does balance out its very weird, its very illusionary, but i dont care because im still making a pretty high apy hey, you want to learn how to do that.

I know youre about to go to the comments you want to learn how to do it. Oh well, guess what this guy named cryptomason! He has a full beginner playlist right here with all of the questions that youre going to write in the comments already answered: how to know everything about a coin: how to take profit, how to find utility coins, how to stake olympus dow for 8, 000 apy. Its all right there moving on blockchain backer with a very controversial opinion right here. He says the this is a yeah. He says the goal of trustline airdrops is to take money from xrp holders, hes talking about trust lines and xrp. Right now he says step one create a coin and give away a ton step two build hype to get listed on bitru, where only xrp investors, trade step; three dump on xrp investors on bitru step; four abandon annoying its come to this im gon na give that A like because i do agree: okay with some of this um, so where hes saying that only xrp investors are on bitru, there is a ton of xrp investors on bitru, its a its probably 80 of their whole demographic um. But dude like to see this, like somebody tagged uh, so yeah this one huge tits krypto. What are we doing here? I dont know if i can show what theyre posting here, but this is a golden timeline. Xrp ledger nasara jasara, huge tits on zoom and the sologenic dest dex.

What are you doing? Bro, like its disgusting? To be honest, to see the meme coins come on to the xrp ledger thats? Why ive never gotten involved it with any youll, never see me pump pushing one of those or pumping one of those youll, never see it. Its disgusting dude youre lu, everyones, losing the actual values that we have as xrp holders, which is we value utility, not coins. So it just shows you the level of desperation that has been funneled into the xrp community and its 100 desperation, because somebody told you it might have been me at one point and now i do not say that anymore. I do not say: xrp is going to 10 000., that is stupidity at its finest and thats misleading at its finest. I dont say that anymore. I used to actually personally believe that that there was a potential for that dude thats not going to happen for a very long time right, so the level of desperation thats been funneled into this coin. Its like, i see people, writing songs about it and saying oh its gon na take away all my uh worries and doubts and or its gon na take away all my um problems like dude. What are you doing like please, zoom out? Xrp is not the only one right there is insanity being built here. Amazing things being built here, even other than xrp xrp is great right. We know what its going to do already, but there is amazing stuff being built around that as well.

Right, i always say: dont get caught up in one ecosystem, so be just a warning. Be careful with these airdrops be careful with the truss lines thats it right. Its cool to see people building on the xrp ledger, but dont build coins. Why are we building coins? Build amazing projects so sand right here if youre getting frustrated about quant heres a list. Take a take a read through this list on what theyve done. Just in the last month launch the digital pound foundation, mit cbdc paper right listed on gemini announced partnership with oracle, so big things still happening, okay and if youre, really a quant investor, you should know that price is not. What were here for were here to just use this as a store of value. Now we have this very scary chart on gregarious right here. We can see that this is kind of making like a big arc all the way down, and this guys saying that it could go to 135 dollars. Okay, if quant goes to 135 dollars um, i think i might continue. I might buy some more there. Okay, um yeah, but this thing has been on a steady decline. I hope that we do see it pumped very soon uh. This is nothing to worry about for me because i, like these low prices right if quant goes to 50 im buying more 100 im buying. More because i know that it just came from 420 and it can easily go back there whenever it wants block works.

The official fidelity spot, bitcoin etf in canada shout out to canada dude. They are ahead of the us spot etf, bitcoin, spot etf. Take a look at the fidelity logo and this is all you need to know whats going on. Okay. This is all you need. What is that thing? Dude dont make your logo so sauce, fidelity, whats up whats up with this whats up with this fidelity thats. All you need to know moving on uh quincy says what is iso 202, so basically, what he says here. To sum it up is that if you want adoption, coins need to fit this standard, which is iso 2 under 2, 2., and the reason this is my opinion now. The reason that were betting on these iso coins is because, when regulations are forced upon the market, the iso coins will be at a head start. They will have a head start and they will be the only ones compliant right. Now we have galaxy app. This is a coin and a project being built on hedera. I gave this a retweet because im i really mess with this project. Uh theyre doing a token sale. I believe that you can get in. You got ta, look for more uh info, which is right here. Galaxy um im definitely interested in in this project on hedera hashgraph. That is not sponsored that aint nothing im, just saying that this is probably one of the strongest ones on hedera, and you can tell that because hedera retweeted them, okay, hedera, is on board with that.

Cro crypto.com has acquired two exchanges. Basically, what this is theyre gon na provide us based customers with the opportunity to trade, certain derivatives and futures project products, so this is very interesting that theyre acquiring two more exchanges when they are in exchange themselves, find it very interesting. Pretty bullish, though uh pretty dope that theyre still spending money like these guys have shelled out a billion dollars. They bought the staples center thing. They bought the ufc partnership right shelling out billions man now weve got this idiotic news about. India will not ban crypto again. Just more idiocy in the in the news today, uh india, we dont care, they ban it every couple weeks, just like china weve also got this. The united states is already mining bitcoin. This is from a bitcoin mining expert, who kind of slipped up and confidently said on a show that the united states is already mining, and then he corrected himself saying maybe with like a smirk on his face. So theyre writing news based on a smirk on somebodys face now lets talk about the matrix nfts i did get some. I did get four of them. I even got one of these guys who looks kind of peculiar here. He kind of looks peculiar right there, but the matrix nfts i plan to hold these for long. Maybe i flipped them. Maybe i just sell all of them. You know im probably going to hold one forever, just in case they become legendary, so yeah matrix nft shout out to anyone who got in also im sorry for anyone waiting.

I didnt realize this drop was going to be so freaking messy. I thought it was warner. Bros, it is warner bros, but i thought it would be cleaner right and you would have known about this if you were following on tick tock right here when i did this video that got half a million right here, new matrix uh. Let me mute myself. My tick tock voice, uh yeah. You would have known about this two days ago, right right before the drop i dont think i covered the matrix nfts on on my uh on my uh youtube. Also just a reminder, if you made it to the end of the video, if you like, if you made it to the end, the video right. That means you like to watch me. So why not? Why dont you go and follow on instagram and twitter right here, and my instagram does not want to load right now. Right here make sure you type it in right. Look for the blue badge and boom youve got. It also follow my twitter right there, and that is all weve got for the daily market.