Right now today, we are also going to be looking at a project that launched today that we spoke about in the earlier video. I did tell you guys exactly what i thought would happen and exactly that happened. So we are going to be breaking that down and were going to be talking about how you can avoid making mistakes finding and investing in coins early right. There are a lot of mistakes that can be made and it is very easy to get burnt, which we have seen two days so before we get to that. If you dont know me already my names connor and of course i am not a financial advisor im. Just a guy standing in his room talking about different ways to make money online. If you do like that sort of thing, i would really appreciate you smashing that, like button hitting that subscribe button – and please do remember that everything in this video is based on my opinion and my opinion alone – so do not make any financial decisions based on it. First of all, as i always like to do, lets check out whats happening on the bitcoin chart. You know i like to talk about this because i think it decides what happens in the overall market. Hopefully, that will change one day, but as of right now that is still the case. So we have these lines of support and resistance drawn here and we are still in that same channel.

We are in a short term correction. In my mind, i have been saying this for a few weeks. Every time we break out people call me mental mad, crazy that i think were still in a correction, but i still think were here. We need to make some significant moves above these lines and we need to close above the lines it doesnt matter. If we wick above it, we can always come back down before that daily candle closes, so we never want to get too ahead of ourselves. We never want to trade on a motion. If you just look at the chart, decide what you think were in and wait for clear indicators that we have left at that territory. For me, if we break below this line here – and we continue downwards – that is a clear indication that we may be entering a longer term correction or even a bear market. That line is sitting at around the 52 000 mark. The reason why i chose that line as it was some heavy resistance just a few months ago, and it was also playing a massive part in the last bullish momentum, so thats. Why im looking at that line now? Next, we have 58 000 to cross and close above, and then we also have around the 60k mark if we can close above that 60k mark thats. When i start to think we are back in this bullish territory and i think we are going to continue upwards from there now, as always for the long term, i am super bullish on crypto and bitcoin.

I do not mind if we continue downwards for a little bit of time, as you can see here, if you have been following me for about six months its been if you have been following me, you know that i was taking mass amounts of profits here. I even took some profits here when we actually closed below the lines that im talking about we closed below. Here we continued to close, continue to close, tried to go and we got rejected again then i started to take even more profits around here taking profits. In my longer term holds doesnt mean selling out of any of my positions. It means simply skimming off the top in positions that i am already heavily in profit in i take the money i put it into stable coins. In fact, i stake those stable coins on platforms like crypto.com, where you can get a massive return on your investment at 14.5 per annum thats, just by holding your coins over on crypto.com. Now, if you do want to sign up using my link, you will get a 25 bonus when you use that link, but thats, not really the best thing about crypto.com. Some of the best things about crypto.com are, of course, that staking, but my personal favorite is the metal visa card. Now you can get 8 cashback on all your spending. This concludes giving you free membership to, for example, netflix and a few other platforms, which is awesome.

In my eyes, i use the visa metal card for one taking profits. I move money into that card and i buy things that i like in the real world and two access to airport lounges thats, something that ive always wanted. My whole life and the metal card from crypto.com gives me just that. So, like i said, there is so much that you can do here on crypto.com. Basically, its a one stop shop for everything and if you do want to sign up, there is a link down there in my description, but with those profits like. I was saying one thing that i do stake them on platforms like crypto.com, but also have them. In my arsenal, so if we then continue to crash down, i can then go heavy on my buying. I went extremely heavy on buying around these regions here. I then took some more profits on the way up, not all of it, and then i continued to buy in these regions. Then we continued to come up here and when we actually passed about this region here, my portfolio was back to an all time high. So, even though bitcoin and the whole cryptocurrency market wasnt at an all time high, my personal portfolio was because i bought the dip and i bought projects that i have high conviction and long term conviction, doesnt matter. If we were to stay in this phase for even years, i would just dollar cost average into those positions, so that was my general trading style and thats.

What i think is happening on the bitcoin chart and the overall cryptocurrency market if we do head over. I just want to open up this tweet from jrny crypto. You should definitely check him out over on youtube very awesome guy, but this tweet learn to understand the emotions of the masses and you will be an amazing trader sell before the mass fear kicks in by before the mass greed kicks in. This is exactly what i was talking about. A perfect example of this is the metaverse coins right now everyone flooding in to buy sandbox to buy mana to buy axi they are getting in as mass greed kicks in. This is the exact opposite that you need to do. This is what you need to train your mind and make your game plan find projects that you believe in for the long term and get in early. That is the most important thing and the most and the thing that i like to focus on the most here on the channel getting in to projects early. So in my earlier video we spoke about up origins. This is a blockchain game that i cannot for the life of me pronounce, but i spoke about this on the channel because it was launching today we did in fact have that launch that happened and what i said most likely. What will happen is it will pump massively the second, it has launched a huge pump, then it will come back down and what we want to do is we want to wait to see where we end up.

For me, this is already too early, but this is exactly what i was expecting to happen and almost identical to any launch that people are anticipating to happen right. So what happens? Is people get in on ido platforms like bsc pad? This is where this was incubated and you could, if you hold bsc pad tokens, get involved in this project. I dont personally hold bsc tokens, so i didnt buy this project and, like i said in the video i will avoid getting involved in projects on day one because we see pump and dump and then we need to see where the dust settles. But over here you could have got into it at 1b: usd for 10 coins, which means it had a price of 10 cents. Now, if we head over here, the price is now 2.73 and the all time high smashed 6.’ 63x. We got a 63x on the day of launch. That is the power right there of launch pads right thats. Why? I talk about launch pad so much im invested heavily into three different launch pads engine, star, cedafy and kcc pad this. This is a completely normal return for that sort of thing, so its a 63x and as it sits right now, its about half that so even after the pump and the dump its about a 31x where we currently sit. So this is something to learn from. If you didnt get involved in this, or even if you did even if you got in on the launch pad or you got in on the day, this is a very normal outcome for a launch now, if you can somehow manage to buy at these points.

Yes, profit can be made, but i dont personally mess with that, because its very hard to actually buy them. This is the one minute chart, so one minute, one minute, one minute, one minute, one minute, one minute right, so its very hard to actually get in and out of these projects to make a profit without losing any money. So use this as a learning opportunity and lets break down whats happening in the markets today, so square changes its name to block reflecting the ceo jack dorseys, bitcoin, endeavors hes, actually stepping down as the ceo of twitter to focus on other things. It has been said that hes doing this to focus on bitcoin and blockchain. Who knows if thats really the case but its great to see someone so high up and so well connected trying to focus on bitcoin right im very excited about this, and, i think its great well now moving on, we have bank of america sees massive opportunity in Metaverse for entire crypto ecosystem, of course, bank of america is coming out and saying this. They are always just trying to jump on the bandwagon right these. What this is what these banks do when the overall market is super bearish theyll, come out and say we hate bitcoin its super dangerous and when the market is overall, bullish like we are in metaverse in the world of metaverse tokens now, theyre gon na come out And be like yeah yeah, no, we we fully support it, and then you know in a year or so theyll be like see.

We were an early adopter of metaverse, but its nonsense. All theyre doing all theyre trying to do is get as much money from you as humanly possible. So please keep that in mind and, lastly, sit 106 million dollars worth of metaverse land sold in one week, 106 million dollars worth of metaverse land, so metaverse land. These pieces of land within these metaverse projects super exciting that this amount of money is flowing into the metaverse absolutely incredible, and i really think that we are early adopters right. There are projects that are worth billions, but there are projects out there that arent worth anything that no one knows about yet. So those are the ones that you have to find early. Just to close this video off, we are today in fear 32 on the greed and fear index. If we check this out when we reach these sorts of levels, they do normally indicate a great buying opportunity. Doesnt mean that it is right now, but if we look at history it has always been a great buying opportunity when the crypto market is in that fierce state. Now this time could be different to the rest. This could be the end of the cryptocurrency market. We could crash from here. We could see a repeat of 2018 right now. That can always happen, so you need to plan accordingly, but i dont think thats gon na happen. I just think were gon na have a little bit of a correction for now and then we will go and then we will continue on our way as soon as possible.

Thats. What i think, anyway, like i said, im just the guy standing in his room and hopefully i did provide you some value today and a little bit of entertainment and if i did smash the like button hit, the subscribe button come over and join the patreon.