Without hearing something about crypto shiba, you know to the moon, doge to the moon. Weve got bitcoin hitting all time highs, ethereum hitting all time highs. Crypto is just bonkers right now and chances are you are holding some on exchange. I certainly know i am ive gotten into mining. Recently ive talked about and i kind of brought up the question: how do you keep your crypto safe um? This is really important because a lot of people are are new to crypto and maybe think of it like a bank or holding a stock. If you hold the percentage of bitcoin, you think of it like holding a share of whatever your favorite company, but a lot of times that crypto is being held on an exchange, whether its coinbase, its public uh. Even robin hood, uh kraken theres, a bunch of others and those are great places to buy crypto, but those inherently have some problems and security problems so first, like any online account, they are subject to potentially being hacked. Maybe you dont have to factor turned on which you definitely should. Maybe somebody learns your seed phrase and often times especially when it comes things like robin hood, that dont yet have widely available wallets you dont even own, that crypto theyre, just kind of giving you access to that certain amount and thats where a hardware wallet is something That is really important and, like it says its a hardware wallet something you physically have in your hand, that holds your crypto, which is, for the most part, completely unhackable, and also you can again you can hold it.

You are in control of it, meaning you can control where its put put in the safe, keep it in the drawer and its not out on the open market being held by sort of others, leaving your you know pretty valuable, uh crypto exposed. This is legitimately the crypto wallet that ive been choosing to use and that the guy whos making this video behind the camera courtney has chosen to use uh for almost a year now uh. It is incredibly reliable, small and, most importantly, really safe. So first theres a screen which makes it really nice to be able to see what you have. It has support for well over a thousand different coins and they make transferring things to it really easy. So the hardware wallet is there to store all of your assets, but a live app, i think, is where a lot of the cool stuff is happening and its kind of a one stop shop its. Not only can you buy thousands of different coins with the ledger. Live app, you can actually exchange coins with para, swap or changely, and also use the discover section with rainbow.me and xerion give you access to defy and nfts. The idea here is to make it like easy and safe for everyone to physically store crypto assets. At the same time, like connect people opportunities to exchange all of those things inside of one app so youre getting security and freedom, you can actually go through and buy crypto there as well to different providers like wire.

Quantify that as soon as you do it theyre going to appear right in your wallet, so you dont have to transfer or pay the transfer fee. That generally goes along with it uh its all in one place, thats awesome. I didnt use that too much to buy a new crypto. I generally already have my crypto, but when i do want to buy things that i want to just easily store on a wallet theyve made that whole process encapsulated and really simple Music. They made it relatively affordable at 120 when you think about all the crypto you have. That is a very, very small price to pay to keep your information safe and secure, theres usb type c port on it. So you can obviously connect your computer if you need to authenticate or if you want to send things that way, you have the option uh to do that as well uh, but its also bringing something new to the table that initially when it was launched. Um was a bit controversial and thats bluetooth support, so you have bluetooth that you dont have to be able to plug it in to send crypto to a friend to send your crypto off to an exchange. Whatever you want to do now. Obviously you can plug it in. You probably want to do that to charge it, but bluetooth will give you the option to take it mobile with you and with their mobile app youve got full control of your crypto.

If you just keep it in your pocket, but obviously with bluetooth, there are inherent concerns and if were talking about a hardware wallet to keep your crypto safe from hacking, the first thought most people have is like crap. Bluetooth is very easily hackable uh. Why would i want to do that? So obviously, i am not a hacker or anything like that, but i am somebody whos relatively sort of into crypto and take security very seriously so with this bluetooth, what youre not getting is your keys being exposed? What somebody would need to get access to your wallet so lets, say you and i go out to dinner. I use bluetooth on my nano x to connect to my app and send you 30 bucks for dinner. Thanks for the drinks, what no ones going to have who might be trying to get access to this is the keys to get access to to my wallet that is never exposed. Essentially, all youre getting is a yes or no coming through bluetooth that wouldnt matter anyway, and when you send crypto, no matter what youre doing its going to a public ledger. So your wallet address is going to be available, certainly its anonymized and then, where youre sending it to is available. But your information that can get anybody access to your actual wallet is still kept secure and never transmitted via bluetooth, which personally i like now, you may have issues with bluetooth for for another reason, as far as i can tell, as far as i know, theres never Been a successful bluetooth hack on any of the nano ledger xs, which means a lot.

There have been hacks on a lot of exchanges. Weve certainly seen that over the years where exchanges can go down or passwords can get lost thats, where ive kind of gravitated to something like the nano x and its not perfect, the screen could be bigger. The two button navigation can sometimes be a bit confusing, but for what it does and the price and the features and the convenience, it is absolutely the best going out there its kind of a one stop shop.