That will surely blow up your mind. What exactly does bitboy reveal? Is it in favor of xrp or something unhealthy for xrp to find out more about what bitboy has to say about the insider news of xrp? Stick till the end of this video. Before we start this week, i came upon a project called ill. Go mall ill go mall aims to become the top tier nft marketplace on the all go network. If youre interested in buying nfts, you can visit their website. They also have right now a white listing going on increase your points on their website to get a whitelist spot, lincoln bio, so bitboy, a great crypto influencer, a big xrp fan and obviously a crucial part of xrp army always brings us something unrevealed and astonishing news. He never failed to surprise us with his intense research and his predictions for the crypto market. In one of his videos. He highlighted how xrp can replace the top crypto tokens like bitcoin and ethereum. Xrp is excelling at a pretty good pace and extending its boundaries through different collaborations and partnerships. These collaborations are the major reason for xrps price pumps in the coming years. Bitboy highlighted different partnerships in his videos for xrp, and especially the partnership with santander bank in the middle east region. All these are contributing xrp to leg up. He was and is still being optimistic about. Xrp prices for the future, as bitboy has realized the level of difference xrp can make in the modern financial world not only on the partnerships and xrps super potential qualities.

He even gave light on hinmans deposition. That was to be held a few weeks ago in one of his interviews. He exclaimed that hinmans deposition did not take place as scheduled. There is definitely something going on behind the curtains of which we are not aware. Bitboy said both the sec and ripple might plan a settlement for the lawsuit by agreeing on common terms within a week or two. This will take place super soon and can benefit ripple enormously. However, not according to the predictions of bit boy. The settlement did not take place within a week or two, but now comes the best and crucial part about his research and disclosure. Recently on his youtube channel, bitboy crypto ben revealed something that none of us will be aware of. So, a few days back, bitboy talked about two topics that we never thought about, or even noticed he concentrated from back in december 2020 when the sec charged a lawsuit of ripple labs and its founders for selling xrp tokens without the consent. Over the regulators, though, the sales of xrp tokens started back in 2013 and after a stretch of giant seven years, sec charged them for not following the process and regulations and its founders were charged for gaining profits from the sales of securities. The sec charged ripple. As according to the mxrp is a security and not a crypto token, this is the same story. All of us are aware of and have been listening for a year.

The sec is just running in the same circle. Ending things on similar points, the sec was irrelevantly. Answering the questions asked by the court and highlighting different topics in hearings. This was just a strategy to shift the attention of the judges, for once, the sec was warned by the court for plotting different things and their inappropriate actions. Its been a long struggle as the regulators are not providing any clarity on xrp and other crypto tokens. Innovation and growth are bound to happen, and this cryptocurrency and blockchain technology will be the heart of this development. Bitboy fast forwarded a lawsuit and noticed something interesting that happened in the month of january on the sec website. There is something called code of ethics for the company named billard incorporated billard incorporated is an independent wealth and asset management firm in san francisco. They serve individuals and companies and believe in providing wealth and institutional clients, stability and candor. It is not important what the company is about, but the code of ethics that is uploaded and approved on the sec website, so in that code of ethics for billard incorporated mentions that there are only three coins that are not securities. So what are these three coins? First, we have bitcoin; second, we have ethereum and third, we have xrp. Yes, guys. Xrp is also on the list fascinating and surprising right. So this code of ethics is for the employees of billard incorporated. This says the employees of billard incorporated are allowed to trade in these three coins, bitcoin ethereum and xrp, but they are not allowed to trade.

With these three coins to trade other coins any employee using any one of these for trading other coins, then this is against the code of ethics and hence illegal, jumping directly on the important part that we already received. An indirect approval from the sec saying xrp is not a security, so are they playing games with ripple? They have already confirmed that xrp is not a security, so why are they dragging the lawsuit for so long guys? This week, i came upon a very interesting website. See the link in the description below its called stable pool and everyone who registers on their website until october 31st will receive up to fifty dollars in crypto its a new platform. But during the first week they received more than 80 million dollars of investments. They also have a partnership with a japanese exchange called When you go to their website, you can immediately claim the free fifty dollars after that you go to top up on the left side of the screen. Then, at the right you select a currency and enter the amount you want to deposit. After that, you are free to go and earn money. Note im, not a financial advisor and investing is always at your own risk. Now, coming on to the second part of bitboys disclosure, this is about. Mccaleb was an early pioneer in the blockchain space who helped launch three well known, crypto firms, so one of those three crypto firms was ripple and he co founded xrp until 2013.

Mccaleb was a cto of ripple fintech firm. He still owns a huge amount of 3.4 billion xrp. Originally he was an owner of 9 billion xrp as a ripple founder, but he donated some of those for startups or really worthy fintech development firms. This only happened until september, which is three months back from the current month. Jed mccaleb has signed an agreement with ripple that he will not be dumping any of his xrp collections from the month of september. Why september? What was so special about this month? Bitboy answered it confidently and said this lawsuit was bound to be wrapped up in the month of september. He says there was a major power play that stopped all of this from happening. This power play was on the top of the sec and gary gensler himself. He played at the last minute and tried an attempt to punish ripple, or else this lawsuit was to be over before that. Previously gary supported cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin and ethereum. He was a blockchain student and realized the importance of cryptocurrency earlier, but stepped back when he had to play an actual role and speak in favor of xrp. His act of stepping back was the most surprising of all. What might be the reason for stepping back and punishing ripple labs is still known by none a shocker for all of us right. Yes guys, some of them played very well around ripple and successfully dragged the lawsuit so long, but nothing to worry about, as ripple was always a winner in this fight with the sec, its just the bad games of the sec, trying to stretch the lawsuit without any Powerful shreds of evidence – these are the two pieces of evidence or events that are noticed by bitboy, but those could end up being many if proper research or analysis is carried out.

There might be many events that will hint us that the sec is not sure about its own decisions. There are higher chances that ripple labs and its team have submitted similar evidence against the sec and are on a stronger part in this lawsuit. The u.s regulators are not clear regarding the tech driven instruments that will soon conquer the world with their superpower, qualities ripple is bound to win. We already saw the updated schedule of the lawsuit between the sec and ripple labs. Sec is accountable to a long list of questions. It will be an interesting part to listen to what the sec has to say, but according to the predictions by bitboy, he is confident that the lawsuit will end very soon. The chances are rare of it being dragged until next year, and so everything will come to an end on good notes for ripple in the month of december itself, when the lawsuit is wrapped up, it is not only ripple to enjoy the perks, but the entire crypto Market all the cryptocurrencies and their framework will have clarity. Investors will be super happy after gaining amazing profits from the shoot up in prices and demand for crypto tokens. If bitboys prediction did not turn into reality, it will not be an issue, as the court has already framed an updated schedule and according to the updated schedule, the sec is answerable to a list of questions on the 6th of december. And finally, after a month of the discovery period, the court of law may arrive at a decision.

This discovery period might include many arguments and phone calls that are not updated in the schedule. However, all of these do not matter when the sec has already announced that xrp is not a security one or the other day. The lawsuit will come to an end and finally, the year long struggle for ripple will be ended. Now the matter is not only up to ripple, but the entire crypto market and its framework need clarity from the regulators. There can also be a settlement between the sec and ripple labs on common terms. Whatever may be, the end ripple and xrp are the ones to win, as innovation is the key to development.